Do you enjoy taking your four-legged pal on walks, but you despise that you have to lug around a water bottle and a bowl?

What better method is there to ensure that they do not become dehydrated on a warm summer day or while participating in any other outdoor activities than by providing them with the brand new Asobu Dog Water Bottle & Bowl? This Dog Water Bottle Asobubottle com will make it much simpler for you and your canine companion to drink water when you are out and about. This will likely be the perfect gift for dog lovers.

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Regarding the Website AsobuBottle com

AsobuBottle com is a website devoted to providing individuals with the highest quality drinkware that is practical and enjoyable! AsobuBottle com is dedicated solely to Asobu. 

Japanese culture ascribes the meaning “fun and playful nature” to the name Asobu.

Since the beginning of their work, the team’s primary objective has been to design coolers, bottles, and other drinkware that are both entertaining and practical.

They have a large selection of water bottles available, including several made specifically for those who own dogs. You can get functional and personalized water bottles from the website. 

The Asobu Dog Water Bottle & Bowl is one of their newest items, but it has already established itself as a fan favorite among people who are passionate about dogs.

Their wares are characterized by their uncluttered simplicity and elegant aesthetics. And the thing that I like best about them is that they offer guarantees on all of their products that last a lifetime.

Is The Gift For Dog Lovers Asobubottle Com The Best Option?

The Asobu Bottle & Bowl is a water bottle equipped with a bowl for your dog right inside the bottle itself.

It comes in two different capacities, 12 ounces, and 20 ounces, and is crafted from high-quality stainless steel approved for use with food. This item is ideal for taking along on strolls, hikes, and any other activity that takes place outside.

Asobubottle com is the place to go if you are a dog lover or searching for a gift for someone who loves dogs.

The Water Container for Dogs Asobubottle com

Are you looking for a gift for dog lovers? Asobubottle com can meet the requirements of all dog owners! The Dog Water Bottle offered by Asobubottle com is regarded as one of the finest dog bowl water bottles. You can also get conventional water bottles from the website.

People who enjoy spending time outdoors with their four-legged companions, such as on walks, hikes, or runs, will find this cutting-edge device indispensable. The Asobu dog bottle is constructed from high-quality materials. It has a double-wall, vacuum-insulated design that maintains the temperature of the water for up to twenty-four hours.

In addition, it is available in a wacky assortment of colors and patterns, unlike most other bottles.

The Asobubottle makes it simple to transport water for your dog wherever you go thanks to its handle that is designed to be easily grasped and its dog bowl that can be removed.

You also don’t need to worry about the trouble of returning it because we offer hassle-free returns on all of our products in addition to a lifetime warranty!

Important Features:

  • 100% BPA Free
  • Washable in the dishwasher
  • Comfortable to hold the handle
  • Water capacity: 1 liter (33 OZ)
  • Dimensions – 5.75″ X 4.25″ X 9.5″
  • Featuring vacuum insulation and a copper liner
  • The nonslip foundation makes it difficult to tell who is in the lead.
  • Insulation with two layers of walls (keep water cold for 24 hours)
  • Returns are accepted without hassle; shipping is free on orders over $50.
  • The base features a detachable dog dish that can hold water or dog food inside.

Variety of Patterns and Colors:

  • Aqua Pink Marble
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Marble in the Midnight
  • Mint Green
  • Pink
  • Smoke
  • White
  • Wood

Benefits of Using AsobuBottle com

  • Affordable Price
  • Carries 1 liter of liquid measure
  • The warranty that is good for life
  • The capacity of the water bottle. 
  • The virtually unlimited palette choices
  • Maintains a chilly temperature for a full day
  • The bowl’s material is stainless steel, and it’s pretty huge.


  • When it’s complete, it has the potential to be quite hefty; yet, it can hold enough water for both you and your dog.
  • There is a possibility that giant dogs will outgrow their bowl.

Price: Dog Water Bottle Asobubottle com

The 1-liter version of the Asobu Dog Bowl on Amazon is $29.99. (33 ounces). A select few unique color options cost an additional $1–3.

It can be purchased for that price at the Asobubottle com website.

They also offer a lightweight alternative that is constructed using a variety of materials. The ITU model costs $29.99 and features a silicone bowl that can be detached rather than a bowl made of stainless steel.

What Different Pet Parents Have to Say About the Asobu Bottle?

What Different Pet Parents Have to Say About the Asobu Bottle

The Amazon Asobu Bottle currently has 2,579 reviews, with over 81% of reviewers giving it a rating of 5 stars and 12% giving it a rating of 4 stars at the time this article was written.

The heaviness was the single most common reason for dissatisfaction in reviews and in my own experience.

Others assert that the water loses its chill after four to six hours. I believe the answer to this question depends mainly on how warm it is where the Asobu bottle is.

Other than that, the pricing and quality of the Asobu Dog Water Bowl Bottles cannot be compared to anything else.

Instructions on the number of ways to buy the Asobu Dog Bowl Bottle

You may get these pet presents for people who adore their dogs at either Asobubottle com or

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Okay To Put This Dog’s Water Bottle And Bowl In The Dishwasher?
The Asobu Dog Bottle and Bowl can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Is There Any Glass Contained Within This Item?
The Asobu Bottle and the Asobu Bowl do not contain any BPA and are constructed out of plastic and stainless steel.

Are There Any Smaller Sizes to Choose From?
No, there is not a larger capacity available for this model of dog water container than the one-liter (33 ounces) option.

In what location is the product manufactured?
The Asobu Water Bottle Bowl and the Water Bottle are made in China.

Can the detachable bowl for the dog be used to store dog food?
There is no question that the Asobu Water Bottle Bowl is the best option for transporting food and water for your dog while you are on the go. It is an ideal solution for those who have pets. The Asobu Dog Bottle and Bowl can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


If you want to gift something to your pet-owner friend, a water bottle is a perfect gift for him. In this article, we have covered Dog Water Bottle Asobubottle com; I hope the information is helpful for you before you buy this fantastic gift.

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