A beautiful and sometimes blue-eyed Siberian Huskies can be a funny dog breed. While they’re medium-to-large dogs with an appearance reminiscent of wolves, They are also susceptible to excessive barking and sometimes are difficult to manage. Apart from pulling sleds, they are great companions. However, Huskies are adamant and energetic.

When left to their own devices, untrained Huskies are difficult to manage. Fortunately, we have the most efficient method to stop bad behavior from Huskies.

Shock collars, also referred to as electronic collars, are learning devices that come with a variety of options based on the kind of collar you’ll choose. Contrary to what they say, it is not a shock. The “shock” is more like an electric stimulation or “tap” and isn’t intended to cause harm to your dog.

You can modify the intensity of this tap along with your selection of non-shock training methods. We’ll guide you to the best shock collars for Husky and give you information about the options available on the market. If you’re still unsure, here’s a brief guide to help you select the ideal collar for training for Huskies at the bottom of this article.

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How to Choose the Best Training Collar for a Siberian Husky

After you’ve examined the top five shock collars for your Husky and you’ll have an idea of the features that a modern e-collar comes with. If you have questions, here are a couple of buying tips we’ll provide to help you choose the Husky collar that is right for you.

Ask Yourself Why You Need the Shock Collar

A shock collar purchased for your Husky will be an investment that is intended to be used for a long time to solve any unintentional behavior. It is possible that you will need the collar due to the fact that your Husky enjoys going on an adventure on the busy streets and is a bit aggressive with people around them or is a bit loud.

The electronic collar can greatly assist in correcting these problems by being conditioned in the same way that chokes collars, prong collars, and martingale collars teach dogs to obey the leash whenever it is tugged.

If you’re looking to improve the behavior of your Husky, you should look for a collar that has the highest range as well as an anti-bark feature. If you think the static shock is too excessive, these collars feature different levels of vibration.

Range and Collar for Husky Shock Collar

The amount you require depends on what you intend to use the electronic collar for. Ideally, you’ll want to go as far as you’re able to afford.

Some shock collars feature an option to standby in order to preserve battery life. This implies that there could be an in-between time in between pressing the button to stimulation. It is known that timing is critical when it comes to training a Husky to stop unwanted behavior. 

Consider the Function to Price Ratio

Who doesn’t want the greatest price-to-value ratio when buying? If you’re aware of the features you require from a shock collar, the next thing you should consider is the cost. The majority of trainer collars have the ability to perform certain functions, but they cost more, and some have an easy and broad range of functions at a lower cost. Keep in mind that husky training collars don’t have a standby mode.

Shock Collar Usage Tips

At this moment, you might have made a decision on the type of collar you’d like to purchase. We’d like to offer some guidelines to make sure that the dog and you Husky get the most enjoyment when you use an electric collar.

You can let the Husky use the collar for a couple of days

A Siberian Husky is a smart breed of dog. Sometimes, they are too clever. They will eventually be able to tell whether they’re wearing an alarm collar as opposed to a normal collar. In addition, they could determine whether it is in place or off. You need to keep these safety tips in mind as a husky is a long-term investment.

To avoid this, they should be wearing the shock collar for a week, for 6-12 hours. Take them out for a walk, play with them, go on walks, and put them in bed with it but without activating the collar. This way, your Husky will become accustomed to the collar and then think it’s just another collar that they wear.

The collar should be rotated each hour while in use

It’s a good idea to move the location of the receiver periodically. Owners, trainers, and trainers alike practice this to prevent skin irritation and pressure blisters. Although the shock collar isn’t actually “zapping” your Husky with electricity, the spokes are pressing against the skin, and prolonged pressure can cause discomfort.

Check if the collar is not uncomfortable

You don’t want the collar to slip over your dog’s head or become lost every time your dog attempts to dry its coat. To prevent this from happening, adjust the collar in a way that you can put two fingers in between the neck and collar to ensure a tight but comfortably fitting. 

