Training a dog isn’t a simple task, particularly when struggling to attract your dog’s focus. But, many of the techniques for training that are difficult to avoid are also cruel, which can put pet owners who are discerning in a bind.

A vibration training collar for small dogs is an ideal compromise as they draw attention to your dog without causing any physical discomfort. This means they’re an effective and humane solution to an enormous problem with training.

However, they do not perform as well as they ought to. In the following reviews, we’ll tell you the best vibration training collar that we think would make great complements to your exercise routine and which are nothing more than simple necklaces.

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Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Vibration Collar for Small Dogs that are Humane

Any training aid is bound to draw the attention of pet owners who are suspicious — Some have even been reported to ignite disputes between passionate pet owners.

In this article, we’ll provide all you should learn about vibration training collars for small dogs which will help you determine if they are the right choice.

How Do They Work?

When your dog does unintentional actions, barking, the vibration training collar for small dogs will typically vibrate in her neck. Sometimes, the vibration will be automatically activated, but other times, the dog’s owner needs to activate it manually.

The basic concept is that a sudden, unintentional buzzing around her neck will draw her attention and trigger her to cease the harmful behaviour. Then, you can use her energy to do something constructive or encourage her to stop the act.

Are They Human?

It all depends on what you define as humane. Indeed, the vibration training collar for small dogs is not supposed to cause discomfort. However, it is still able to serve as a method of punishment. A lot of people believe that any form of punishment is cruel. They consider that only positive reinforcement should be utilized.

There are solid arguments to be made for both sides. You’ll need to decide whether you’re willing to use punishments in your training techniques. However, at least you’ll be able to rest at night knowing that you didn’t harm your dog.

Do They Work?

Like any other training method, It’s a challenging problem to solve. In the end, it all is dependent on how they’re utilized and whether the instructor is consistent throughout the training.

In reality, certain dogs react wonderfully to them, while others do not notice the difference even. It’s difficult to predict the way a dog might react before the event, but dogs who have long coats will be more likely to be able to feel them unless they give powerful sounds.

Also, you must be cautious when using these items, as they could cause confusion for your dog and create an unnecessary burden to the training routine.

But, they appear to be extremely effective for training dogs that are deaf, as they let you get their attention without needing to be able to see them first.

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How Do You Plan to Make Use of These?

If you’ve got an automatic collar that causes problems, the issue should be resolved (if the collar is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do naturally).

If you own remotes, the most effective way to utilize them is as an effective way to draw attention. In other words, you’ll want to stop the behavior that is causing you concern to allow you to swoop into the dog’s room and show him how to behave.

If, for instance, your dog is barking at the postman, you could use a buzzer on her collar. It should bring her to a halt and cause her to be confused. Then you can step into the room, distract her, and redirect her attention by giving her another order.

It would be best if you didn’t make it a buzzer that you activate whenever your dog does something you dislike. It won’t help solve the issue and can only teach your dog not to pay attention to the sounds within a short time.

Best Vibration Training Collar for Small Dogs In 2023


NPS No Shock Bark Collar


DogRook No Shock Training Collar


SportDOG Brand E-Collars


GoodBoy Mini No Shock Collar


TBI Pro V7 Bark Collar


POP View Dog Bark Collar


WOLFWILL- Remote Dog Collar for Training


BIG DEAL- No Shock Dog Training Collar


The Paws Furlosophy-No Shock Dog Collar

Following are the best vibration training collar for small dogs:

  1. DogRook No Shock Training Collar – Best Vibrating Dog Training Collar for Small Dogs
  2. NPS No Shock Bark Collar – Best Value Dog Collar
  3. SportDOG Brand E-Collars- Premium Selection
  4. GoodBoy Mini No Shock Collar- Vibrating Shock Dog Collar
  5. TBI Pro V7 Bark Collar- Best of Its Kind
  6. POP View Dog Bark Collar- Safest Vibrating Collar for Dogs
  7. WOLFWILL- Remote Dog Collar for Training
  8. The Paws Furlosophy No Shock Dog Collar.
  9. BIG DEAL- No Shock Dog Training Collar

1. NPS No Shock Bark Collar – Best Value Dog Collar

vibration collar for small dogs

The NPS No Shock is an anti-bark vibration dog collar that handles one aspect of your training because it adjusts its levels of vibration based on the length of time your pet barks. This means you don’t have to take action and helps to control unwanted barking even when you’re away.

