Bitter Apple Spray can deter animals from biting their fur, chewing their hair, and creating hot spots. Dogs and pups can benefit greatly from using Bitter Apply Spray as a training tool. Twice daily for three days, directly spray the dogs’ mouths with Bitter Apple. After that, add one spray of Bitter Apple to a spray bottle that has water in it. We will learn, Can You Spray Bitter Apple Spray in Dog’s Mouth?

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Bitter Apple for Dogs

The last thing you want when your adventurous puppy is ready to go on vacation with you is for them to start chewing up the furniture in that wonderful air BnB or pet-friendly hotel you reserved. You could be left wondering how to avoid this. I’ll demonstrate how to utilize spray made from bitter apples to stop dogs from chewing.

Can I stop dogs from chewing by giving them a bitter apple?

You might try spraying the furniture with a homemade bitter apple spray to deter dogs from eating and licking it. It is a fantastic non-toxic deterrent that will stop your dog from eating or licking anything else. It is undoubtedly unpleasant for them, but it is also safe.

How Come Dogs Chew?-Can You Spray Bitter Apple Spray in Dog’s Mouth?

The ASPCA claims that it is a dog’s method of world exploration. In addition to keeping senior dogs’ jaws strong and their teeth clean, it can help puppies with teething pain. Additionally, it works wonders for easing minor forms of anxiety and frustration.

Three to eight weeks is a vital period when teeth begin to erupt. Since they are unlikely to be out traveling and exploring with you at this age, we would anticipate them to try their hand at biting things in your home. They must be adjusting to their environment.

Bitter apple will help defend your property at this point, but the next step—at four to six months—is also crucial. Their teeth will gradually be replaced by permanent teeth as they get older. When you take them to visit family and when you travel the world in hotels, vacation rentals, and air BnBs to acclimate them to exploring and traveling with you, this will cause them to chew more.

At this point, you must safeguard the deposits you paid and work to keep your mini-terrapin from eating the furniture. Give them something to chew on, like a durable natural dog chew, because dogs need to chew, and you shouldn’t only use items to stop them.

What Is Bitter Apple?

White vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and water are frequently used to make bitter apples. It depends on which of the two your dog dislikes the most when deciding whether to use lemon juice or apple cider vinegar in place of the latter.

Always read the labels of items before using them, especially if you plan to apply them to your dogs’ skin and furniture. Off-the-shelf products may contain additional substances.

Why Use Bitter Apple, You Ask?

It is used by people to prevent their pets from gnawing and licking forbidden objects.

If Bitter Apple Goes Direct, should it be on the dog or the items?

You can administer it to your dog if they are licking an injury, but you must exercise caution. This can be used in close proximity to wounds but not close enough to enter the wound. Lemon juice, apple cider, or cayenne would not be things you would want to get in your open wound or eyes, and neither would they. You will need to wash, rinse, and repeat several times since it will hurt. Once more, using common sense is crucial.

The most frequent household items can be treated with it, but test a small area first to be sure nothing will be stained.

Can I buy spray for bitter apples?
Pets at home sells ready-made, over-the-counter sprays like Grannick’s.

How Can You Make a Homemade Dog Spray using Bitter Apples?

How Can You Make a Homemade Dog Spray using Bitter Apples?

An aerosol spray bottle is required. Please do not use an outdated one from the cabinet; I cannot stress this enough. You are about to inject a substance that, when sprayed, your dog is likely to lick and ingest. Even though the area has been thoroughly cleaned, there is still a chance that your puppy could become seriously ill. Change the bottle and eliminate the risk.

Two cups of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of white vinegar should be combined using a measuring cup. Add 1 cup of water to the vinegar mixture to somewhat dilute it, especially if you intend to spray it on your dog. Then, as the volcanic element, add a generous dash of cayenne to that mixture. The crucial step is to spray it on something and check if your dog likes it or avoids it after thoroughly mixing it.

In our RV, we once added chemicals to the water tank. Although it was completely cleaned, the chemical taste persisted, necessitating a replacement of the device.

At worst, this would have resulted in water that tasted bad, but you might also have something dangerous that your dog might eat.

How long does the smell of bitter apples linger?

To keep it working until you no longer need it, apply it every two weeks.

What if my dog enjoys the taste of lemon and bitter apples?

Then it’s time to get out the big guns and add a generous amount of cayenne. They might sneeze a few times and make a silly face, but you will know you are correct at that point. To be clear, please consider what you are adding and the furniture you are applying this to.

A wooden table leg or surface is acceptable, but you should test it first on a small, inconspicuous part of the furniture. Try to find them a chew toy they prefer over your furnishings if none of these other ideas work. It would help if you ascertained what your dog adores over anything else, even your furniture.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a dog get hurt by a bitter apple spray?
Apply Bitter Apple Spray to your pet’s coat to stop them from chewing on their fur and licking their wounds. You may also use it throughout the house to keep pets from chewing on your possessions. This apple spray’s acrid flavor will deter chewing and is safe to apply on fabric, furniture, and even your pet’s fur.

How should bitter spray be applied to dogs?
Apply a small amount of the bitter apple spray to a cotton ball or piece of tissue before giving it to your cat or dog. Put this right into your animal’s mouth. Your pet doesn’t enjoy the bitter taste if they spit out the tissue, retch, slobber, or shake their head.

How are pups to be treated with Bitter Apple?
The ASPCA advises dabbing a cotton towel with bitter apple and giving it to your dog to taste. He will nibble before relocating in disgust. Your dog will stop eating objects that have that fragrance after learning that the bitter apple smell and taste go together.

What is more efficient than a bitter apple?
Based on the results of our tests, these 15 anti-chew sprays are listed in order of best to worst.
1. Extremely bitter spray from Rocco & Roxie. The success rate was 90%.
2. Fooey! Extremely abrasive training spray.
3. Emmy’s Best.
4. The bitter apple from Grannick’s.
5. Spray Pets Are Kids Too Bitter.
6. Fur the love of God Spray for Bitter Apple
7. Vet’s Best Spray for Bitter Cherries

Is it cruel to water-spray a dog?
Does Water Spray a Dog or Cat Work? No, water-spraying your dog during training is ineffective. Dog trainers have observed some consumers who spray their puppies for mouthing while their arms are covered in scratches. Water sprinkling the dog did not solve the problem.

Is it Safe to Directly Spray Bitter Apple Into a Dog’s Mouth?
I would not advise it. While a small amount is acceptable, spraying it into their mouths could result in large amounts that would be harmful to them.

Does the bitter apple harm dogs?
When used properly, it is not harmful to dogs because it is not toxic and is one of the most popular mixes used by individuals with pups.


In conclusion, you can use astringent sprays like bitter apple to stop dogs from destroying your or anyone else’s furniture by gnawing. Use caution while applying it to a dog’s skin or when using it on furniture.

Test it first on a small patch of skin, and stay away from sensitive places on animals, such as those close to wounds or the eyes. I sincerely hope that this post has helped you understand what a bitter apple is, how to prepare one, and most importantly, how to stop your dog from chewing!

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