Imagine taking your dog’s power for a stroll. Do you prefer to have them tug on their collars or wear a robust harness? A harness is the most suitable choice to ensure your dog’s health. However, some harnesses won’t endure as long, meaning it is necessary to purchase another.

To help you find the best harness for American Bully, we’ve evaluated our top five American harnesses for bullies.

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What are the characteristics that make a good Harness for an American Bully?

Whether your dog tugs at the leash or not, It is essential to buy the right harness to accommodate larger breeds like Pitbull. Pitbull and the American dog breed is known as a bully. You should know that some harnesses don’t last long. Take a look at the following options that could ensure you purchase the most sturdy harness.

The following are the hardiness, comfort, and extra features of the American Bully harness.


Harnesses are constructed of various materials, making them stronger or less robust. The ones that can withstand the force of a powerful breed are typically made from Nylon or Polypropylene with synthetic webbing. 


When deciding the right harness for your dog, their comfort ought to be the first thing that comes to your mind. The ability to adjust and cushion can ensure that your dog doesn’t develop sores when pulling.

Extra Features:

Your comfort and that of your pet are crucial. Certain harnesses include padding or extra handles to assist the pet’s owner.

What is the reason you want one?

Before we begin, let’s take a look at the reason you’d need the use of a harness. If you’re trying to train your dog or perhaps just stroll through the streets in a relaxing manner, you’ll probably need the harness, not an ordinary collar. It is important to invest in a harness.

If you previously used collars for dogs before this, it may seem odd, but pulling the dog’s leash when they’re wearing a collar may result in choking and discomfort. However, pulling a leash tied to a harness disperses the weight evenly and gives them the direction you’re seeking without harming the dog.

This will also ensure that the leash won’t become caught up in any way because it’s positioned so that it’s impossible to step over it.

In addition, it is possible to find many different kinds of harnesses to select, meaning that you’ll find the one that is perfect for what you require for your dog and the way you’ll be able to teach them. A harness with front clips is likely to be more difficult to drag around in. Different kinds of harnesses can assist you in training your dog in various ways. It’s also likely to be much more comfortable moving your dog around using harnesses.

The Right Harness to Choose

When it’s time to select a specific dog harness, you need to examine the various characteristics that come with the harness. We’ll look at the areas you should determine and how to measure them to choose the best harness. We’ll also discuss some of the most important aspects that you may want to look out for to figure out how to put on an enormous dog harness. You want them to feel secure and safe.

Measurement of Chest

Your American Bully is likely likely to have a large chest, and you’ll want to ensure that the harness you purchase will fit over the chest comfortably. The best method to be sure of is to get the measuring tape from a cloth starting at the bottom of your rib cage. This will be the smallest part of your dog’s. Then place the tape over the back and go around in a circle. This will be the measurement you will use to design your harness.

Neck Measurement

The neck is another crucial part of keeping an eye on. Your dog needs to feel comfortable, and wearing an overly tight harness on the neck will not assist with this. Make sure you take measurements around the thickest part of your dog’s neck. It should be just over the shoulder’s top since the harness is designed to be laid flat on the shoulders instead of around the neck as an ordinary collar would.

Weight Measurement

You want to be sure that your dog’s weight matches the specifications for the harness you’re deciding on. Although it’s your intention to ensure that you keep your dog in good condition, you’re slightly off the mark. So, you should know their weight and find an appropriate harness to fit comfortably. There are usually weight guidelines on the back of the particular harness to ensure that your dog is within the guidelines. You could put your dog’s weight on the scale or weigh yourself without and with your dog, taking the difference in weight as their weight.

Measurement of Length

Certain dog harnesses come with certain lengths too. They tend to be suitable for medium, small, and large breeds (and up). However, you could come across some that have particular lengths. Remember that smaller and larger canines still require a harness that is sized in the same manner. If the harness isn’t, it may cause harm to your dog or not place the proper pressure in the proper locations, which can prevent the dog from listening to the instructions you give them.

Check out the Chart

There are often charts on the packaging of various harnesses. Alternatively, the manufacturer may mail large charts which can be displayed in the vicinity or on the site. They will let you know which category your dog is in. They will generally inform you of the weight and dimensions that make up various general sizes (small, medium, large, or small). Be sure to pay close attention to these factors and ensure you’ve picked the right harness for your dog that can fit in according to all the traits.

What to Look for?

When it’s time to select the appropriate collar for the dog, you must also take a look at the other options. Take a look at it this way: you’re looking for a harness that will last for a long time, don’t you? You’re looking for something durable and high-quality. This is especially true for an enormous and powerful dog. It’s not a good idea to allow them to have too excessive freedom or control while wearing that harness. Therefore, you must look for the essential aspects of a good harness.

