Large dogs are often cuddly and friendly and can make great companions. Their larger size means they bark more loudly and can be harder to control. A large dog barking can make it more frightening for strangers than a small dog barking.

Although you are sure your dog will not hurt anyone, it doesn’t mean other people will not jump up and down when your dog barks or if they notice you having trouble holding your dog. Barking can also be a problem for friends and family, and it could lead to isolation.

It is possible to train your big dogs. A bark collar uses negative reinforcement to make it easy and quick. So that you have more time to train your dog and less research, we’ve compiled a list of the five best shock collars for large dogs.

It is difficult to train dogs to stop barking if you wait too long. Training older dogs can be difficult because they tend to be more stubborn than younger ones.

How to choose a shock collar for large dogs?

It can be hard to choose the right shock collar for your dog. This is especially true if you are looking for a shock collar powerful enough to handle large dogs.

We have compiled a list highlighting the most important aspects to consider when selecting an e-collar that will fit your large dog.


It is important to consider the size of your dog when choosing a collar. Large dogs can weigh up to 250 pounds and are typically over 60 pounds. In fact, the largest dog was an English Mastiff who weighed in at 343 pounds.

Although this is not common in dogs, it is worth noting that some breeds are quite large. These extra-large dogs will not be able to use the shock collars that we have reviewed, but they will fit most large dogs.

A training collar is often sized according to the dog’s neck circumference. A Great Dane may be heavier than a medium-sized dog, but their necks will not change much.

Most shock collars can be adjusted and have varying lengths, so you don’t need to measure your dog. It should work for any dog that falls under the “large” category, as long as it states it is suitable for larger breeds.

Different Correctional Methods

Shock collars shock your dog by delivering a small amount to their necks. This starts them and teaches them not to bark at stimuli.

Every dog is unique, and not all dogs will respond to shock training. They may not feel the shock, but they will continue to bark even if it isn’t bothering them.

Some shock collars come with vibrations, lights, and sounds to correct behavior. Some dog owners consider vibrations to be more humane than shocks. However, they don’t cause pain.

Your dog will be distracted by lights and sounds if they start barking or display other undesirable behaviors. They will not cause pain or discomfort to your dog.

The least effective method of correcting behavior is the use of lights. They are a great safety feature for nighttime walks, but they don’t help with large dog behavior like barking. Multiple correction methods can be a great feature so that you can test out different ones.

Shock levels

Large dog training collars that are best for large dogs will come with different levels of shock. This allows you to work your way up from the lowest level to the highest. There are many levels, some with one to 100 levels and others with one to 20. Some don’t even have any levels.

We believe that levels are the best approach as your big dog will soon get used to one level and will eventually become less effective.

Level one, for example, will feel a slight vibration on the neck. It might be a bit uncomfortable for your dog to feel this initially, but soon they will get used to it and not notice it.

You would then increase the shock level to ensure that your dog isn’t comfortable wearing the collar. You’ll be able to use the shock collar more effectively and train your dog to bark away.


Dogs of all sizes love water and will jump into puddles. Your shock collar should be water-proof or, at the very least water-resistant.

Your shock collar may not be waterproof, so make sure your dog doesn’t get wet. It’s not easy to do as large dogs love swimming. The most convenient option is a waterproof shock collar.

The shock collar must also be strong enough to withstand any abuse your dog may inflict on it. Your dog is likely to bump into their shock collar on fallen branches or the ground, as well as other dogs. Look at customer reviews and see if they have any complaints.

Remote Control

Many shock collars have remote controls and are not always on. It is because shock collars that are constantly on can cause accidental shocks to your dog.

Unnecessarily shocking your dog can cause confusion and make training more difficult. Large dogs can have a remote-controlled shock collar that you can control. The collar can be controlled remotely to deliver a shock when your dog starts to behave badly.


Training will be done mostly in the home or yard, so there won’t be much to see.

However, the range must still be sufficient to allow the collar to connect from anywhere in the house. This is especially important if your dog is larger than you are.

The lowest possible range should be 330 feet. Anything less will not work. If the bad behavior you are trying to eliminate is often observed while you’re on walks, then a long-range might be more appropriate.

