Going on a hunt together with your canine can be an enjoyable and thrilling experience. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to build a bond with your dog pet and aid in improving their confidence by making them valuable. But hunting dogs need the right training and preparation before they are able to help you out in the wilderness. That is why you need the best shock collars for your dog.

One method to do this and make sure that your dog will become an excellent hunting dog while also keeping them safe out on the hunt is by the use of the top canine collars for hunting. There are various kinds and brands that serve specific functions. This is why we have the information you need to know prior to purchasing the best shock collars for hunting dogs.

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What to Look for In a Hunting Dog Collar?

You already own one of the most sought-after hunting dogs accompanying you, and if you’re looking for collars for your hunting dog to wear, there are some factors to take into consideration before making a final decision. In this guide, you will learn about the best shock collars for hunting dogs.


The most crucial aspect for hunters is the range the collar for hunting dogs has. Remember that having the full range isn’t feasible when hunting because a lot of things could be in between your dog and reduce the range of the signal. Therefore, having an animal collar that has a more extensive range is extremely useful even if you think you’ll need the length of the range.

Naturally, the greater the span, the more expensive the collar will cost.

When looking for the most effective collars for hunting dogs, you should consider your dog’s breed into consideration when you are evaluating their range. For instance, dogs that are bird-friendly require more range but not under 400 miles. However, retrievers won’t travel that far and likely will not require an additional long hunter’s collar with a long range. They are unlikely to extend beyond 150 yards and could do better with a collar that has a lower distance. You should also make sure that the hunting dog training collars are durably built and fully waterproof.

Stimulation Level

There are three kinds of stimulation offered by hunting collars: Stimulation levels allow you to regulate the amount of vibration or shock that your dog is exposed to for training purposes or, later on, after the dog has been educated and on hunts with you, you can inform them of what to do.

Naturally, each dog is different and needs different levels of stimulation. It could be based on your pet’s fur and skin thickness, along with their temperament. One of the most effective collars for hunting dogs is the one that starts by using the lowest amount of stimulation to discover some stimulation settings in which your dog reacts positively.

In that regard, seek out collars for hunting that offer more stimulation and provide you with more around to fine-tune the vibration or shock that your dog receives. Tone

This feature lets you give a pre-stimulation signal to your dog’s hunting companion in case the dog isn’t obeying your commands. However, you may also use it for positive reinforcement. But, it’s only able to be heard when the dog is near the collar.

Keep in mind that this feature isn’t identical to the beeper function that is used to track your dog while he’s on the move.

Multi-dog System

If you own multiple hunting dogs and a collar that allows you to manage multiple collars at the same time is among your top priorities. There are several brands of top hunting dog collars that are listed below that can be used to accomplish this. However, you’ll need to purchase and buy extra collars for each pet on its own. This is a must-have feature for a hunting training collar for dogs.

Additional Features-Shock Collars for Hunting Dogs

There are additional important aspects to take into consideration:

  • Are the collars waterproof?
  • What kind of batteries are they, and how long do they last?
  • Do you have an LCD screen?

If, for instance, you have a retriever hunter dog, it is important to concentrate on collars that are waterproof since they are likely to go deep into the water to catch the animal they are hunting. LCD displays can be an extremely useful feature since they will show various information, such as batteries, distance, and more.

When it comes to batteries, models that have rechargeable batteries cost less over the long term. However, if you are planning to spend several days in the outdoors when you are hunting with your dog and have batteries that are able to be replaced may be the better option. Much of it is dependent on your hunting habits and your dog’s needs; however, some brands of the best hunting collars for dogs have all of the basic features, and we’ve reviewed them in the following article.

Best Shock Collars for Hunting Dogs


Dogtra 1900S - Remote Dog Training E-Collar


SportDOG - Brand SportHunter Family Remote Trainers


Garmin Sport PRO Bundle, Dog Training Collar


A+ Trainer 800 Yards Range Remote Dog Training Collar


HOLDOG - Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

The following is the list of the best shock collar for hunting dogs:

1.    SportDOG SportHunter Family Remote Trainer

2.    Dogtra 1900 Series

3.    Garmin Sport PRO Bundle

4.    HOLDOG Dog Training Collar

5.    A+ Trainer Remote Dog Training Collar

1. Dogtra 1900 Series – Waterproof High-Output Remote Dog Training E-Collar

Waterproof High-Output Remote Dog Training E-Collar

As we’ve mentioned, Dogtra is also favored by many dog owners and trainers. Dogtra is a well-known brand that makes not just one of the top collars for hunting dogs but also several different kinds. This particular one has a wide range of 1300 yards.

