Every cat owner will agree that losing their pet is their greatest fear. An invisible fence is something to think about. Even though cat parents may keep their cats indoors, there is no guarantee that they won’t let their cats wander outside. Some cats need to be able to roam outside to enrich their environment.

We research different ways to keep cats safe. Hidden or invisible fences, also known as GPS cat trackers, are one of the best ways to protect your cat. A team of animal behaviorists from the University of Lincoln, UK found that cats’ behavior and welfare are not affected by long-term confinement systems.

There aren’t many options for cats, as most invisible fencing is designed for dogs. You don’t need a wireless cat fence system. Instead, I recommend the Tractive cat collar virtual fence.

Let’s see some of the best invisible cat fences in 2022.

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What is an invisible fence for cats?

There are many hidden invisible fences on the market, particularly the one that is designed for dogs. Cats are different from dogs. This is why cat fencing systems have been developed. An invisible fence for cats functions the same way as a dog’s. It transmits to a collar a cat wears and issues a simulation when the cat is close to the boundary. There are also invisible fences designed for dogs available in the market. 

The invisible fence that doesn’t keep cats in is another option. It can also notify the owner when the cat crosses the boundary so that the cat can easily be found. This invisible fence allows felines freedom of movement while protecting it.

Why use an invisible fence for cats?

Cats can think for themselves and will do whatever we ask. It’s laundry for us but it’s the perfect place to nap. It’s brand new furniture to us but it’s their perfect scratch spot. Indoors can seem safe for cats, but they may find it tempting to escape. Indoor invisible fencing for cats is made.

You should know that your pet will not always be in your yard when it is outside to enrich the environment. The territorial nature of cats means that their territory can vary from one neighborhood to the next. Cat containment fencing is made to protect cats.

How to Choose the Best Invisible Fence for Cats?

When shopping for an invisible cat fence, the first thing you should consider is whether you want it to be indoors or outside. An indoor invisible fence is designed to keep your cat from entering a restricted area. While an outdoor invisible fence is intended to keep your cat within a defined area, it is also useful for keeping your cat safe.

The next thing to decide on is whether you want inground or wireless fencing. While in-ground fences are more difficult to install, they can be more effective if your cat is restricted from accessing a particular area. Wireless fences, on the other hand, are easier to set up and use but only cover a few acres.

Another thing to think about when choosing the best invisible fence for your cat’s needs is the type and frequency of correction. Cat parents should opt for a collar that emits a vibration or sound, rather than a shock collar. However, it all depends on the behavior of your cat.

The price range of the invisible fence for cats should also be taken into consideration. The most expensive invisible fences for cats cost between 70 and 300 USD dollars. A more expensive collar is likely to be more durable, long-lasting, or have more features.

Different types of invisible fences for cats

In-Ground Invisible Fences

The fences are easy to put up and require some digging. However, you will be well-rewarded for your efforts. It’s possible to create any type of barrier you like. If you put the wire underground, it will not move in the wind nor be touched. These are great options for those who need maximum control over their invisible fence.

Wireless invisible fences

Although these fences are simple to put up and maintain, they don’t perform nearly as well as fences made with wires. These fences provide a predetermined protection zone that is ideal for RVs or other users who don’t have the time or desire to dig a trench for their boundary line wire. You can’t adjust it to match the lines of your yard or home. Wireless fences can also have dead spots, which could lead to your cat slipping through the gaps.

Indoor Invisible Fences

Indoor fences are less expensive than in-ground and wireless invisible fences. They also cover a smaller area. They can be used in conjunction with other training methods to keep your cat safe from entering rooms or exploring counters.

List of the Best Invisible Cat Fences in 2022

No.PhotoTitle Buy

PetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat Fence


Budget Option Basic In-Ground Cat Fence


PetSafe Wireless Cat and Dog Containment System


PetSafe Pawz away Threshold Indoor Pet Barrier


PetSafe Deluxe Indoor Pet Barrier Containment System

The following is the list of the best invisible cat fences in 2022

  1. Overall Best: PetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat Fence
  2. Budget Option Basic In-Ground Cat Fence
  3. Best Wireless: PetSafe Wireless Cat and Dog Containment System
  4. Best Indoor: PetSafe Pawz away Threshold Indoor Pet Barrier
  5. Best Indoor–Upgrade Option: PetSafe Deluxe Indoor Pet Barrier Containment System

1. Overall Best: PetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat Fence

PetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat Fence

Many invisible fences can be used for dogs. These invisible fences are often paired with bulky collars and are rated for pets 10 and over. This is also the best-budgeted invisible cat fence. 

This invisible fence is one of the few that are specifically designed for cats 6 to 8 lbs or more.

This invisible fence can be installed in the ground and covers one-third of an area. You can purchase additional wire to cover up to 25 acres. You can install the wire in a variety of ways. The wire can be attached to an existing fence or buried a few inches below the ground. You can also thread it through expansion joints in your driveway. You can make any shape you like, from tracing your backyard’s perimeter to wrapping around your vegetable gardens.

When the cat is close to the boundary, the receiver will sound a warning beep. If the cat does not back away, she will be given a static shock. Many people switch to the sound-only mode after training. They rely on conditioning alone.

The majority of reviewers said that their cats were not hurt or bothered by the static sensation. Customers have complained that the collar is too harsh and abrasive, which can cause hair loss. Although it is not a breakaway collar the elastic section gives you some extra security. One reviewer stated that they took the collar apart and replaced the band with a regular cat collar. Then, they reattached the electrodes to the receiver.

