If you’ve seen a Black Maine Coon cat, then you’re in exclusive company. Majestic Maine Coons can be captivating creatures. They have huge feet, lion-like hair as well as piercing eyes, and imposing size, these beautiful cats are now sought-after and popular cats. They are gentle giants that come in all the colours we find in other felines. In this article, we will discuss the Black Maine Coon Cats.

The most commonly used hues are the tabby ones but black is a shade that is one of the most attractive and least well-known of all. So, what exactly are the black Maine Coon cats?

Black Maine Coon cats have an inherited black-fur gene, along with traits that are typical of purebred Maine Coons. They sport all black fur or smoke and black colours, with eyes of gold. Black Maine Coon cats are rare in comparison to the other colours of coats and designs. The price to purchase the Black Maine Coon is between $1000 and $2500 for adults and kittens.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to see or even own one of these magnificent cats in one of the rarest colours: solid black. Maine Coons are an absolute delight for cat people who love cats. In this article, we’ll take the time to explore these beautiful cats in their most unique colour: pure black! Can Maine Coon Cats Be All Black?

Maine Coon cats can be completely black. This is among the rarest colours of fur that you can find for this specific breed, and a lot of this has to do with the predominant black gene. To allow the Maine Coon to be entirely black, its parents must have been completely purebred Maine Coons. 

Like American shorthairs as well as other breeds, a variety of designs and colours appear on felines with solid colours like black and red, as well as grey and white on the list. Solid black, as well as variations of black, could also be possible Maine Coon colours, which have the same range of colours as the more popular felines.

But, due to its numerous coats of fur, it could be rather difficult to find a Maine Coon that doesn’t show any evidence of other shades. For instance, you’re more likely to come across the Black Smoke Maine Coon, or a bi-colour mix, than a pure black. These are only a few of the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of breed.

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Are Black Maine Coon Cats Rare?

Absolutely, Black Maine Coon cats aren’t common. Black Maine Coons are not as prevalent as their tabby cousins. The black Maine Coon is completely black across the three layers of fur, with an exception of the hair on the ends of its ears.

Black cats of all breeds are not common which makes this Black Maine Coon a scarce and distinct species. Similar to regular black cats, Black Maine Coons are not as popular as other colours due to the belief that they bring luck. The lack of demand indicates that Black Maine Coons have been bred less often.

Fortunately, the myth of black cats is slowly fading out, while the stunning appearance of the Black Maine Coon is becoming more recognized. Maine Coon cats also appear in a shade called Black Smoke. The colour is multi-layered inside the cat’s long fur. The tip of their fur will be a typical black hue, but they will change to a lighter shade and will have light or white roots. These are one of the traits of purebred Maine Coons.

How Do Breeders Get Maine Coons To Be All Black?

They’re likely to breed male, black Maine Coons. This poses a problem for breeders, however. Since masculine coons are black, Maine Coons are more likely to be a part of the litter and therefore, the males are the majority of Maine Coons available, and fewer females! This genetic anomaly could be the reason for the difficulty of finding an authentic Black Maine Coon.

Incredibly, it is interesting to note that black Maine Coons, like the majority of black cats, could be resistant to disease. A genetic change known as ASIP that provides black cats with elegant, solid-coloured fur could help fight against diseases such as FIV which is commonly referred to as feline AIDS. Although this isn’t yet established, it may be a great perk for having a Maine Coon be entirely black.

Types Of Black Maine Coon Cats

There are several kinds of Black Maine Coon cats you’ll be keeping an eye out for. Below are the different coat colours that you were able to spot along with pictures.

1. Black Smoke Maine Coon

This is the most frequently observed Black Maine Coon cat that will be seen. It’s not a pure black coat, however, it is instead a mixture of greys and whites with greys. Black Smoke Maine Coon cats are able to have tabby patterns on the coat. They’re beautiful and purebred Maine Coons.

The darkest areas will be located on the face, and then the skin around the neck and chin will have a mix of hues. As with other varieties of Maine Coons, the eyes are yellow.

Inside the ear generally has a lighter hue however, they are lined by a solid black fur.

In the case of the Black Smoke Maine Coon, it’s all about the pigmentation. Eumelanin is what triggers smoking effects. The undercoat is a mix of whites. However, that colour is typically clear white near the ends.

