Does your dog love to lick you or try to make you hum?

It is irritating and distracting. It could also be embarrassing when you have guests or family members over.

There’s a bright side. If you’re trying to figure out what to do about your dog’s habit of who is licking or humping, there are methods to stop if your dog keeps licking and trying to hump you.

Most people said that “my dog keeps licking me and trying to hump me”.

Let’s dive into it.

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Why does my dog keep licking me and trying to hump me?

As humans, we have certain behaviors we consider inappropriate, mainly when we are in public. Your dog could be able to think of different ways to behave that are acceptable to do in the presence of your family.

If your dog doesn’t stop humping and licking, it’s more than just irritating. It’s probably embarrassing when it happens in a situation where family members, friends, or even strangers are watching you!

If you’re at home by yourself, you’d likely like you had your own space free from your pet.

There are methods to convince a dog not to do this. However, you first must understand why this is taking place in the first instance. Before we dive into the issue, take a look at these pieces for some background information:

If people witness dogs humping, they typically assume it’s sexually transmitted. Humping isn’t only about reproduction in dogs.

Humping is also a method that canines communicate. Dogs cannot speak in a spoken language to one another, so they utilize their bodies to convey the emotions they’re experiencing! Although humping is sexual, dogs can also show the feeling of dominance, excitement, stress, or even playfulness.


A dog who starts with a hum may try to display that it is superior to another. Humping is a dog’s method to signal, “I’m in charge here.”This isn’t something you’ll wish to encourage. Dominant dogs can become aggressive. However, a hump could be a sign of a health problem.


The hum of dogs is typically an animal’s method of communicating or dealing with an emotion. But it may be related to reproduction. Like canines, dogs also have hormones within their bodies that regulate specific internal systems, such as the reproductive system. So, humping can signify sexual desire, or the dog is overstimulated.

It is more prevalent for dogs who haven’t been neutered or spayed (yes–female dogs are also known to hump!). It’s crucial to make sure that you have your dog spayed or neutered at the time they reach its age.


There’s probably plenty that your dog is overly excited about. Many exciting things are happening around the globe, and it could make your dog very happy.

However, when dogs are exuberant, they can begin acting in ways we do not like. If your dog isn’t sure what to do about the intense feelings he’s feeling, he may begin making a mess of you and trying to hug you. The dog is very excited. That is why he is trying to hump you. 

It’s crucial to keep your dog from becoming overly excited for you to ensure that he is well-behaved. Here are some helpful pieces on being over-excited that may be helpful to you.


Excited dogs can trigger lots of unintentional behavior in dogs. But it’s not the only factor that can cause problems like the hum.

Stress can also cause numerous problems in dogs. If your dog isn’t sure how to handle his stress healthily, it might attempt to hug you or kiss your body to rid himself of his anxiety. If your dog is experiencing stress, he will try to hump you. 

If your dog has excessive stress, it can create a problematic situation for you. There are a lot of excellent methods to assist your dog.


It may sound odd; however, humping in dogs is also triggered by fun!

Dogs are known to climb on one another during playtime. Your dog may have learned this habit during playtime in a dog group. He may not realize this isn’t an excellent method to convince someone to play with them!

If your dog attempts to make a hump or refuses to stop licking you, stop playing the moment you notice this behavior. This will make him realize that he isn’t allowed to continue having fun when he behaves this way!

Habit/Compulsive disorder

Another reason your dog may try to hum your ear all the time is that it’s a habit that he’s learned.

Your dog may also suffer from a compulsive disorder. If humping has become an ongoing habit, it is possible to end it with Positive reinforcement training for dogs. Don’t ignore your dog’s hump when he begins the hum, and reward him when he decides to change his behavior.

Why is my dog humping me in this specific situation?

Understanding why dogs hump or even try to lick you will help stop your dog from constantly attempting to hump at you.

However, you may wonder why your dog could hum to you in certain circumstances. Here’s a review of the reasons your dog could be trying to make you hum.

My dog is always trying to kiss me during my period

It’s likely difficult to see your dog attempting to hump you during your period. You’re likely to be feeling quite annoyed about it, too. You’re probably already feeling a bit uncomfortable after experiencing your period!

The effort to gain your privacy away from your pet can make you feel more annoyed.

If your dog is always trying to make you hump when you’re having your period, it might be due to the smell of hormonal changes and the blood causing him to begin the hump.

It is still possible to use positive reinforcement to reduce this behavior. Be sure your dog is sterilized or neutered.

My dog continues to bite and attempts to make me hump him

If your dog is biting your face and trying to push you, it could be a sign it is an attempt to show the power of dominance.

A dog trying to demonstrate dominance over its owner could be risky. You’ll need to seek assistance as soon as possible in this situation.

If you’re worried about your dog’s health, You can always seek assistance from a trainer. This can be particularly helpful for pet owners concerned their pets could be a danger to others.

My dog is constantly whining and attempting to hump me

A dog who isn’t able to stop crying and yelling at you could be pretty irritating. You’re trying to go about your daily routine, But your dog seems keen to grab your attention!

If your pet is neutered or spayed, it indicates anxiety or stress.