The vibrations are also paired with beeps. They both remain in place until your dog barks. It is a double-edged sword since it implies that your dog cannot go through the sound until it stops, but it also means that they may learn to avoid the beeps over time.

The best part is that it’s tuned to omit false triggers. Therefore you don’t have to worry about something harmless like your dog’s head shaking or the dog of someone else barking, creating a trigger accidentally.

It’s quite surprising that the gadget is this advanced considering its price. We picked it as one of the best dog collars with a vibrating system that is cheap and a good value for money. We’re concerned that it could lose its effectiveness in the future, and that’s why it’s not in the highest spot.


  • Automatically adjusts the levels of vibration
  • Beeps and vibrates simultaneously
  • Ignores false triggers
  • Cost-effective price
  • Useful when the owner isn’t there


  • It may lose effectiveness with time

2. DogRook No Shock Training Collar – Best Vibration Training Collar for Small Dogs

Best Vibration Training Collar

There are two options to select from on DogRook No Shock: sound or vibration. This allows you to start using a non-physical method before moving to vibration when needed.

It has seven different settings for vibration that will not overwhelm your dog right from the start by causing a tad loud rumble. This makes it a great choice for dogs prone to anxiety, and pet owners don’t have to be concerned about using more sound than necessary.

The collar is adjustable and is suitable for dogs from 10-110 pounds. The strap is water-resistant, and you don’t have to fret about whether your dog is comfortable having a dip in the water while wearing the collar. Indeed this is one of the best vibration training collar for small dogs.

Our main concern concerning DogRook is that it’s not the best choice to train more than one dog at a time. The issue is that it is activated when a dog barks regardless of the source, and so one dog’s bark can trigger two dogs’ collars, confusing the two of them.

This can be resolved by slicing your training into smaller chunks, but it’s not a problem for everyone, so we didn’t believe it was enough to take the DogRook from the top spot.


  • Use vibration or sound
  • 7 vibration settings
  • Ideal for dogs who are a bit skittish
  • Fits dogs from 10-110 pounds
  • Water-resistant strap


  • It is not ideal for training multiple dogs at the same time

3. SportDOG Brand E-Collars- Premium Selection

Safest Vibrating Collar for Dogs

In contrast to other models that ring automatically, The Sports DOG Brand 425 E-Collar puts the control in your hands literally, thanks to the remote control that comes with it.

The remote comes with 500 yards of range and various settings, such as the ability to vibrate, play, and static.

Some don’t like static stimulation, but you don’t have to be using it, and it’s available for you to use if you want it. It also has 21 levels of intensity, which means when you decide to give it a go, you can begin extremely light.

It is possible to train up to three dogs at a time using this device (although this would require buying two collars). The remote’s battery is rechargeable and normally recharges within about two hours.

Beyond concerns about animal cruelty, the main problem for this SportDOG Brand 425 E-Collar is the cost. It was expensive. You may be uncomfortable with attaching a costly device to your furry animal that is determined to consume it. It’s certainly worth every penny if you can afford it. We’re not sure if it’s superior to the two choices mentioned above. But it is still one of the best vibration-training collars for small dogs.