You won’t be able to discipline your dog if your collar range is less than 330 feet and your dog is digging in the field. You can use shock collars that have a range of up to 1000 feet to immediately discipline your dog and help them to correct their behavior.


The comfort of the shock collar around the neck of your large dog is another important consideration. A shock collar is simply an electrical collar that has electrodes protruding from a metal or plastic prong.

The electrode should not be so long as to make your dog uncomfortable or hurt, and the prong should not be too large that it blocks their view.

Your dog’s movement should be reflected in the shock collar. A rigid plastic shock collar will be less comfortable than a nylon strap or fabric strap.

List of the Best Shock Collars for Large Dogs


PetResolve - Remote Dog Training Collar


Slopehill - Best Dog Training Collar


NVK - Dog Training Collar for Large Dogs


PetSpy P620 - Dog Training Shock Collar


Flittor Dog Training Collar for Large Dogs

The following is the list of the best shock collars for large dogs:

  1. PetResolve Dog Training Collar with Remote- Best Remote Training Collar for Large Dogs
  2. Slopehill Dog Training Collar- Best Dog Training Collar for Large Dogs
  3. NVK Dog Training Collar- Best E-Collar for Large Dogs
  4. PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar- Best Long Range Collar for Large Dogs
  5. Flittor Dog Training Collar- Best Water Proof Shock Collar for Large Dogs

1. PetResolve – Remote Dog Training Collar for Large Dogs

Best Remote Training Collar for Large Dogs

Pet Resolve’s popular remote shock collar is the first. It is specially designed for large dogs. This collar offers three training modes that are safe for your dog to choose from, which we love. These modes include shock, vibration, or sound at various levels.

You can use the remote to control the e-collar and not accidentally shock your dog. You can also remove the shock function from the remote if you don’t wish to use it. You can simply swap the metal prongs out for the plastic. You can shock your dog 100% with this method.

You can train more dogs with the remote than just one or two dogs. You just need to purchase more collars and attach them to the remote. With just one remote, you can discipline up to three dogs.

You’ll be able to use the collar longer and can train your dog more effectively with 1-10 levels of shock control. This collar is suitable for dogs up to 15+ pounds. It can also be used for medium and large dogs. This is the best remote training collar for large dogs.

This bark collar has an excellent feature: it will detect when your dog barks and let you shock them. This gives your large dog instant feedback so that they don’t bark again. This collar is the best for large dogs. We have tried it on many of our dogs. Within seven days, our dogs were able to be more cooperative.


  • Long-range: Your dog can be walked for up to 1312 yards.
  • You can remove the metal prongs to prevent accidental injury.
  • Three training modes: Choose the one that suits you best.


  • Customer service issues: A customer experienced slow responses from the manufacturer.

2. Slopehill Dog Training Collar – Best Dog Training Collar for Large Dogs

Best Dog Training Collar for Large Dogs

The Slopehill shock collar offers many training modes, which we find very impressive. It has a shock mode and sound, light, and vibration. It is a great training collar for large dogs, as you can test all modes to see how your dog reacts.

They have 0 to 99 intensity levels for both vibration and shock modes. You should start with the lowest intensity level and work your way up to get your big dog to respond.

This collar is also waterproof and durable, so you can wear it even during rainy walks, baths, and ocean swims. They won’t be able to damage their collars while out on their walks.

Although it is not the best training method, it can be used as a safety device for nighttime walks. It can be used indoors and outdoors at a staggering 850 yards. This collar is suitable for dogs up to 26 inches in circumference and 140 pounds in weight. This extra-large dog training collar will fit larger dogs and is affordable. Because of these features, this collar makes the list of the best training collars for large dogs.


  • The remote can be controlled by three channels: You can control up to three dogs using one remote.
  • Multiple training modes: You can choose from four different training options to stop your dog from barking.
  • Safety features: An LED flashlight allows you to monitor your dog’s movements during late-night walks.


  • Low-quality battery: Customers have reported that the battery does not hold charge well.

3. NVK – Dog Training Collar for Large Dogs

Best E-Collar for Large Dogs

Three training modes are available with the NVK training collar: vibrations, shock, and beeping. For longer training sessions, each mode can be set to a different intensity. You can also adjust the intensity manually using the shock collar’s removal.