This invisible fence is cat-appropriate and effective. PetSafe is a reliable company that provides excellent customer service. They offer consultations to assist customers in setting up the invisible fence and keeping it running smoothly.


  • Reliable performance
  • You can adjust the location of the fence to meet your needs
  • Receives positive customer reviews
  • Small collar for cats


  • To make the electrodes contact, you may need to trim your cat’s neck.
  • The collar is made of uncomfortable nylon webbing

2. Budget Option: Basic In-Ground Cat Fence

Basic In-Ground Cat Fence

This invisible in-ground fence is slightly more affordable than the first. It costs about $70 less. This is a great option if you have only $150 to spend.

It works in the same way: you place an in-ground fence around your yard or any other area that interests you. It covers one-third of an area, just like the Deluxe fence. The Deluxe fence can be extended to cover 25 acres. However, the Basic model will protect only 5.3 acres. Additional fencing and flags are not available.

It is one of the few invisible fence systems that can be used for cats and dogs. The collar is extremely lightweight and PetSafe states that it will fit pets up to 8 lbs. Although it can fit cats, it is not comfortable. Most of the reviewers who tried it on their cats complained that the collar was too bulky.

The collar comes with a receiver. It can be programmed to one of the four correction settings, or a tone-only mode to train fully-trained cats.


  • It is suitable for larger cats and has a small collar.
  • Flexibility is possible with an in-ground setup.
  • Four correction settings and a tone-only mode are available for training.
  • Includes training flags.


  • A relatively limited range.
  • Some cats may find the collar too heavy.

3. Best Wireless: PetSafe Wireless Cat and Dog Containment System

PetSafe Wireless Cat and Dog Containment System

PetSafe’s wireless invisible cat fence is easy to set up. The wireless fence can be placed anywhere within a radius of 5 to 9 feet of the transmitter.

Although the wireless transmitter gives you some freedom, it can also be finicky. The base unit must be placed near a power outlet and at least five feet from any large metal objects. The signal works best in flat yards. Slopes may interfere with it. This is the best indoor cat fence available in the market. 

This system is suitable for cats 8 and over. There are five intensity levels to choose from. You can choose from 5 different intensity levels. This will help you train your cat. It vibrates so that it is suitable for deaf cats.


  • It is easy to set up.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • There are several settings for intensity and a warning tone.


  • The collar was originally designed for dogs. It is slightly too big for cats.
  • A ground-based invisible fence is less reliable than an inground one.
  • A circular protection zone can only be created.

4. Best Indoor: PetSafe Pawz away Threshold Indoor Pet Barrier

PetSafe Pawz away Threshold Indoor Pet Barrier

You might want to restrict access to certain areas or block the front door from causing nerve-racking knocks. PetSafe offers an indoor pet barrier.

The barrier emits an electric charge that can be felt in a radius of up to 31 inches. Your cat will hear several warning beeps as it approaches the barrier. Then, she will receive repeated shocks as she continues to approach. Customers have rated the collar as small and comfortable for cats.

The collar has received mostly positive reviews. Most people complain that the device doesn’t deter cats sufficiently. To get a better connection, some people had to trim the hair from their cats’ necks. Others said that the barrier was unstable and malfunctioned repeatedly. These features make it one of the best invisible fences on the market.


  • A good option for indoor use.
  • Small cats as small as 5 pounds are suitable.
  • It has been well reviewed by many.


  • It is easy to get into trouble.
  • Some cats are not affected by static charges.

5. Best Indoor – Upgrade Option: PetSafe Deluxe Indoor Pet Barrier Containment System

PetSafe Deluxe Indoor Pet Barrier Containment System

The indoor cat barrier is flexible and more functional than the one that we reviewed earlier. The signal range is greater, reaching up to ten feet from the transmitter. The warning tone will sound when your cat is near the transmitter. After that, the static correction will be sent. There are four levels of intensity on the collar. You should know that an invisible fence creates an unseen boundary. 

Although the collar is popular with cats more than dogs, some customers have found it to be useful with their cats.

It’s recommended for cats with larger necks. You can choose a smaller collar if you prefer. This device can be used with any PetSafe, Radio Fence, or Dog Guardian collar.

You can only place the unit if it plugs into a wall outlet.


  • Multiple shock intensity settings are available.
  • For well-conditioned cats, features a tone-only mode.
  • The protective area is flexible and broad.


  • You can only use an electric cord if you are near an outlet.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does an invisible fence help with cat training?
1. Mark the borders of your cat’s territory with boundary flags placed around the edge of your yard.
2. Set the tone-only mode on your cat’s collar.
3. Move your cat in the direction of the flags.
4. To train her not to cross the flags, lead her back into the yard and away from them.
5. Prepare yourself in case your cat runs back inside.

Do cats benefit from invisible fence systems?
Yes! Both indoors and outdoors, cats can be effectively trained to use the Invisible Fence system.

Do electric cat fences work?
In general, the Pet-Safe Premium In-Ground Cat Fence is a fantastic solution for anyone who wishes to safely enclose their furry pets. It is the first item I typically suggest to those looking to purchase a cat fence containment system.

Can cats use an electric fence?
Yes! Both indoors and outdoors, cats may be effectively trained to utilize the Invisible Fence system.


Cats can be difficult to handle. That is why, in this article, there is a list of the best invisible cat fences in 2022 available in the market. With the reviews of all these fences available in this article, make sure to choose the best one for your cat.

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