In contrast to the solid black model, this smoke colouring is a mixture of hairs with banded edges. The darker the colouration is towards the end however the deeper into the fur the more light the colour becomes. While it might appear as if there’s a single shade for each hair follicle but it’s actually multicoloured, which makes it an exceptional and precious cat.

Although they’re adored cats, they’re not all that uncommon. Smoke Black Maine Coons are fairly common among breeders.

2. Solid Black Maine Coon Cat

The black solid Maine Coon cat is the rarest coat colour. Its fur has a deep black colour that is complete. The colour is visible through the tail, ears, and face. Additionally, the eyes are yellow. However, they could even be brown. In addition, the noses generally are black.

Contrary to the smoke variant that is smoke-coloured, the undercoat is completely black. There’s no scenario where the fur colour is mixed and it’s simple to separate the black Maine Coon out compared to other alternatives.

There are a few variations of this cat that might have a bit of subtle colouring in the coat. If you see this, it’s not a solid black cat. You could be having the Smoke Black Maine Coon that is more solid. Also, Main Coon cats can be all black. This is a crucial fact to know in particular if you’re buying from a breeder that is trying to sell it as an authentic black cat. Remember that Black is one of five solid Maine Coon cats.

How Much Is A Black Maine Coon?

As with other cats gender, colour, and age all play a part in the price of the Black Maine Coon. Purebred Maine Coon breeders can charge between $400 and $2200 for these adorable cats. The following chart shows approximate prices for the various breeds of Black Maine Coon cats. Be aware that prices can vary according to the breeder, their place of residence, and demand.

The best way to determine the quality of service you’ll receive from a breeder is to speak to other people who have dealt with the breeder, or look up reviews on the internet. It is also essential to go to the place where cats are being born and kept to check their cleanliness and to verify that the area is accessible and free of obstructions and not caged.

If you’re not able to acquire that Black Maine Coon through a breeder You can find one that is available for adoption in your region. Websites such as petfinder.com and adoptapet.com permit you to type into your search criteria and discover animals that you can adopt. Maine Coons are difficult to find in shelters. If you’ve got your sights at the Black Maine Coon, it might take some time to locate them. In addition, you may need to travel to get them up.

How Big Do Black Maine Coon Cats Get?

Maine Coons are by far the most domesticated cat breed and the black Maine Coon is not affected by colour. Male Maine Coons generally weigh between 11-18 pounds, whereas females weigh between 8 and 12 pounds.

However, some Maine Coons have been found to be larger. They are tall, but also long and robust, they generally have an average height of 3.3 feet. They grow slowly which means that unlike other breeds of cats they are not likely to reach their maximum size and weight until around three years old.

Black Maine Coons are a relatively new breed of domesticated cat and their distinctive characteristics were created to help them survive. Their size and characteristics developed over time to fight cold climates.

The black earlobes of their mates are properly tufted for warmth. They also have large dark tails wrapped around their bodies to help retain heat. Maine Coons also have huge feet that are believed to have evolved as a result of changing to the snowy landscapes of Europe and then later in Maine which functions as a snowshoe.

Their fur is long and can grow to three lengths. It is a great source of warmth but is not too hard to touch so grooming the cat won’t be as difficult as it would be for other breeds with longer hair. Maine Coon cat breeds are famous because of their oily fur and greasy fur, so be aware of this when you look for ways to groom them.

What Are Some Important Parts Of Caring For A Black Maine Coon?

Black Maine Coons require adequate food and grooming, medical attention, care, and exercise. While their needs are the same as the needs of other cats, this specific breed of cat has certain needs that are unique to be aware of.

1. Nutrition

Black Maine Coon cats are naturally large even when they are kittens. But, it’s vital that they don’t get overweight. It can be extremely difficult because they’re growing since they don’t get to their maximum size until around 3 years of age.

To prevent weight gain, they should be eating a well-balanced diet high in protein, and with an eye on checking their portions based on the age of their children.

Many vets believe Maine Coons, unlike other cats, shouldn’t be allowed to feed free meals. Instead, they should be fed 3 or 4 times a day, with nutritious dry food. Be cautious about giving the black Maine Coon too many treats! Maine Coon Cats are famous for always being hungry However, If you have them on a consistent diet, they will not gain much weight.

Your vet will give you suggestions of the best varieties of pet food to provide the black Maine Coon, as well as any supplements or vitamins you can supplement their diet.