Something is going on with your dog, causing him to feel a bit anxious. He does not know how to handle his nervous energy.

The majority of dogs become anxious due to not getting enough exercise.

Why do my dog’s paws thump me the night before bed?

There are not many things more frustrating than trying to sleep and having your dog constantly trying to climb you.

Most of the time, the dog wasn’t getting enough exercise throughout the daytime. He’s a bit too active to sleep and is trying to grab your attention by making you hum.

Be sure to ensure that your dog gets an adequate amount of exercise. Don’t forget; the tired dog will always be active!

What is the reason my pet seems to scratch my arm?

What is the reason my pet seems to scratch my arm?

It could be quite odd as your dog attempts to make a hump on your arm more than other parts or body parts.

The most likely reason could be that your arm of yours is part of your body that your dog could reach in that instant. You might be sitting on your couch, and he’s enjoying a jog with you. Perhaps you have the giant dog.

Don’t forget that many dogs do this to humans to relieve frustration or boredom. Be sure your dog has his needs met, and be patient with him if your dog is trying to demonstrate superiority over you.

My dog is trying to hug my infant

A new baby in the house is thrilling; however, what happens if your dog is constantly trying to get your baby to sit?

You’re probably a dog doing hump to show dominance in this situation. For your dog, your baby is just another member of the family.

Your dog may wish to ensure that your child knows his home. However, this could be extremely risky for your child.

Keep your pet and baby separate as you train your dog.

How come my dogs snort at me when I eat? – My dog keeps licking me and trying to hump me

You’ve given your dog his delicious food, but the dog keeps trying to get you to bow. Your dog may have experienced an energy boost now after eating. It could also mean that your pet is trying to attract your attention.

However, whatever the reasons, you can use Positive reinforcement training for dogs and do not ignore the behavior to cause it to end. Make sure you are with your dog and offer lots of love and activities while the dog is doing well to reward him for his excellent behavior!

How can you keep a pet from humping you or anyone else?

You now know the various reasons why dogs begin to hum. But what do you do to convince the dog to stop?

Here are a few valuable ideas:

Find out the reason behind his licking and humping

Find out the reason behind his licking and humping

The first thing you’ll need to figure out is the root of the problem. You won’t be able to prevent your pet from biting his face and humming unless you understand why he’s doing it!

This may be a little difficult initially, but it shouldn’t take long to work it out. Most of the time, the context will tell you what’s wrong. Try other options, such as giving him less or more exercise or making sure he is more present to determine whether there are any changes in his conduct.

Don’t be aware of the behavior

If we say to our pets “no” when they’re doing something we don’t want to do, Our dogs may not comprehend what that means. Our dog’s desire when they do their thing is our focus.

Therefore, telling your pet “no” when he starts to hum and lick his lips will not stop him from doing it. It could be a good thing to inspire him to keep doing it. Your dog is receiving your interest regardless of whether it’s harmful.

It is better to go away and leave him alone.

Redirect his focus

The next step in reducing this behavior is to provide your dog with something to do. Leave your dog and then wait until he’s settled. It could take from a few seconds up to an hour or so. You can then offer him something else to focus on.

Playing with toys for a bit is a great idea. Giving your dog something to chew for a few minutes is also a good idea to keep him entertained.

Whatever you do, be sure to wait until your dog stops snoring so that he does not see this as an opportunity to obtain what you want.

Reward good behavior

Teaching your dog the right and wrong ways to behave is essential to training. However, you must also ensure that your dog is aware of what he is supposed to be doing instead.

Encourage this behavior if your dog does not want to kiss and hump. This can be done by giving treats or playing with him after you’ve picked up the toy.

This will increase the level of behavior you want to see in your dog.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I stop my dog from trying to hump me?
If your dog tends to mount you or other people, teach him not to hump by pushing him away, turning your back on him, sitting down, or in some other manner adopting a stance that precludes mounting. Say “Nope!” and remove your dog immediately to a secure, quiet place for a brief time-out if he won’t stop.

Why does my dog try to hump me aggressively?
One of the typical canine activities that embarrass owners the most is humming or mounting. Humping, which is not always sexual, might signify dominance, excessive excitation, or underlying physical conditions. Redirecting behavior and teaching positive reinforcement are two strategies for reducing problem-causing behavior.

Do canines hump only for pleasure?
Many dogs hump just out of pleasure. All dogs, including males and females, intact dogs, and spayed and neutered dogs, can enjoy humming. Dog humping can occasionally be a play, particularly for dogs with little socialization or who get irritated quickly.

Should you let your dog the pillow hump?
A dog can be embarrassing for the family and visitors. It could also have a detrimental impact on less dominant dogs. If the dog has health issues, it can also be a call for assistance from the animal itself—almost any justification for why a dog humping might be deemed suitable.


Dogs are known to do things we humans find pretty bizarre. Humping and licking are just one of the most bizarre. Once you understand the reasons your dog is doing this, you can apply these tips to teach him how to handle the emotions you’re feeling. 

If you are one of the dog parents who say, “My dog keeps licking me and trying to hump me”, this article explains the reasons and steps to stop this behavior.

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