  • With a remote that has a 500-yard range
  • Creates sound, vibration, and static stimulation
  • Static stimulation comes with 21 settings for intensity
  • Train 3 dogs at once
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Some might consider static stimulation to be inhumane
  • Very expensive

4. GoodBoy Mini No Shock Collar- Vibrating Shock Dog Collar

dog training collar

The name implies it’s a GoodBoy Mini is a very tiny device. Your pet is likely not even to know it’s even there — until it starts to buzz or ring. Since it has nine levels of vibrating and nine levels of vibration, you decide what kind of wake-up signal you’d like.

This item is so small because it’s made for dogs of smaller sizes that weigh less than five pounds and could wear it safely and won’t feel like they’re wearing millstones on their necks. However, the other side of this is that larger dogs may not even be aware of it, even when you’d like them to. This vibrating shock dog collar is considered one of the most liked options for dog owners.

The unit has a remote; this one has a range of 1,000 feet. This makes it just as suitable for training in the backyard as for working inside.

But, indeed, the GoodBoy Mini isn’t without its imperfections. In addition to being not strong enough for larger breeds, the keys on the device are utterly smooth. It isn’t easy to distinguish between buttons when you’re not paying attention, and it can be distracting while working.

This could be a good spot to begin if you own a toy breed. If not, we’d suggest going through the three options above.


  • Small dogs that are good for good dogs as little as 5 pounds
  • 9 vibration levels
  • Remote is capable of a range of 1,000 feet.
  • Suitable for outdoor use


  • Larger dogs may not be aware of the difference
  • Remote buttons can’t be operated using a touch

5. TBI Pro V7 Bark Collar- Best of Its Kind

Remote Dog Collar for Training

We don’t know what’s inside this TBI Pro V7, but it certainly appears high-tech. It also has over five thousand dog voices. This can cut down on false triggers, meaning that this is not a fool.

It also has two vibration motors, which means it can deliver more of the punch than the other models on this list. The bark-activated vibrations activate the collar. However, you can also set the collar for “normal” mode if you do not want your dog exposed to the strongest vibrations.

Gasping and crying won’t cause it to activate do not think it will eliminate any vocal issues. The strap isn’t able to hold it properly in its place as it continuously shifts around the neck of the dog. This could be a problem because there are some spots where the dog is smaller to experience vibrations. Overall it’s clear that it’s a good device and can be considered as worth buying a vibration training collar for small dogs. TBI Pro V7 is a complex device that fails to meet its potential. This is a shame since it can make your pet appear like dogfighting in the future.


  • A large database of dog voice recordings to reduce false triggers
  • Dual vibration motors
  • Able to withstand heavy vibrations


  • Can’t stop crying and whining
  • It sways about a lot

6. POP View Dog Bark Collar- Safest Vibrating Collar for Dogs

No Shock Dog Collar

The POP View lets you alter the sensitivity level to make it vibrate when your dog even whispers and waits for her fully barking for it to start going off. When it is at its most sensitive, it can trigger hair that can be triggered by breathing. It could trigger it to move.

This sensitivity can make it susceptible to false alarms, particularly when multiple dogs are in the household. You could also activate it by speaking to your dog or vigorously touching her, and that’s not what’s needed.

It’s quite odd, however, that a machine with such sensitivity can be so unpredictable. It’s not always able to go off as it should. The first time it’ll ring because you screamed at your dog while you pet her, while the next, it’ll remain silent as she barks at the mailman.

It’s not the longest-lasting device, but this is reasonable given its cost. However, it would be ideal for lasting longer than a few months of use before purchasing another one.

It’s a good choice. POP VIEW isn’t an awful collar, particularly at a price, but you might find you’re more in trouble than worth it.


  • It can be customized to the sensitivity
  • The budget-friendly model


  • Extremely sensitive when set to the highest setting.
  • Predisposed to false alarms
  • Additionally, they are susceptible to misfires
  • Not particularly durable

7. WOLFWILL- Remote Dog Collar for Training

The simple matte black ABS case on the WOLFWILL Remote isn’t a source of much interest, so you don’t need to address the same questions regarding this collar as other collars listed on the list. It’s also waterproof, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer to take their dogs swimming. It is a vibrating dog collar with a remote.