Utilize the collar as gently as you can

Similar to choke collars, martingale collars, as well as prong collars, they’re as dangerous as the people who use them. When you are using your shock collar the first time, you should always begin with the lowest level of stimulation and then watch the reaction of your pet. In the event that it’s insufficient for their attention, proceed up to the next one until you catch their attention.

If they start shaking their head or shouting at them, it’s probably too excessive. Using the collar too harshly might be the cause of the shock collar not working on the husky.

List of the Best Shock Collars for Husky


Pet Resolve Remote Training Collar


Dogtra 1900S WETLANDS Collar


Educator Pro E-Collar Kit


SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Collar


The Boss" ET-800 E-Collar

The following is the list of the best shock collars for husky:

  1. Pet Resolve Remote Training Collar Kit
  2. Dogtra 1900S WETLANDS Camo Remote Training Collar
  3. Educator Pro E-Collar Kit
  4. SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Training Collar
  5. “The Boss” ET-800 E-Collar Technologies

1. Pet Resolve Remote Training Collar Kit

Pet Resolve Remote Training Collar

First, the shock collar we’ve included on our list offers a fantastic range of features for the cost. From the box, you receive the remote with a lanyard, the receiver that is attached to the collar’s flat, which is sufficient to allow for a large weight range, a 2-way USB charging cable, an adapter, a receiver-tester as well as four different sets of prongs. This article is about the basic contents of most shock collar kits. Therefore it’s about the features they offer.

The remote is awe-inspiring with a 3-mile range, roughly 1300 yards. This is a huge range for the price. It’s a fantastic electronic collar for a Siberian Husky because you can allow them to roam in your yard and continue to train them if they do decide to bark. This is the best collar to keep your husky bark and behavior in control.

The control aspect of the large dog collar comes with ten levels of adjustable levels of correction. That implies that you will have many different levels for static intensities. Its remote is compact and can be used as a handheld radio. The buttons are located in the front, and it’s simple enough to grasp the functions they perform. The tiny LCD on top of the device displays the current simulation level.

The Pet Resolve shock collar has four learning modes (static shock, vibration tone as well as anti-bark). The first is the standard static shock. This collar for barking Huskies is equipped with two long, metal prongs that actually touch the skin of your dog so it functions properly. If you’re not keen on using the shock feature, then you can opt to vibrate and use plastic prongs that guarantee you don’t cause any harm to your Husky. The tone or page function of this e-collar might not be as loud for you, but it is extremely noticeable to your Husky.

The fourth mode is called the anti-bark mode. If you select this mode, the collar’s shock will activate a static stimulation whenever your Husky barks too loudly. It doesn’t require you to be present in order for the shock collar to activate, and it will then reduce excessive barking.

For battery life, both the collar and remote come with a lithium-ion battery which lasts for about 30 hours. The Husky collar for training does not come with a standby mode that could prolong battery life, but it also means the collar will be active constantly. This is vital as timing is essential when correcting bad behavior. To make up for it, each training collar is fully charged in two hours.

The remote is able to support the use of up to 3 collars. It also comes with a nightlight to aid in finding your dog when it is dark. The remote is splash-proof and can withstand working in the rain. The receiver is water-proof and can be submerged.


  • Affordable price for the features.
  • Anti-bark Mode
  • High Range
  • Train up to 3 Dogs
  • Includes three pairs of spokes
  • USB Rechargeable


  • Always-Awake means less battery life

2. Dogtra 1900S WETLANDS Camo Remote Training Collar

Dogtra 1900S WETLANDS

Our second shock collar, which is suitable for a Husky, features a unique remote which is designed to provide the user to have a completely unnoticed experience. The training collar includes the remote and a flat collar that has metal clasps, a receiver, along with wall power. Like the other e-collars, this one has a test light that illuminates when you insert it into the prongs of the receiver. The collar is long enough to accommodate neck sizes of 26 inches or less, which is for all Huskies.

In addition to other features that you may find with other collars, one offered a superior level of control and was designed to be able to handle larger breeds. These features are the reasons that your husky will get used to the collar in no time. 

