There are several cat breeds with long legs. They are primarily purebred cats. They are those of the Oriental Shorthair, Savannah, Abyssinian, and Chausie. These breeds are likely also to have longer legs and slim bodies.

Every breed has its distinct traits and patterns of behavior. If you’re considering adopting an animal with large legs, you’ll need to decide on more than just looks.

Knowing more about the breed can help determine which cat will suit your family’s needs best. Continue reading to learn more about the specific breeds of cats with large legs and temperaments, their characteristics, and how they perform as pets. This article will discuss some of the cat breeds with very long legs.

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Top 9 Long-Legged Cats

When humans started keeping cats as their pets, they started breeding them to meet specific needs, giving each breed distinct characteristics and traits. Certain breeds of cats are very similar to their ancestral breeds that were bred centuries ago, While others have experienced many changes.

Mainly, long-legged cats were created by crossing domestic cats and wild cats, which typically have more giant legs. Various breeds of long-legged cats contain a visible wild cat, for instance, Savannah cat or Bengal. Savannah feline or Bengal.

Long-legged cats are generally active and enjoy moving around. The longer legs of these cats mean they can run 20 percent faster than cats that don’t have long legs. But, since their bodies are very active, cats with long legs are more prone to injuries such as sprains and fractures.

In addition to keeping your cat’s long-legged friend in check, so they don’t hurt themselves, there’s no specific care needed. All you need is to keep them current by having regular vet visits, providing them with a balanced diet, plenty of space to play, and lots of affection! The following are different breeds of cats that have long legs:

1. Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental Shorthair is a very distinct-looking cat with a distinctive appearance. They sport a large body, a long neck, a long tail, a large face, and long legs. This gives them a stylish and intimidating appearance.

Their distinctive and unique appearance makes them desired and expensive. Oriental cats may possess a variety of eye colors. Their coat is long and glossy, which enhances their elegant appearance. This is the perfect breed for you. 

Oriental Shorthairs have a connection to Siamese cats. They are often mistakenly referred to as the similar breed of the contemporary Siamese with an oval head and a longer body with Siamese coloring points.


Oriental cats are extremely smart and can be taught to walk with a lead. They also have a strong will and are known to behave according to their own style.

They are affectionate and like to be connected to their owners. They require a caregiver that is as loving and loving as them.

Since they are closely related to Siamese and Siamese, they can be vocal. Orientals are also active and spend a lot of time active.


Particular care should be given to the Oriental cat’s diet since their legs are slim and long. Do not have the strength to support a large body.

In addition, they’re also curious and playful. They require cats’ trees and perches to leap and play, as well as the chance to climb to a height ( this cat tree is a particular one that is the ideal option for cats with these types of characteristics).

Although they are intelligent and independent, they also enjoy sitting and sleeping on their owners’ laps and do well from attention and affection.


Oriental Shorthairs live a life span between 15 and 15.

2. Abyssinian

Abyssinian cats have medium-sized cats. However, they possess very long, slim legs compared to their dimensions. They are solid and slim, with round wedge-shaped heads and big eyes.

The fur of Abyssinian cats may be nearly completely red, with a gradual transition from dark to light, or bands of various colors, particularly on the tail. These cat breeds have very long legs. 

Their appearance was initially noticed by people being struck by the way their coats were reminiscent of the coats of a wild rabbit.

Abyssinians have a short coat that doesn’t shed frequently, making them a great breed to keep in your home. The long legs of their breed give them extra length and make them appear significantly more significant than they are.


Abyssinians are energetic cats. However, they are also easy to maintain. They enjoy being with people and other animals. They also love having fun with their toys.

They are affectionate and loving cats are they frequently make a soft, silent sound when they talk and enjoy being with people around them. They make a wonderful family cat because they’re both affectionate and playful yet can still keep themselves entertained.


Abyssinian cats require very little maintenance. They are active, manage their weight through their workout routines, and do not shed a lot. It is essential to ensure that your cat can climb high perches and areas to climb and jump on.

They’ll thrive on engaging toys, regular playtime with you, and other entertainment options like window-watching or another cat to play with.

They are very social. This could be due to you having time with them or keeping a pet or cat to play with.