The remote is easy and simple to use and comes with a belt clip that is useful on it, too.

Beyond that, there’s not much to be awed by about this collar.

It has sixteen levels of vibrating, it’s little distinction between them, which makes this number somewhat misleading. In addition, even in the most powerful setting, it’s unlikely to penetrate fur that is thick, and, if you’re a Husky, you’ll have to locate a more powerful model or shave her.

The remote must also be charged at the end of every use, and this can be quite a hassle; often, it will not hold charges after a Overalls.

Overall, the WOLFWILL Remote offers some intriguing attributes, but they’re not ugh to compensate for the other shortcomings.


  • Fully completely waterproof
  • Remote for users that is user-friendly


  • Not much difference between vibration levels
  • Will not be able to penetrate the thick coats
  • The remote requires frequent charging
  • Batteries degrade within a couple of months

8. BIG DEAL- No Shock Dog Training Collar

Big Deal Dog Training Collar

The BIG DEAL comes at a reasonable price. However, this is the case where you get the value you get for your money.

The collar is made from inexpensive plastic and isn’t likely to last long if the dog is rough and tumble. The cheap construction could be why it’s not capable of producing a lot of vibration, which allows it to be quickly ignored.

There’s a little delay between the collar and remote that may not seem like a lot; however, it could hinder your learning. Your dog will not be able to link the sound with the problem behaviour and could be disoriented and angry.

The buttons aren’t user-friendly, and the directions aren’t very helpful, so be prepared for lots of trial and error at the beginning However, the buttons are large ones large, however, which will lower the chance of hitting the wrong one.

Other collars are inexpensive on this list, which shows that you don’t need to shell out the entire amount to acquire an effective training tool. It isn’t easy to come up with a reason to suggest the most expensive option currently.


  • Buttons are huge and well-spaced


  • Made of cheap plastic
  • It can’t produce strong vibrations
  • The delay between the collar and the remote
  • Buttons aren’t easy to use
  • Instructions don’t help

9. The Paws Furlosophy No Shock Dog Collar

The Paws Furlosophy dog collar

Paws Furlosophy is middle-of-the-road in regards to price. However, many alternatives cost less but still outperform them.

The most significant issue isn’t the collar’s performance; the battery only intermittently keeps a charge. It’s not doing you any good if the battery doesn’t have any juice. Sadly it’s difficult to determine whether it’s fully charged until you’re at work.

It’s quite heavy and can be a burden for dogs with less than 50 pounds. It’s an issue because the instructions are essentially useless. It can be considered a good option when purchasing a vibration-training collar for small dogs,

It has an adequate range, with about 650 yards. It’s completely waterproof, making it appropriate for use in any weather conditions. Beyond that, there’s not much we could think of suggesting about the Paws philosophy.


  • A range of 650 yards
  • Construction with waterproof construction


  • The price is expensive for what you get
  • The battery can only hold charge sporadically
  • It might be too heavy for dogs less than 50 pounds
  • Instructions are not valuable

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Vibrating Collars Safe for Dogs?
Nope! Vibration collars vibrate around your dog’s neck. They will not frighten or hurt your dog.

Can You Use a Vibrating Collar on a Small Dog?
Vibrating collars are a safe and gentle way to stop dogs from barking excessively. Do they, however, genuinely work? Yes, these collars work as long as you use them correctly. These collars may be used for various purposes, including improving communication between a dog and its owner.

Do Vibrating Collars Work for Dog Training?
Yes, these collars work as long as you use them correctly. These collars may be used for various purposes, including improving communication between a dog and its owner.


Its DogRook No Shock is our favourite collar as a vibration training collar for small dogs that vibrates. The seven different settings distinguish between them and allow users to select between a subtle nudge or an eye-catching, unmissable feature.

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