The receiver is above average with a range of about 3/4 mile, approximately 1300 yards. The receiver has a broad spectrum of static stimulation, ranging between 1 and 127. It’s not that it’s ten times more powerful than the collar on the left, but it’s plenty of “in-between” levels and less powerful levels. This allows you to modify the intensity to limit the amount of stimulation needed to draw focus from any persistent Husky. The blue-lit display on the bottom displays levels of intensity as well as your general level of batter.

The Dogtra electronic collar comes with three different training modes, including static stimulation, vibrate, and Tone. To activate these functions, the remote is equipped with buttons that feature particular patterns of bumps to allow you to know which button is the one you need to press. The remote comes with three triggers, two on the side and one on the front. The two triggers on the sides provide continuous stimulation as well as a “snap” or a millisecond of static shock. The front of the remote for the shock collar can be used for vibrating as well as the sound. This collar will be helpful in preventing your impulsive husky from running away. 

The battery life of the collar is long. It has a rechargeable lithium battery that can last up to 40 hours. It can be charged with the wall charger that it comes with. The charger comes with split plugs to charge the collar and the remote simultaneously.


  • High Range
  • High Control level
  • No-look Control Design


  • No Nightlight
  • Only manage only one collar at the time

3. Educator Pro E-Collar Kit

Educator Pro E-Collar Kit

The third shock collar on our list is the Educator Pro series. The training collar is ideal for the Siberian Husky and comes with the remote as well as the flat collar, an angled USB charge cable as well as an outlet for the wall. The collar comes with a small wrench to assist you in securing the prongs, as well as a tester to test the collar’s receiver. The e-collar will be used on necks that are smaller than thirty inches. This includes the case for all Huskies.

It is possible to find that their brand comes with a control plan that includes a number of functions that are designed to fit into the buttons. It might take an amount of time to master the system, but it’s user-friendly.

The remote is able to communicate with the receiver in 880 yards, which is about half a mile. If there are lots of obstacles, such as forests, the range could be reduced.

The collar’s unique feature boasts the most impressive sensitivity level of 256; however, the display only shows levels up to 100. It’s not a big issue since you’re unlikely to utilize levels that are higher than 100. It’s also not uncommon to see dogs who can handle extreme levels of stimulation prior to they cease.

Similar to these other collars on this list, The model we are reviewing also comes with Vibrate, Static, and Tone modes for training. When set to vibration, the buttons offer several options for vibration. The Educator series seems to possess a greater “blunt” static shock than other collars. This may have a unique feature to this model. Husky is a smart bread. That is why this collar works wonders while educating your husky.

In terms of the number of collars that the remote can take on, the standard remote is able to handle only one Husky at one time. If you’re looking to manage more dogs, you could upgrade to models that can handle as many as three dogs, but this will cost additional. If you’re managing multiple dogs, it’s the method to take. If not, opt for the more affordable alternatives.

The rechargeable battery can last for 40-50 hours in standby mode and is fully charged in two hours. The receiver also features an LED nightlight that makes it ideal for locating active Huskies in the dark. The shock collar is equipped with the steady light mode as well as the option of strobe for greater visibility.


  • A Wide Range of Shock Levels
  • “Blunt” Static Shock
  • USB rechargeable


  • Only handle 1 Collar at a time
  • Average range

4. SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Training Collar

SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Training Collar

The fourth e-collar designed for Huskies we’re looking at is a little smaller remote, with a greater emphasis on the no-look way of use. The package includes all the essential shock collar requirements, including the remote as well as the long flat collar that has the receiver and the charger. The model comes with a different button set to attract your dog’s attention, which we’ll go into detail about in a moment.

The remote can be used with a 500-yard range on average. While we don’t call it an average, it’s enough for dog training at the park or when you’re at the park and letting your Husky wander around.

The remote is also equipped with up to 21 degrees of adjustment; instead of two buttons to “snap” and continuous stimulation, the remote features three buttons that provide continuous stimulation. There are three shock levels: Low, Medium, and High. The top dial of the dog’s training remote is divided into seven levels, which gives the user a total of 21 levels.