The NVK collar will include a variety of interesting pieces, including contact points that can be used for dogs with long or short hair. This will ensure that the collar is the right one for your dog without causing harm or making it useless. To ensure that the shock works properly, make sure the prongs of the metal are in contact with the skin of your dog. This is the best e-collar for large dogs.

The shocks come with silicone caps to protect the skin and a test tool to verify that they are working. The display shows the battery level, making it easy to see when your collar and remote need to be recharged. This is a great collar for large dogs.


  • This collar is ideal for large dogs. The interchangeable contact points make this collar perfect for large, long-haired dogs. It can be used on dogs up to 140 lbs.
  • LED screen: This is where you can easily see the settings and battery level.
  • Small remote: This remote is small and compact, so you can easily hold it in your hand without anyone being able to read it.


  • Customers who experienced high levels of shock found the shock levels too painful for their dogs and them.

4. PetSpy P620 – Dog Training Shock Collar for Large Dogs with vibration

Best Long Range Collar for Large Dogs

Next is a premium collar which claims that it is the best long-range collar for large dogs and it can deter bad behavior from your dog in a matter of days. The PetSpy P620 dog shock collar is designed for large dogs. It’s an effective and simple method of behavior training.

You can choose from three training modes to find the best one for your large dog. This shock collar has three training modes: sound, vibration, and shock. There are 16 levels, ranging in strength from mild shocks to powerful shocks. These can be used to help your dog learn once they are comfortable with the current level.

This collar is perfect for large dogs weighing up to 140 lbs. We love the fact that the manufacturer offers 24/7 customer support and a lifetime replacement guarantee. Although it isn’t necessarily the most affordable solution, it is definitely the best.


  • Long-range: Your dog can be trained up to 650 yards away.
  • Fast training: The collar is claimed to be capable of eliminating bad behavior in just days.
  • The exterior casing is durable and waterproof. Your dog won’t break it on walks.


  • This collar has a higher price: It is more expensive than other collars that we have looked at.

5. Flittor Dog Training Collar – Best Waterproof Shock Collar for Large Dogs

Best Waterproof Shock Collar for Large Dogs

Flittor’s remote training collar for larger dogs is also extremely versatile, with a range of over 1000 feet. It is also the best waterproof shock collar for large dogs. This allows you to control your dog from anywhere, no matter where they may be. There are three modes of training: sound, vibration, and shock, with eight levels and 16 levels.

With the separate channels on your remote control, you can train up to two dogs simultaneously. Your dog will not be subject to accidental shocks that aren’t their fault with the security keypad lock.

The LCD display allows you to see exactly which settings are being used at any given time. The collar can be adjusted to fit small, medium, and large dogs.


  • Two collars for the price one: Get two collars for your two dogs.
  • This collar is water-resistant, so your dog can swim in it.
  • Different levels of intensity: You can get the most out of your collar by moving up to the highest levels.


  • Customer service issues: Some customers had bad experiences with customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are shock collars effective?
The effectiveness of a shock collar will depend on the dog. Some dogs find shocks enough to deter them from barking or bad behavior, while others don’t.

Shock collars that aren’t used for enough time often don’t work. The shock collars may cause your dog to be irritable or in pain. They’ll then take off the collar and forget all the training they have done. The shock collar can be used to help your dog stop bad behavior.

Are shock collars effective on large dogs?
Yes, shock collars can be used to shock larger dogs. They will feel the shocks at lower levels than small dogs but will be able to withstand higher levels.
They wouldn’t feel the shock because their skin is too thick to allow the electrode to reach them.
Do not set the shock collar at a higher level because your dog is large. You can start low and gradually increase the shock level until you are sure that your dog is not shocked too much.

Can shock collars cause brain damage?
No, brain damage is not a side effect of a shock collar for large dogs, despite the fact that it can exacerbate preexisting problems.

Do shock collars work on big dogs?
Although training collars like dog shock collars and bark collars are not brand-new, many dog owners find them to be an efficient way to train their canines. They are particularly beneficial for large or difficult-to-train dogs.


Because they are fast and effective, there are many types of training collars available today. A shock collar will not cause harm to your large dog if it is used correctly. It is a tool to get their attention and teach them how to behave properly. We hope you find the right training collar for your dog.
Now you can choose from the best shock collars for large dogs.

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