In 2018 the dog I had lost when he was walking off-leash in the park. He was wearing a GPS pet tracker. It was a low-cost TK Star tracking collar that could easily be broken and extremely inaccurate. The positive side was that Steve was discovered the following day, late in the evening. The GPS collar he was wearing was damaged, and the app told me that he was located forty miles from me. I would not like any dog owner to suffer like this. I felt foolish and irresponsible.

That is why in this article, I have the list of the best dog training collars with GPS:

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Tips for Buying Dog GPS Trackers

Trackers for dogs are a great option to keep your dog safe in the event of an emergency or to simply be aware of where your beloved pet is. It is a challenge when picking one, and there are a myriad of choices and more options than you imagined, and you aren’t sure what you should pick for your pet.

Here are some points to think about before purchasing a GPS pet tracker to ensure you don’t buy something that you don’t need. Be sure to choose the most suitable dog tracker for your requirements to ensure you don’t get disappointed.

Check out the specifications you require

While we all are dog lovers, however, not everyone has the same pet, which is why it’s important to examine the requirements you require for your dog based on your dog’s needs, for instance, if your dog is an active sports dog you may want pet trackers that provide more precise information about the location of your dog and if you have an animal suffering from any illness, you might want an item that helps you monitor the condition of your dog.

There are pet trackers that are able to monitor the stress on your pet’s heart as well as its sleeping patterns. If you have a highly active dog, then you might appreciate the ones that allow you to monitor where he’s been so that you can tell if he’s within a safe area or not. Or you may have a relaxed dog and not need as many specs.

For instance, I have a Fi Collar on my dogs on walks every day, but I prefer the Garmin Alpha 100 because it is a great option for outings. These specifications are a must-have in the shock collars with GPS for dogs.

Be sure to measure the size of your dog

Some GPS pet trackers are able to be used by all dogs. Some collars could not be suitable for your pet, and others are too large, which is why it is important to verify the specifications of the size of the collar so that you don’t buy the wrong collar.

Look up the function

Since not all GPS dog trackers are suitable for all dogs, different collars do not have the same features. However, certain collars allow you to look after your dog in the event of an emergency that requires the emergency button built-in, so you be sure of the greatest security as well as efficiency and accuracy of where your dog is all the time There are also some with apps, so you can download the data to your mobile.

Additionally, if your dog participates in some type of sport, make sure the pet tracker you choose to use is waterproof and waterproof. You don’t want to purchase a K9 GPS collar only to waste it later at the swimming pool. Find out the number of dogs you are able to monitor at once also; perhaps the collar is suitable for one dog, but you’re seeking something that will aid in tracking more than one dog.

Battery Life and Durability

It is important to be aware of this issue not only because not all dog collars have the same battery life but also because the length of the battery will influence the quality of information that you get from the GPS collar for your dog. Be aware of the specifications of your dog too. The majority of collars will be used for an entire week if you are using the collar for two hours per day.

However, if you are trying to keep track of your dog for extended lengths of time, the battery will not be sufficient, which is why there are GPS pet trackers that run for up to 96 hours for free. If you’re seeking a more precise monitoring device for your dog, there is a solution.

The Cost

It’s an obvious choice. However, you must also take into consideration your budget, what you need, and what options provide the most suitable option for a pet tracking device that you want to have. As an example, suppose that you don’t have an energetic pet; therefore, you don’t require numerous specifications.

However, the one you choose has less battery than the others, is a more popular brand, or might be better for your needs but you’re not able to afford it, or perhaps the model you’d like isn’t what you want and even though you’ve got the money, there are alternatives which offer identical features, however at a lower cost. If you don’t wish to invest so many dollars, you need a quality collar for your dog’s GPS. Therefore, the decision you make is based on the amount of money you have and which best meets your needs with a balanced price.

Paying or not paying for a subscription

We believe that this is an additional factor to consider when picking the ideal GPS pet tracker to suit us, pet lovers. For the majority of us, it can be quite difficult and costly when companies decide to include a compulsory subscription, and we avoid these companies. The only way they’ll likely convince you to sign up is if they provide unique features that demonstrate their uniqueness and distinguish themselves from other GPS dog collars.