Buckle Design

The buckles of your harness should be constructed of steel. This is because they’ll be more durable and sturdy and will ensure your dog stays safely in the harness. You’ll need to ensure that their skin is more protected from these buckles, particularly in hot weather, but you’ll also get many benefits from them too. If you go with plastic, they’ll be simpler to open and close; however, they’re not going to be as sturdy and can cause pinching to your pet’s fur.

Overhead Design

When you’re planning to put your dog in the harness, you need to ensure that they can do this that is safe and comfortable for them to get into. Although you can get various step-in and overhead harnesses, you’ll be able to use the overhead model. They don’t need your dog to participate in any activity; it is wonderful if you have a more active dog or one who’s not confident about wearing a harness. It simply slipped over their head and attached. In the step-in version, your dog must enter it to tie it up.

Design Adjustable

Wearing a collar can be uncomfortable or even dangerous. It’s crucial to ensure that any harness you pick is adjustable in some way. Elements to it. You’ll have an extremely difficult to find a harness that will fit perfectly and has no adjustments whatsoever; therefore, make sure you have plenty of options to trim things down or expand and be sure that your dog doesn’t sit entirely to the bottom or highest point of any adjustable ranges. It is important to keep them near the bottom. However, if they’re close enough, it could result in the harness not reduce enough to be safe or comfortable.

Do You Need A New Harness?

Does your dog do well in their harness? Or do they require a little assistance? Maybe they’re not performing well, or it’s because of something wrong with their harness. Whatever it is, you must be sure you’re paying attentively to your dog and that you are recognizing any of these indicators (or other signs) that they could be showing because it could mean that their harness isn’t satisfactory or, at the very least, not appropriate for them. You absolutely don’t want to be using it.

Losing Fur

If your dog’s fur is falling out in the area where the harness is placed, that indicates that something is wrong with the material or the harness is scratching at their fur excessively. The harness is most likely to be too loose, and this implies that it may be causing additional problems also. It is important to pay careful focus on areas that are losing fur. You can try tightening your harness and see if it will solve the issue. If not, you’re likely to have to purchase an entirely new harness.

Chafing Skin

As with losing fur, the chafing can indicate that your harness may be too tight or it is rubbing too much on part or part of your skin. It could be a simple irritation, but it could also be a sign that your dog has a problem with certain fabric types or that the material isn’t as smooth. The best thing to do is add some padding; however, if the chafing does not change or appears to be a problem, you might prefer another harness. It is also possible to talk with your dog’s veterinarian to determine whether a health issue is causing the problem.

Dog Doesn’t Want To Walk

Dogs generally love to take walks; however, you’ll know your dog quite well. If they’ve always been a fan of walks but are not keen on going or appear hesitant when you reach for the harness, it’s most likely something wrong that’s affecting the dog’s harness. Take them on an excursion without it (use the collar or other type of training equipment) and determine whether they are experiencing issues. If they don’t, chances are your harness has hurt it somehow. Even if they don’t show any marks left from it, they’re trying to warn that they cannot tell.

Breaking Free

If your dog has trouble getting from its harness, it’s not working. It means that it’s either way too large, or you’re using it even though it’s still too big, and it’s not helping your pet in any way. Being able to say that your dog could be able to break free from the harness implies that they have control. It also means they can wander off anytime, and you cannot stop them. It’s impossible to predict what might entice or frighten your dog and lead to the dog breaking free and running away if you’re not vigilant.

Pieces that rotate

If something on your harness is moving aside from perhaps the ring your leash is affixed to, then there’s an issue. It is not a good idea to have moving pieces in your harness since they can rub on different areas of your dog’s fur or skin, causing them to have difficulties. If the pieces of your harness are moving, it can cause irritation and chafing or simply make your dog jump, which can trigger them to react negatively. If the straps rotate, they’re likely to rub, implying that they’re not protecting your dog.

Best Harness for American Bully


BabyLTRL Big Dog Anti-Tear Harness


Big Dog Harness Reflective Oxford Soft Vest


Joyride Big Dog No Pull Dog Harness


Embark Adventure Dog Harness


Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness

The following is the list of the best Harness for American Bully:

The following is the list of the best Harness for American Bully:

  1. BABYLTRL Big Dog Anti-Tear Harness
  2. Big Dog Harness Reflective Oxford Soft Vest
  3. Joyride Big Dog No Pull Dog Harness
  4. Embark Adventure Dog Harness
  5. Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness

1. BABYLTRL Big Dog Anti-Tear Harness

BABYLTRL Big Dog Anti-Tear Harness

This harness was designed to fit the requirements of large dogs like your Pitbull and the American Bully dog breed. The material used is suitable for larger dogs and has a higher resistance to tearing. The dog collar also comes with two D-rings of metal that are placed on the front and the other at the back. This lets you stroll your dog while limiting the pulling. Another thing we liked was the focus on making sure your dog is in a comfortable position. The material used for the chest is comfortable and quick to dry. It’s also simple to wear and adjust using straps that buckle. This harness is built specifically to meet the needs of a large dog.