Abyssinian cats can live for a period of up to 15 years.

3. Savannah Cat

Savannah cat breeds can be distinct breeds. They are often thought to be like dogs. However, they are influenced by their natural instincts, which originate from breeding wild cats.

Savannah cats have long legs. This is a characteristic that is passed down from their wild ancestral ancestors. Their wide ears are very similar to this. Although Savannah cats share the same body weight as the other breeds of cats, they seem more significant due to their long legs and slender necks.

Their striking appearance is a draw for many because their look closely matches their ancestral ancestors, and they have dark or black-brown spots on their bodies and their slim long, tall bodies.


These long-legged cats are guided by hunting instincts. This is evident in their behavior. However, their personality is relatively mild, and they are great pets for dogs, cats, and children. They’re active and playful and enjoy a good time.

As A Pet

Because they have a bit of their wilder side, It’s not recommended to keep Savannah cats Savannah cat in your home if your pets include other species, such as birds, hamsters, or fish, since there is a good chance that they could pursue and hunt them.

In addition, they are a great companion and can fit into families well. They are healthy and do not require extra care. Because they are a short-haired breed, they don’t require much grooming. However, as they’re very playful, they sometimes tend to be messy.


A Savannah cat lives for a time that can exceed 15 years.

4. Chausie

Chausie cats are incredibly scarce and challenging to find. They are medium-sized or large-sized breeds with large bodies and long and elegant legs. Their legs are long, which makes them ideal for climbing and hunting. You should know long and slim legs are not built to support a heavy body.

They are available in several colors, including the black color with ticked tabby patterns, red, similar to the Abyssinian, and plain black.

Because of their large size and the fact that they are descendants of Abyssinians and wild cats, they are often referred to as the “jungle cat.”

Their large legs, large body, and bigger size put them in the category of the breeds with the most significant size; however, they’re not as large as the Maine Coon.


Chausie cats are very affectionate and curious by nature. However, with a few wildness, they require stimulation to feel happy and happy. Their legs are long, which is a good fit for their active lifestyle. You’ll see them often running, hunting, and jumping.


Chausie cats are great pets. They can be adapted outdoors and indoors, even though the birds you see in your community aren’t likely to last as long if you let your cat roam freely.

They can get along with animals and children, provided they have the opportunity to exercise. It is crucial to offer them scratching posts and toys.


Chausie cats can live for a period that can reach 15 years.

5. Serengeti

Serengeti cats are stunning. They are medium-sized cats with highly long legs!

Drawing inspiration from their natural traits, They are highly adept hunters and love being free to explore the outdoors.

If that dove chirping at your window every morning is causing you trouble, do not fret; you’ll not have to deal with it for long if you allow your Savannah cat out.

In some locations, possessing an outdoor cat and even the descendant of the wild cat is illegal since it could disrupt the ecosystem.

They are a relatively new breed, yet they are well-known due to their gorgeous coats and adventurous personalities. This cat breed has long legs and long slender necks. 


Serengeti cats are very routine-oriented and unhappy when the routine is interrupted. They are, however, very friendly and confident and have formed solid bonds with their owners and family.

With a passion for heights, Serengeti cats are adventurous as well as agile and active and they are also often referred to as very talkative.


Serengeti cats have very close connections with their owner, which is why they’re better in a home where only one person is at home at all times.

They’re loyal and loving and are keen to be part of the family unit. They can be highly demanding, yet they are very friendly and are perfect for families with plenty of time and love to share.


The average lifespan of the Serengeti cat is 15 years.

6. Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau cat is robust and highly active. They are muscular in their build and have long legs. Although they’re strong, their appearance is softer, and they don’t possess any other extreme features.

The markings on their bodies are gorgeous, with spots on their bodies and striping that is tabby on their face. They’re gorgeous, more extensive in stature, and sport their signature legs with longer lengths in the back.

They can range from light grey to greyish brown with prominent dark stripes and spots.


Egyptian Mau cats are demanding and active, and they love to have control over their environment. They are calm and loved. With a desire to feel at ease, Egyptian Mau cats love to perch on their highs and look around.


You must ensure that you provide the Egyptian Mau enough room to leap and climb since they are fond of being up there and can make a perch high on your bookcase or cupboard.