The collar itself is a stylish and elegant design and is fitted with a durable collar strap that is able to fit all breeds. Both the collar and the remote are waterproof, and the remote has an LCD display that shows all of the required information. The collar is equipped with 127 levels of stimulation that comprise various stimulation types, including vibration, momentary and constant shock stimulation.

The batteries can be recharged and have extended battery life. Although, despite its high cost, this product can’t be used to house several dogs. A few users have also complained of questionable durability and malfunctioning items; however, we haven’t found that in the situation with our product. This is one of the best hunting shock collars for dogs.


  • Easy to Use
  • Different Stimulation Types
  • 127 Intensity Levels
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Great Range (1300 Yards)
  • Waterproof
  • LCD Display


  • Expensive
  • Not Suitable for Multiple Dogs
  • Collar is Not Reflective,
  • Some Reports of Malfunctions

2. SportDOG SportHunter Family Remote Trainer

SportHunter Family Remote Trainer

SportDOG is among the most reputable brands for dog owners and hunters (the other two brands are Dogtra and Garmin, which are both listed below). This particular collar has an 880-yard range and a multi-dog training capability. This means you can train up to three dogs using one remote, provided they buy other collars. The remote also comes with seven various levels of stimulation in addition to the ability to vibrate and tone. This is the best e-collar for duck hunting. 

Pets weighing more than 8 pounds can wear this collar. It is extremely adjustable to accommodate any neck size that falls within the 5” to 22 inches. The collar and the remote are both waterproof and can be submerged to a depth of 25 feet.

The device has rechargeable batteries that have a long battery life of between 50 and 70 hours. The device has an indicator on both sides of this remote trainer to alert you of low batteries. Although this was not our experience, like the other products, such as the other top collars for hunting dogs, There are reviews of the collar’s performance not being as good or even causing malfunction after a few months and those are rare.


  • Easy to Use
  • Different Stimulation Types
  • 7 Intensity Levels
  • Solid Range (880 Yards)
  • Multiple Dogs Capability
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive
  • Reports of Malfunctions
  • Collar Is Not Reflective

3. Garmin Sport PRO Bundle-Dog Training Collar and Handheld

Dog Training Collar and Handheld

As you know hunting dogs require training and protection. And if you’re looking for an outstanding hunting dog collar that offers broad options and helpful options, then this model is an outstanding option (all three are fairly close to each other, depending upon the functions you require). But Garmin’s is also a costly option. The collar comes with a range of 1300 yards. It’s also easy to operate remotely that has four training buttons and a belt for the collar made from durable materials.

It can be used for momentary or continuous stimulation, as well as tone and vibration, similar to the other two top hunting dog collars discussed above. There are ten different levels of stimulation and a variety of tone levels. You can utilize the remote to train up to three dogs at the same time.

The collar also features LED beacon lights that can ensure that your dog is visible even in dim light conditions. In actuality, you’ll be able to spot these lights from up to 100 yards. They are rechargeable and include an AC adapter but not a USB charger. However, certain users complained that their charger was not functioning properly and that the device was sending out shocks periodically.


  • Easy to Use
  • Different Stimulation Types
  • 10 Intensity Levels
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Multiple Dogs Capability
  • Great Range (1300 Yards)
  • Includes Beacon
  • Lights for Visibility


  • Expensive
  • No USB Charger
  • Reports of Malfunctioning
  • AC Charger
  • Reports of Random Shocks

4. A+ Trainer 800 Yards Range Remote Dog Training Collar

Remote Dog Training Collar

The final item on the list is this dog collar, which is the least expensive. It’s a stylish collar that comes with a remote and an impressive LCD display that monitors the battery’s level and other aspects. This product is around 800 yards, which is quite impressive on its own and especially when you take the cost into consideration. This is the electronic hunting collar that your dog needs. 

The belt can be adjusted on this collar to suit the majority of breeds, and the remote is easy to operate even for those who are new to the game. The collar is water-resistant and will be able to transmit the signal across a variety of obstructions, including walls.

The device comes with a beep vibrating and shock stimulation, every one of which has an individual button to allow for better control. There are eight different levels of intensity you can pick from. This is pretty typical for collars for hunting dogs.

The battery can be recharged by using the USB charging cable that is included. Although it’s the lowest-priced of all collars for hunting dogs, its battery longevity is not the greatest, and it doesn’t even compare very well to the top three options. Additionally, many users have complained that the collar is constructed of plastic which is cheap and can be broken easily.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • Different Stimulation Types
  • 8 Intensity Levels
  • Solid Range (800 Yards)
  • Waterproof


  • Short Battery Life
  • Remote Breaks Easily
  • Not Suitable for Multiple Dogs
  • Collar Is Not Reflective

5. HOLDOG-Rechargeable Dog Training Collar with 3 Training Modes

Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

This is a brand new and lesser-known item which has been a success for us. This dog collar comes with an extremely simple and practical wheel design which allows you to adjust the intensity in just a few seconds. The intensity can be adjusted to any setting between 1 to 100. Additionally, you can also select the frequency of your tone, vibration, or stimulation.

