A whining dog sounds like someone scratching their nails on a chalkboard. It’s a chilling thought.

I understand how insane constant whining can drive someone. But don’t freak out.

Bark collars can be used to calm whining dogs. In this article, I will explain Do bark collars work for whining?

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What is the cause of your dog’s whining?

It is important to understand why dogs whine. Hearing a whining dog is like somebody scratching their fingers and nails across a chalkboard. You can stop your dog from whining by recognizing these cues. You won’t have to purchase a bark collar, which will save you money.

These are some of the reasons dogs whine.

  • Basic needs: Your dog may be thirsty or require more frequent toilet breaks. Your dog could be hungry. That’s why dog whining occurs.
  • Communication: A puppy’s normal behavior is to whimper in moderation. It is possible to just be patient and wait for your dog to get over it.
  • Boredom can be caused by boredom. Your dog might need more stimulation (or mental stimulation) to keep them awake and happy.
  • Pain: Before you attempt to stop your dog from whining, consult your vet if your suspicions are true.
  • Fear: Wheezing is a way for your dog to express fear, especially when it’s accompanied by panting or pacing, shaking, or both.
  • Separation anxiety: Your dog may be exhibiting separation anxiety if they start to whine just before or during your absence. Training is necessary in order to address this issue.

However, keep in mind that whining in moderation is a perfectly normal way of communicating.

What is a Bark Collar?

Bark collars can stop your dog from barking. The shock (no pun intended) to make them stop. I don’t recommend shock collars.

You can adjust the sensitivity to detect barking, growling, howling, or whining.

These are some of the most popular bark collars:

  • Ultrasonic Bark Collar – Using a mic, ultrasonic collars detect barking. They emit a high-pitched sound only dogs can hear that corrects the behavior.
  • Spray Bark Collars: Spray collars use a microphone to detect barking. Spray collars release an unpleasant smell, such as citronella, around the dog’s nose to deter them.
  • Vibration Bark Collar – These collars detect barking by analyzing vibration levels and issuing a series of corrections to correct it.
  • Electric Shock Bark Collar – These collars sense the vibration of your dog’s vocal cords and deliver a low-level electric shock. This collar is not recommended. This is especially useful for whining.

Bark collars are controversial because they can be used to reinforce negative behavior instead of providing positive reinforcement.

The majority of professionals agree that bark collars should be used only after other methods have failed, such as behavior training.

What is the best time to use a bark collar on a Whining dog?

Dogs may whine or develop a bad habit of begging for attention. To encourage calm behavior, we recommend using positive reinforcement methods first. Reward your dog for being quiet.

You can ignore your dog if they are a fussy eater or just walk away when they start to whine. Reprimanding, yelling at them, or getting angry will only make matters worse. However, also one of the reasons for whining is pain, stress, or discomfort; check with your vet before making any attempts to correct the whining.

Bark collars can help stop your dog from whining

Bark collars can stop your dog from whining. They will issue a correction after the whining is detected. A correction will be issued by the dog collar. The collar will determine the type of correction.

Some bark collars are not designed to stop whining. Many collars are made to stop barking, so it is important to select a collar sensitive enough to hear whining. If you don’t, you’ll be spending your time and hard-earned money down the drain.

Do Bark Collars Stop Howling?

The short answer to your question is:

For howling, a sound-activated bark collar is best. The bark is more powerful than a howl, but the vocal cord vibrations caused by a dog’s howl aren’t quite as strong as a bark. The average bark collar may not activate due to this vibration.

You should remember that howling is an instinctive and natural communication method for dogs. The AKC has more information about possible causes of howling.

Electric Bark Collars

An electric bark collar attaches to the neck of your dog and uses a sensor that detects when your dog’s vocal cords vibrate.

The bark collar gives a painful electric shock to dogs when the sensor detects that they are barking.

The electric bark collars can only be used for barking. They are not suitable for whining and crying as the dog’s vocal cords don’t vibrate enough to activate the collar’s sensor.

Why Electric Bark Collars Aren’t Effective? – Do Bark Collars Work for Whining!

Why Electric Bark Collars Aren't Effective

Not only are electric bark collars cruel and painful, but they don’t work either!

Studies such as this show that electric bark collars don’t work and that there are better methods. Bark collars are not effective at addressing the root cause, and they don’t convey a clear message.

Dogs won’t connect the barking and the electric shock, so they will be confused by the pain of the collar.

The so-called “training” won’t teach your dog anything because they won’t be able to connect their barking with the pain from the bark collar.

Electric bark collars should not be used if your dog barks or whines.

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Citronella Bark Collars

Citronella bark collars detect barking using a vocal chord sensor and deliver an electric shock. Instead of sending an electric shock to your dog, the collar sprays a cloud of citronella into his air.

The advantage of citronella bark collars over other collars is their microphone. This means that the collar can be activated by barking, whining, and even crying.

Citronella collars can be used as spray collars. You can also use water or lemon juice to spray other types of spray collars.

Do Citronella Collars Work For Whining, Barking & Crying?

Citronella bark collars’ effectiveness has been subject to mixed research. These results suggest that citronella collars can work in certain cases but not with all dogs. You should know that whining may be your dog’s way of expressing fear.

The study found that the spray collar was effective for three out of seven dogs. Vocalization was reduced in one and two dogs, respectively.

Citronella collars can have a downside. The microphone can accidentally be activated by nearby dogs, spraying when it shouldn’t.

The collar running out of citronella (or any other substance it is intended to spray) is another common problem. This can cause the dog to bark or whine and could result in them losing any progress made.

Is citronella collars better than electric bark collars?

Citronella bark collars will be gentler and more humane than electric bark collars.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a bad odor than an electric shock?!

But, this doesn’t mean that citronella collars are not of concern.

What is the best bark collar to stop dog whining?

Spray bark collars are the best for whining, as they can be activated by sound rather than vibration levels. This is because barking only triggers them. They are safe, effective, and human-friendly!

The mist, which can be water, lemon juice, or citronella, is safe for dogs. It only causes a brief discomfort for them. Your dog will be able to form a negative association with spray, which can prevent them from barking or whining in the future.

Spray collars are suitable for dogs of all sizes, from Great Danes to Chihuahuas, since they do not cause vibrations or shocks. Keep in mind, however, that the collar must pick up low-level sounds such as whining.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to stop a dog’s whining?
Be careful not to talk in loud, enthusiastic tones, and move slowly and composedly. Wait till your dog is less eager before petting and engaging with her. Teaching her to sit or use her hands to welcome you or other people when she meets them might also be helpful in getting her to stop complaining.

Why is your dog whining?
Whining is one of several vocal expressions used by dogs. The most frequent reasons dogs whine are when they want attention, when they’re enthusiastic, when they’re nervous, or when they’re attempting to calm you down.

How Do Bark Collars Help Stop Your Dog From Whining?
A vibration sensor that detects your dog’s vocal cords vibrating when they bark activates almost all static electric bark collars. As previously stated, your dog’s vocal cords do not vibrate sufficiently to trigger the collar when it screams, whines, or cries.

What Does It Mean When A Dog Whines Or Cries?
Whining is one of several vocal expressions used by dogs. The most frequent reasons dogs whine are when they want attention, when they’re enthusiastic, when they’re nervous, or when they’re attempting to calm you down.


You can usually manage excessive whining with training, mental stimulation, and the assistance of a behavior professional. Spray bark collars can be used if all else fails.

Every dog is unique, so you might have to eliminate certain behaviors from your puppy’s life. I hope this article answers do bark collars work for whining, and now you have an idea when to use a bark collar and which one to use if your dog is whining.

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