We don’t usually think of seafood as something we can feed our dogs. But if we eat it, our dogs will be interested and hungry for it. Scallops are one of my favorite kinds of seafood.

Can dogs eat scallops? Scallops can be a small treat for your dog. When cooked in specific ways, these bivalve mollusks are delicious to eat, and they can also be good for your dog’s health.

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Can scallops be fed to dogs? (A Quick Answer)

Scallops are safe and sound for dogs to eat. There are only two essential things to watch out for. First, give them food that is cooked, not raw or fresh. Second, don’t put in any extra ingredients or spices. If you do both things and remember to feed them in moderation, your dog will be safe and happy to share a treat with you. However, raw seafood is not a good idea to give to your dog. 

Accidents can happen even if you don’t mean for your dog to eat something, and dogs can quickly get into things they shouldn’t. Even if these accidents don’t kill the animal, they can still cause huge, unexpected vet bills.

Is it good for dogs to eat scallops?

Yes, scallops have a lot of good things for our dogs that they can pass on to them. Scallops are a great way to get magnesium, potassium, and protein, among other things. Magnesium helps your dog absorb vitamins and minerals in particular. Potassium is generally good for your health but is beneficial for nerve function. Protein builds and keeps muscles in good shape.

Can scallops be bad for dogs?

Scallops are not dangerous for dogs to eat, and the ASPCA says that our dogs can eat them. The catch is that they can’t be served raw; they must be fully cooked. Also, don’t mix up “cooked” and “fried.” Because they have a lot of fat, fried scallops are also not safe for your dog. Over time, dogs who eat fried scallops can get pancreatitis, but they can get an upset stomach or have an allergic reaction to scallops in the short term.

Make sure you don’t add anything to the scallops you’re cooking for your dog. Don’t add extra things like seasonings, oils, butter, etc. All of these extras could have been dangerous for your dog.

Lastly, as with any food, don’t give your dog too many scallops. Dogs often have a hard time getting used to new foods. So make sure to give your dog one or two small pieces the first time you give it to him. Then, wait to see how they react and if they start to have stomach pain, diarrhea, or trouble going to the bathroom.

Are scallops safe for dogs?

Cooked scallops are OK for dogs to eat in small amounts. Scallops are suitable for your pet’s health because they have magnesium, potassium, protein, and phosphorus, among other vitamins and minerals. Small amounts of plain, cooked scallops out of the shell are best to give to dogs.

Raw seafood can have harmful bacteria in your dog, and butter, oil, and seasonings can make your dog sick. To keep your dog from choking, you must only give it small bites of scallops that are not in the shell.

Scallops may cause allergies in some dog breeds, so talk to your vet before giving scallops to your dog. If your dog has been refined with shellfish in the past or if your vet says it’s okay, you can give your pet small amounts of scallops to see how it reacts and if there are any side effects. If your dog gets diarrhea or a stomach ache, it may not be able to digest this food. Overall, scallops are safe and healthy for dogs.

Benefits of Scallops for Dogs

Scallops have a lot of good nutrients, and owners can give them to their dogs for the following health reasons:


This critical mineral suits your dog’s health and helps his heart and nerves work.


Potassium is an essential part of your dog’s nervous system, which sends signals from one organ to another.


An ounce of scallops has seven grams of protein, which keeps your dog’s muscles strong, slim, and active.


Scallops have the mineral phosphorus needed to strengthen bones and teeth in dogs.

How to feed scallops to your dog?

Scallops are tasty shellfish that dogs can eat, but there are some things to think about before you give them to your pet:

Give plain scallops to your pet

Scallops are delicious with seasonings, onion, and garlic, but only for people. Your dog’s digestive system will be upset by these extras, so you should give your dog cooked scallops without any extras.

Don’t use extra fat when cooking

Your dog could get pancreatitis if it overheats fat. To put your dog’s health first, keep the scallops simple. Moreover, make sure to fully cook the scallops.

Bake the scallops for a long time

You can cook scallops for your dog by baking or grilling them. Raw seafood can have harmful bacteria on it that can make you sick. Raw scallops can have dangerous viruses and bacteria like Salmonella, roundworms, and tapeworms. Because dogs have a sensitive metabolism, it can be harder for them to get rid of these harmful bacteria, which can hurt their stomachs. Don’t fry the scallops because fried foods have a lot of butter and oil.

Take the shells off

You can’t eat the scallop shell, and it can cause you to choke. Ensure to get rid of this part of the food properly before giving it to your dog.

Cut the meat into small pieces

Scallops can be enormous, so you should cut them up and serve them in smaller pieces so people don’t choke on them. You can put the cooked scallops on top of the dog food or give them as a treat by themselves.

Serve When Cool

Your dog may be eager to try this new food, but let the scallops cool down first, so your dog’s mouth doesn’t get too hot.

Can raw scallops be fed to a dog?

Can raw scallops be fed to a dog

No, dogs shouldn’t eat raw scallops because they can make them sick. Instead, cook scallops (don’t fry them) with nothing else.

Can cooked scallops be fed to a dog?

Yes, cooked scallops (never fried!) are a great, healthy treat for your dog. Just make sure to leave out any extra ingredients like oils, butter, etc., and make them plain.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What seafood can dogs not eat?
There is some seafood that dogs shouldn’t eat:
1. Shark.
2. Tilefish.
3. Swordfish.
4. King mackerel.
5. Albacore tuna (canned).

Can dogs eat shrimp and scallops?
Dogs can eat shrimp, lobster, and crab if cooked and free of shells and other gross parts. But dogs can only eat the shellfish’s meat if it’s fresh and cooked right (no leftovers!). A few bites won’t hurt your dog, but you shouldn’t give it as a meal.

Why can’t dogs eat seafood?
There is a chance that salmonella and listeria will be in raw fish. There are two problems with this. One, it can make your dog sick. The FDA says it can also make you and other family members sick.

Can dogs eat scallops and lobster?
They can, yes! Dogs can eat many kinds of seafood, like salmon, trout, and even lobster, as long as it is cleaned, deboned, and cooked correctly.


So, can dogs eat scallops? Yes! You can give your dog plain, cooked scallops as a healthy and tasty treat. As long as you don’t fry them or add other things, there’s nothing to worry about if you feed them in moderation.

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