The remote isn’t equipped with an LCD. Although it doesn’t display the battery level, it does come with long battery life, which is between 50 and 70 hours, dependent on the use.

This collar of shock is designed for the Siberian Husky and has the three normal training modes that include 21 different levels of stimulation static, vibrating, and a page/tone feature. With the three buttons in continuous use, it is possible to simply let the button go when it’s pressed for a quick stimulation. Because of the small number of buttons, you will need to switch modes to switch between the buttons’ functions. These functions make this collar one of the best collars for husky fur. 

The remote can be used with three receivers; as with all shock collars on this list, the flat collar will certainly fit medium- to large breeds, such as Huskies.

With the wide control range and three training techniques, however, the device is not equipped with the nightlight function, in addition, to an automated bark-suppressing system. The kit compensates more for this with a longer battery capacity and a 2-hour rapid charge.


  • Good Stimulation Control
  • Good Battery Life
  • No-look Design


  • Average Range
  • No LCD
  • No Nightlight
  • No Anti-Bark

5. The Boss” ET-800 E-Collar Technologies

The Boss ET-800 E-Collar Technologies

The last item on the list is “The Boss.” It features high-end features that are found in the majority of shock collars, but it’s priced higher. Once you open the box, you’ll receive an accessory receiver, the remote that is attached to the collar, two slightly larger spokes, and an additional wall charger.

This item has the most distance on this list, reaching all the way to 1,800 yards or 1 mile. Be aware that this product is for open space. Shock collars make use of certain radio frequencies for communication and are able to traverse through bricks and wood. However, trees, steel, and insulation could hinder it.

The knob at the top of the collar lets you alter the level of stimulation between 1 and 100. The overall strength of stimulation could be considered excessive compared to other collars, so be careful when using the higher levels.

The stopwatch-shaped remote features three training modes, which include static stimulus, vibration, and tone. Additionally, it is possible to make use of the tone to locate the receiver in the event that you lose it, provided that it is still powered.

The remote is only able to support only one collar. It’s a good thing for those with a particularly unruly and moody Husky, and Husky owners are aware that they can be extremely temperamental and loved by everyone who meets them.

The receiver comes with a broad and powerful nightlight, which is ideal to have when your Husky wanders out into the dark.


  • Very High Range
  • 100 Control Levels
  • Strong Night Light


  • There is no Auto Anti-Bark option
  • 1 Collar support

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of collar is best for a husky?
A harness is typically a better choice for a husky than a collar since it will uniformly distribute the pressure around the dog’s body rather than placing stress on the neck region. Given their propensity to pull, huskies should pay extra attention to this.

Is it okay if you use a shock collar on a husky?
The National Siberian Husky Breed Club states that getting enough exercise for a husky’s development and wellbeing may be done on a leash, in a big enclosure, or, best of all, while wearing a harness. The use of shock collars is not advised.

Can Huskies be trusted off-leash, and at what age do they calm down?
Due to their high activity levels, your Husky usually won’t start to quiet down until they are roughly 6 to 12 months old. If you can teach your Husky to be calm, this may happen much sooner than it does for most Huskies as they become older.

Should I get a male or female husky?
Husky breeds of both sexes are wonderful companions because they are very devoted and tender. These are devoted dogs who can play with you all day long and expend a lot of energy. There are gender distinctions, but none of them elevate one gender over the other.


Shock collars are perhaps the most effective method of fixing a dog’s behavior. They are extensively used by dog trainers in all types of training, which includes high-risk ones like military, police rescue, and military.

However, they are only a small part of the procedure. Another and perhaps most important aspect is the love and appreciation that you show your Husky. I hope this review of the best shock collars for husky is helpful while purchasing a collar for your beloved dog. 

If you put in the effort and effort, your beloved half will be all you’ll require to allow your Husky to become a more intimate member of your extended family. We wish you luck in finding the most effective shock collar to fit your Husky!

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