This is one of the best hunting dog collars with a remote. The hunting collar of HOLDOG for dogs is waterproof and is suitable for any dog that weighs between 10 to 100 pounds of weight. It also comes with two belts with adjustable buckles. The remote comes with an LED display that displays the battery’s level, and the batteries inside both the collar and remote are rechargeable.

The device does not offer a wide range of coverage – the signal is only heard at distances as long as 400 yards. Additionally, some owners complained that the collar emits shocks randomly, and some complained about the durability of the collar. If you compare it to the top three canine collars for hunting, it’s not the best choice.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • 100 Intensity Levels
  • Different Stimulation Types
  • Waterproof
  • LED Display
  • Rechargeable Battery


  • Low Distance (400 yards)
  • It is not appropriate for multiple Dogs
  • Reports of random Shocks
  • Reports from Bad Quality Materials

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a shock collar harm my dog’s hunting?
You may be shocked to learn that even the most prudent iron-fisted dog owners can not be able to hurt their pets. In the end, the dog is our most trusted pet, so the concept of making use of “shock” collars could seem cruel. When a collar with a shock is used correctly, it won’t harm your dog. You should also make sure that you are using a waterproof hunting shock collar. 

These shock collars for hunting don’t provide zapping power as outlets would. They use electricity to stimulate muscles that the prongs in the form of ab-stimulators that deliver an intense, twitching, occasionally prickly feel. If you are unsure, try it out on your own palm on the lowest setting and gradually increase it. It will become less uncomfortable the higher you attain, and if it’s uncomfortable, ensure you do not use the setting on your dog.

Some owners who aren’t responsible abuse the collars. A prolonged, intense stimulation can make a dog flat and cause it to yell in pain. Avoid doing this unless you have to, such as to protect your dog’s life or prevent the dog from biting another.

Can shock collars be used to train my dog to hunt?
Shock collars aren’t instantaneous; however, they can speed up the process of training, which makes them the ideal or even the most effective training tools for a hunting dog. The collars operate under Pavlovian Theory, where the dog will connect a particular stimulus or signal to trigger an appropriate response. If you use the collar correctly, your dog will begin to be able to associate the behavior with the pulse and will eventually reduce or even stop it.

An ideal and straightforward situation would be to use an anti-bark function of a shock collar. If your dog is barking at the neighbour who is passing through, you can shout out the name of your dog and then tell them to “stop screaming!” clearly. If they continue doing it, repeat the command, then press the remote. It is crucial to say the command and then press the remote as tightly as you can.

If they stop, it’s crucial to congratulate them or reward them by letting them know that they did the right thing. The reward and praise are equally important, perhaps even more.

What age should a hunting dog be prior to employing shock collars?
It is mostly dependent on the breed of dog; however, on average, it is possible to use an electric shock collar for hunting dogs between 4-5 months. When you’re using it in the beginning, you need to let them adjust to the collar for the first time. It’s not a pulse but the normal collar they’d play with and eat from. This way, you do not think it’s an “obedience” collar when you put it on.

As they are still pups, so it’s best to begin at the lowest point first. Then only adjust when they are unable to feel the pulse.

How long should I continue employing the collars?
This is contingent on the circumstances. Shock collars can be a useful option for dogs that hunt because you can transmit signals to your dog at a low level. Many collars feature the ability to vibrate for this reason. Certain shock collars come with nightlights and beeping tones which can help you locate your dog when it is dark.

Other than hunting, all owners must be able to slowly transition towards positive reinforcement. A dog that is properly trained will obey commands without the need for pulses and will be able to stay away from negative behavior. That means that praise and rewards will suffice for them, even when they are learning new skills.


The right hunting collar is essential for safe hunting and successful training. Some of the most crucial characteristics of collars for hunting dogs include the range, types of stimulation, and levels, as well as the capacity to teach multiple dogs.

Although there are numerous dog collars available for hunting in stores for home goods and pet stores, as well as outdoor stores, hunting shops, and online, There are only a handful of brands of the top hunting collars for dogs that make a statement: Garmin, SportDOG, and Dogtra.

They aren’t the most affordable price. However, the brands, along with their items, have proved themselves to dog trainers as well as hunters over the past few years. This concludes our list of the best shock collars for hunting dogs.

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