  • The triangular shape and mesh fabric make for an even more comfortable harness for big dogs.
  • With a lock option to the harness clips, you will be able to be more confident that your dog will not break away from the leash.
  • The harness is simple to slide on and off to provide additional convenience.


  • The straps can be adjusted. However, they aren’t always easy to adjust or tighten.

2. Big Dog Harness Reflective Oxford Soft Vest

Big Dog Harness Reflective Oxford Soft Vest

The BABYLTRL Reflective Big Dog Harness is simple to alter for a more snug fit. The check and neck straps are adjustable to fit your dog’s size. A beneficial feature for large pet users is the handle that sits on the back of the dog to provide a sense of control.

The material that is used around the chest is softly cushioned with a breath-ability design that is ideal for long walks. We also considered it to be a good choice due to its reflective fabric. The buckles used to secure this piece in place are equipped with locks, making this item safer. This harness’s material is ideal for stronger dogs with higher resistance.


  • This is a heavy-duty harness made of Nylon material.
  • The handle at the back of the handle is handy to use when you require more control.
  • As you slide it over your head and are secured over the chest, it’s simple to put on and remove in a flash.


  • Some customers have complained that the straps become looser over time.

3. Joyride Big Dog No Pull Dog Harness

Big Dog No Pull Dog Harness

One of the first things that buyers will notice about Joyride Big Dog No Pull Dog Harness. Straps with reflective accents for extra protection with D-ring clips are constructed of durable metal.

You can stop pulling by clipping the front or just relax by securing the rear. The harness also comes with an owner’s handle, making it simple to reach for when needed. The stomach and chest regions are cushioned with breathable material for a comfortable experience. It is a heavy-duty harness.


  • When combined with the bright colors, the reflective material makes your dog visible during a walk.
  • With the ability to attach the side or front of your harness, you can limit any pulling.
  • The chest and neck straps can be adjusted to ensure a more comfortable fitting.
  • Great For Dog Training.


  • This product is likely to be a bit stiff initially since it needs some time to break into.

4. Embark Adventure Dog Harness

Embark Adventure Dog Harness

The large dog harness offered by Embark is designed to be light and durable for many hiking, walks, and training sessions. The material is military-grade Nylon to provide a more durable product.

The padding around the upper and stomach helps to prevent discomfort and to chafe for anyone who is a strong tugger. The clip in the chest area is strengthened, and the back is clipped to provide a more relaxing feel. A secure fit is made by altering the neck and chest straps. This is one of the best harnesses for American Bully adults.


  • The Harness Embark Adventure Harness is simple to put on and take off when needed.
  • The padding along the entire harness will make it extremely comfortable for your pet.
  • The fabric is quadruple stitched using military-grade Nylon to increase durability.


  • The D-ring that is located in the back of the dog’s neck has been proven to break during an intense puller.

5. Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness

Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness

This Pawaboo Safety Harness has been designed with an x-shaped structure that allows your dog to enjoy full mobility. It was apparent that the harness was used primarily to aid in care in securing your dog’s neck.

In reality, there’s an optional seat belt that fits every car. The fabric is constructed completely of polyester for the softest, lightest option. Another thing we loved was the padding on the chest plate, which adds comfort to your dog.


  • The padding on the chest is much more comfortable and pleasant for the pet.
  • The x-style design is ideal to allow your dog flexibility and mobility while some harnesses limit shoulders.
  • This harness snaps on and off with ease for fast transport.


  • There isn’t a clip made of metal that is located on the front of the collar to deter dogs from pulling.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should you choose a harness for your American Bully?
The fact that harnesses tie more firmly around your dog’s body makes them typically better at preventing accidents. Harnesses provide considerably greater protection and safety for dogs than collars, which make them more likely to escape and even go into the road or someone else’s yard.

How to choose a harness for your American Bully?
Two fingers should fit between the harness and your dog’s body when it is the right size. Additionally, it shouldn’t create any bunching of the skin on your dog’s shoulders or neck. When you take off the harness, his fur shouldn’t have any dents in it.

What 4 breeds make an American Bully?
The American Bully is a cross of the Bulldog, Staffordshire Terrier, and American Pit Bull Terrier. It is one of the numerous bully breeds descended from the Molosser, an Ancient Greek dog. Nevertheless, the French Bulldog, Neopolitan Mastiff, and Cane Corso are some additional bully breeds.


If you’re trying to figure out the best way to put on a large dog harness, the most crucial thing you should do is to take measurements of your dog. Make sure that you’re measuring throughout and trying the harness on immediately.

If you can try them on at the retail store (some stores permit this), it’s the most effective way to go. If you buy it online, it’s best to test it the same day it is delivered to your doorstep. However, regardless of the time you purchase, you must ensure that you get a perfect fitting before storing it for longer than you need to.

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