Be sure to determine whether the cost of an annual subscription is worth the cost and ensure that the feature you’re signing up for is worth it and isn’t available for free with other collars for dogs. Take a look at this list of the most effective GPS collars for tracking without having to pay a monthly cost.

These are some helpful tips to help you choose the most suitable pet tracker for your dog. However, there are other factors you’ll need to consider when you are buying a GPS collar to track your dog, for example, resistance in the event that your dog keeps striking or fighting and can damage the GPS, or it doesn’t need to invest an extra amount in the hopes of purchasing the most comfortable collar to ensure that your dog is more comfortable It is better to make on your own.

Types of Dog GPS Trackers


Radiofrequency (RF), a technology that transmits data built on radio waves, is a method of transmission that offers more signal coverage, and Bluetooth tracker, which is a form of radiofrequency (RF), is an open wireless technology to transmit location information in short distances. E-collars with GPS tracking are one of its examples.

These are the older models of dog tracking equipment which may have less effectiveness than more modern models as these dog collars can only give information about the distance and direction of your dog but not their actual location. Another disadvantage is that the weather conditions can hinder the ability to locate the radio collars used for tracking your dog.

They are able to locate your dog for as far as 5 miles. They can be useful in remote locations and operate without the use of GPS mobile networks.

Long & Short Range

These kinds of pet trackers, which depend on RFID or Bluetooth trackers, transmit signals from the collar of your dog to a device for tracking or an app for smartphones. Trackers with a long or short range are ideal for pet owners who reside in large indoor spaces or have smaller dogs who are unable to carry heavy and bulkier GPS pet trackers with ease. One of the drawbacks is that they can only relay directions and distance information of your pet. This means that these kinds of devices will only inform the dog that it is located 80 miles east of where you are, for example.


GPS (also known as Global Positioning System is a radio navigation system, which is one of GNSS, also known as Global Navigation Satellite Systems, that transmits data on geolocation and time for any GPS receiver on Earth that isn’t blocked by the line of sight of a collection comprising GPS satellites.

This is the most efficient type of tracking technology for dogs than the previous two options because it uses more sophisticated technology that allows you to better identify them within a greater distance, especially in the event that they are lost.

The disadvantage of using GPS collars for dogs is that they drain the battery of the device more quickly when it is activated. Another disadvantage is that it typically requires an annual or monthly subscription to use the GPS. We considered these aspects in our ranking of the top dog trackers.


Real-time or live tracking is when the GPS dog tracker transmits information about your dog’s location at a high frequency with a constant rate. This is the most effective type of pet GPS tracking system as it provides real-time updates on your dog’s position every couple of seconds and is more precise and speed.

One disadvantage is that it draws more battery power when it is in use since it continuously transmits live updates on the location of your device, so you may have to recharge your battery frequently. The other issue is that pet trackers with real-time tracking capabilities can be more expensive than those that are not providing this feature. They may also require mobile data plans to enable GPS to live to track.

No cell service for pet trackers

No mobile tracking devices for service dogs are products that do not require cellular networks to track your pets (it’s generally the Garmin collars). If your dog is lost or is unable to find the designated safe zone, it will be capable of tracking their movements and determining the location of their movements. This is a feature pet owners may want to include in their pet’s GPS tracking system, especially if they like going out on adventures off-grid with their pet.

Best Dog Training Collars with GPS


Fi Smart GPS Dog Collar


Halo 2 GPS Smart Collar


Garmin Alpha 200i Dog Tracking System


Garmin Astro 900 - Dog Tracker for Hiking


Whistle Switch GPS Dog Collar

The following are the best dog training collars with GPS:

  1. Fi Smart GPS Dog Collar – Best Long-Range Tracking Device
  2. Halo 2 GPS Smart Collar – Best Dog Tracker for Rural Areas
  3. Garmin Alpha 200i Dog Tracking System – Best GPS Tracker for Hunting Dogs
  4. Garmin Astro 900 Dog Tracking Collar – Best Dog Tracker for Hiking
  5. Whistle Switch GPS Dog Collar – Best Waterproof GPS DOg Tracker

1. Fi Smart GPS Dog Collar – Best Long-Range Tracking Device

Best Long-Range Tracking Device

Fi’s Smart pet collar is my favorite for everyday use. I have used it to track my four dogs for years. It has been the top dog GPS tracker for a long time. The accuracy of the location and the battery longevity (it lasts for three months after just a couple of years of usage) is the most effective of all the trackers for dogs that are listed and are essential for any pet owner. It comes in small to large sizes as well as with grey, yellow, blue, pink, and bands for the collar. With these options for design, it is possible to pick the right collar for your dog’s requirements and character.