2. Grooming

Maine Coons require to be groomed often as your dark Maine Coon will be no exception. Because of their fur’s length, it is recommended to brush them every day if it is possible. As a minimum, it is recommended to brush your Maine Coon two or three times a week.

If you’re brushing your cat daily and their fur doesn’t easily get matted A comb made of steel with teeth that are wide-set is ideal. It is also possible to look into a specialized brush for cats with long hair. It includes a set of pins and one bristle.

The bristle edge is ideal to get rid of dead skin and dirt, and also for catching hair that sheds, and then ends up all over your flooring! Maine Coons have dander as do other felines So keep that in your mind.

Alongside their fur, the Maine Coon’s ears and claws require regular focus. Since Maine Coon’s ears appear so prominent, it’s much easier for them to pick up dirt.

So, it is recommended to clean them every week. Make use of gentle water, and a warm and soft, clean cloth to wash the visible part of your ear. Don’t use a Q-tip or try to clean the ear’s inner part. This can damage your cat’s ears. If your cat’s eardrum requires attention, you should let your vet handle it. Due to grooming, the black Maine Coon appears cool and expressionless.

The dark Maine Coon can also develop thick and long nails that are big enough to match their feet! Although they might sound frightening, “guillotine-style” nail clippers are the best kind that you can use for the Maine Coon. They are more comfortable operating for humans and have the chance of cutting into the nerve, or quick the claws of your cat.

Like other breeds of cats, Maine Coons are prone to gingivitis. This is why it’s a great idea to brush your Maine Coon’s teeth using a special cat dental toothbrush as well as toothpaste. (Do not use any toothpaste designed for cats on your pet!) The act of brushing your black Maine Coon’s teeth at least once every week will help you fight against tooth problems that could develop in the future.

3. Medical Care

As with the other cats Your black Maine Coon is required to get regular medical attention. Visit your cat’s vet for routine checkups and keep up-to-date regarding their vaccinations. This is especially important when your cat is outdoors.

Maine Coons do experience certain ailments more frequently than other cats because of their size. One of them is a vestibular disease, which may cause clumsiness and losing balance. This is common in Maine Coons due to their large ears which are more vulnerable to foreign bodies getting in and causing them to lose balance. Falls over, vomiting or squinting eyes, or a slanting head are all possible indicators of this disorder.

Due to their weight and size, hip dysplasia is also a common occurrence due to their weight and size, hip dysplasia is also seen in Maine Coons. The condition can cause difficulty in getting around and can quickly progress to become very painful. You can identify the condition early by observing your cat’s movements for signs of difficulty moving or resistance when jumping or playing.

Its large size may cause stress on the knee joints, causing patellar luxation that causes similar symptoms as hip dysplasia. The early detection of joint-related ailments is the best treatment.

Maine Coons are also genetically predisposed to the condition known as cardiomyopathy. The many forms of the disease can be caused by thyroid hyperactivity or a deficiency of taurine within their food habits. The initial signs of this disease are rapid breathing, lack of appetite, or fatigue. The signs can be subtle, and it is important to monitor the black Maine Coon for anything that is out of the norm. If left untreated, it could lead to blood clots which can cause paralysis to the hind legs of your cat.

If you are noticing any of these symptoms or other unusual behaviour in the cat, whether black or white Maine Coon, make an appointment with your vet immediately if you can. An appointment to see your veterinarian early may, in certain instances, help save the life of your cat.

4. Attention and exercise

Black Maine Coon Cat will be able to take all the attention you are willing to pay! Being affectionate means that they want to play. They are able to jump, pounce, and play as hard as any cat and they are usually similarly agile, despite their size.

It’s essential to ensure they get sufficient exercise by playing since Maine Coons have a careful weight balance that needs to be considered. As with all cats, it is important to make time to demonstrate to them that black Maine Coon you love them. The act of playing with a string or feather toy fulfils your cat’s desire to exercise and get attention simultaneously. After a fun session, you’ll be able to feel confident and appreciated.

Do Black Maine Coons Make Good Pets?

If you’re in search of an adorable pet then look no further than this Black Maine Coon! Although they might appear odd due to their dark gorgeous fur, stunning lustrous coat, and sharp eyes. The truth is that the black Maine Coons, like their counterparts in other breeds, are fantastic pets. They’ve even been described as “the dogs of the cat world!”