They are simple to take care of, and I enjoy playing with them regularly. Their short coat is easy to keep clean. However, they are incredibly fond of the chance to brush their coats!


The lifespan of an Egyptian Mau is 15 years.

7. Bengal

Bengals are a wildly popular breed adored for their wild exotic appearance. Their length, size, and muscular body are simply stunning.

Their larger size allows them to keep their long legs in balance slightly, but it still gives them an attractive appearance.

These stunning cats shouldn’t be mistaken for tabbies, with their dark reddish-brown coat dotted with leopard-like spots and stripes. This cat has long legs at the back. 


Although Bengals are often considered wild animals introduced to domestication, they’re kind and loving. They develop close bonds with their family members and are faithful to their families.

They are amazed by the ability to be active and love to play and jump around; this reflects their adventurous nature. They are always on the lookout for and aware of the world surrounding them.


Bengal cats are highly energetic and active. They require plenty of space for running and exercise. Otherwise, they’ll be unhappy.

As pets, They are affectionate and sweet. They fit in families well, as long as they’re kept entertained and allowed to play! They are simple to groom and enjoy getting brushed and cleaned.


The lifespan of a Bengal cat ranges from 12 and 16 years.

8. Arabian Mau

Arabian Maus are among the few breeds to emerge without human intervention. They are a pure breed.

They are medium-sized cats that have big ears and long legs. They are available in a variety of shades, with the most popular being white, red/orange, and black. They also come in tabby.

As naturally bred, they aren’t too sensitive to their diet and are a bit hungry when left alone. They retain some of their hunting instincts, and their long legs allow them to run and jump around while hunting.


The Arabian Mau is believed to be great with kids and other animals as long as they are introduced gradually. They’ll be content outdoors and indoors; however, their legs are long, making excellent jumpers, and you’ll likely see them in your backyard sometimes.

They are independent cats who enjoy their space; however, they sometimes seek attention from owners and their families.

As A Pet

Arabian Maus self-groom often and can maintain their coats by themselves. They don’t shed as often, which is why they are perfect indoors.

Curious and adventurous, they’re still well-suited to families with children and other pets. They quickly become an integral part of the group.


The lifespan of an Arabian Mau can be around 20 years.

9. Turkish Angora-Cat Breeds With Very Long Legs

Turkish Angora-Cat Breeds With Very Long Legs

Turkish Angoras can be described as medium-sized felines with tall, slim legs, delicate bones, and long legs, which give them a tall appearance.

Their hind legs are more extensive than their front legs, which creates a beautiful design. With a medium-length coat, they’re an attractive breed.

The most sought-after shade is pure white, which gives them stunning beauty. However, they could also be black solid and other hues.


Turkish Angora cats love to play and explore. They are at their best when they have toys to play with at home.

They are loyal and affectionate towards their owners and those in their homes. They are very sensitive to the changes in their surroundings, which could affect their temperament.


Turkish Angora cats love to play and run around. They must be encouraged to stay active. If they are putting on excessive weight, it could cause pressure on their bones. They require a wide range of perches and toys to stay active.

With a long coat, they require a daily brush; however, since they don’t wear an uncoat, they are simple enough to take care of without knots or knots.


The average lifespan of a Turkish Angora ranges from between 12 and 18 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Tell What Breed My Cat Is?
The best method to know your cat’s breed will be to get a DNA test. This will reveal the genetic makeup of your cat and provide an accurate assessment of the breed they belong to.

What Is The Most Common Breed Of Cat?
Cats come in many different sizes, shapes, and lengths
. The most popular type of cat that is used is the short-hair domestic cat. They account for more than 95% of cats used for pets across the USA.

What cat has the longest legs in the world?
Due to his absurdly long legs, the cat, Arcturus Aldebaran Powers, has made it into the record books.

What is a Dobby cat?
Because of their resemblance to the well-known “Harry Potter” character “Dobby,” Oriental Shorthair cats are sometimes referred to as “Dobby cats.” Because of their likeness to dobby’s ears, they were given the name “dobby cat.”


In this article, we have reviewed cat breeds with long legs. Most people prefer cats with long legs, as they look more beautiful. There are several breeds of cats that have long legs.

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