Black Maine Coons are highly intelligent, making them simple to train and allowing them to understand signals coming from their owners. This is the primary reason why they are great family pets. It’s highly unlikely that your pet will be destroyed because of the addition of a new member to the family or children who would like to have fun with them. They’ll likely be thrilled by the attraction!

It’s a fact that Black Maine Coons are also extremely affectionate to their owners and will likely keep track of you in the house with cuddles and pet requests. Although this might not be the most ideal option it’s a sign your cat is a lover of you. If they need to be entertained for a while and you’re looking for the dark Maine Coon puzzle or catnip toy, they’ll get a lot of satisfaction from it.

It’s surprising that while the Maine Coon does shed, their fine hairs do not create more of a mess than normal cats. They are also not destructive. And although they can be a bit timid in the presence of strangers, they soon get comfortable. Maine Coons are also very relaxed, which allows them to travel and adapt to new environments.

Where Did Black Maine Coons Come From?

Where Did Black Maine Coons Come From

Black Maine Coon cats have an extensive background. In reality, the entire history of Maine Coon cats offers fascinating details.

There are a variety of theories about the way Maine Coons were introduced to America before becoming the large and affectionate felines they are. The most reliable theory could be that they are the pets of Captain Coons who arrived in Maine in the late 1700s. His cats, dubbed Norwegian Forest cats, mated with the short-haired cats of the area which eventually resulted in The Maine Coon.

Throughout their entire lives, Maine Coons have attracted huge interest. Soon after their appearance within the United States, they began appearing in the northern areas of rural communities and were content with outdoor and indoor cats. The first winner to be recognized at an exhibition of cats, held in 1895 at Madison Square Garden, was the brown Maine Coon named Cosey.

Its fame waned during the 1900s when other cats with long hair replaced them in the spotlight. It was believed for a period it was believed that Maine Coons were gone. Fortunately, they came back, and the Central Maine Cat Club reinvested in breeding them. And by the time the 1980s arrived, Maine Coons had made their return, becoming the third most-loved cats in the United States.

The Cat Fanciers Association has established more than 75 colour options for this Maine Coon breed. Black is among the colours and is often one of the most expensive for this breed of cat. As I mentioned earlier, it could cost up to $2500 for a chance to get your hands on a sturdy Black Maine Coon cat.

Similar to American shorthairs The most well-known styles are tabby with stripes that range across the entire length of the hair from head to tail. In this instance, you’ll have to deal with the Black Smoke version. The most popular colours within Maine Coons are browns and greys. This makes this Black Smoke Maine Coon a true novelty!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are black smoke Maine Coon cats rare?
The fact that Black Smoke Maine Coons are less prevalent than some of the other varieties of the breed makes them, in my opinion, a very desirable companion.

What is the rarest colour Maine Coon?
Although a particular variety of orange Maine Coon might be fairly uncommon, silver and gold Maine Coons are the rarest of all. Finding an orange tabby Maine Coon is rather simple, but locating a solid orange Maine Coon is considerably more challenging.

Is Maine Coon an indoor cat?
The Maine Coon may be kept as an indoor or outdoor cat because of its generally laid-back disposition. Although they are a highly sought-after breed and have a history of being stolen when left outside alone, many Maine Coon owners choose to keep them indoors.

Can a Black Maine Coon change colour?
Despite the fact that this may seem like a strange inquiry, Maine Coon cats do occasionally change their colour, so it is undoubtedly intriguing. Please remember, however, that while a Maine Coon’s fur may vary in colour, the Maine Coon pattern will always be there.


In addition to the other colours of their breed, Black is one of the colours that Maine Coons stick out. Their stunning looks and magnificent stature is paired with the lovable and loyal characteristics that characterize this Maine Coon breed. If you’re fortunate enough to discover a pure black Maine Coon cat, you’ll need to get one of these beautiful cats and take advantage of the advantages!

Remember that the process of raising the Black Maine Coon cat is very similar to raising a typical version. They’re big cats, therefore, they’ll require a hefty nutrition plan in order to keep their coat healthy and beautiful.

If you’re interested in Black Maine Coon cats but don’t have enough money to buy one You might want to think about adopting one. Although the cost could be more expensive considering their rareness.

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