This collar’s GPS tracking function is excellent since it utilizes three satellite constellations to find your dog’s exact position. It also allows your pet’s GPS monitoring to be quick and precise, and it can be tracked within a 7-foot radius when it’s in the open air. This is no surprise as it’s the most effective tracking device for dogs on this list, you think? It is also the best long-range tracking device. 

The ability to track your pet’s exact location is also possible using this GPS dog tracker! Fi collar also comes with its own application that allows the pet owner to see the exact location of the dog while tracking. It will also display the exact location of the dog in case it is lost. The dog tracker is waterproof and can even withstand salty and ocean waters, and even have an IP68 waterproof rating. This is ideal when you have a pet who loves the beach and the sea.

Another benefit is its resistance to dirt and also non-biting since it has an aluminum faceplate that is armored and reinforced armor made of metal. The buyers (including myself) had reported that this collar had helped them locate their pet’s position when they lost it or ran off and loved the company of animals, such as deer.

This GPS device has more than 128 ratings on Chewy. Kelly Dug said: “This GPS collar is a great choice. I am thrilled to be in a position to monitor my dog’s activity and be assured that I’ll be able to track him should he wander off. The battery’s life span is amazing. I can expect it to last 3-4 weeks with a single charge. This is dependent on the frequency your pet is away from the charging station or the WiFi network. Overall, I would highly recommend the collar for all of my acquaintances.”

The Fi dog tracker is the top collar for my dog’s GPS and is my preferred choice on the list. Additionally, my dogs have used the Fi Series 2 smart dog collar for a long time, and I am completely happy with the product. When compared to other dog GPS trackers that are on the market, this one from Fi is a winner due to the price and the quality. It’s the best choice to consider when you’re on funds but are looking for a top-quality product.


  • The GPS tracker (LTE-M Network) with unlimited coverage
  • Dog activity monitoring
  • Battery life up to 3 months
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Lost Dog Mode
  • It comes in 4 sizes.
  • Works All Over US

2. Halo 2 GPS Smart Collar – Best Dog Tracker for Rural Areas

Best Dog Tracker for Rural Areas

Halo made waves in the smart collar marketplace in the year 2020 after they launched their product. It was updated recently to Halo 2, which has more innovative features for pet owners. It’s a complete device that can be used as a GPS collar for tracking your dog or smart fence numerous other things. This dog GPS collar will locate the exact location of your dog in 10 feet with high precision and comes with a 21-day supervised training program! But, it’s mostly used to provide a digital fence to protect your pet. You can say that this collar is the best dog tracker for rural areas.  

It’s extremely costly due to all the additional features. If you’re seeking an animal GPS tracking device, you should not buy this pet tracker. The cost is $999 for the collar, but there’s an explanation. 


  • Integrated with GPS and the Halo Collar’s automatic internal logic
  • Smart fences
  • Unlimited possibilities of locations
  • Prevention monitoring

3. Garmin Alpha 200i Dog Tracking System – Best GPS Tracker for Hunting Dogs

Best GPS Tracker for Hunting Dogs

It’s an extended-range dog tracking device made by Garmin that is commonly utilized by hunters. It’s a good value; however, if you should be seeking a dog tracking collar for a short walk or for daily walks, it is not necessary to spend more money and instead get a Garmin 200i, the Fi Collar which is 80% less expensive. Garmin 200i is a unique device because it has equipped with a touchscreen, which means it can be easily navigated.

Additionally, due to the light of the sun, because the running of dogs typically occurs by sunlight, Garmin claims that their smart tracker is readable when the sun is shining directly on it. Like other dog-locator collars, it is possible to join multiple dogs together to monitor their run time and distance at the same time. I’d say it’s the best dog tracker to use if you like hiking or hunting.

This can accommodate as many as 20 dogs. They can keep track of their movements for up to 9 miles distance with the ability to update their track in 2.5 seconds per auto-update using a variety of international navigation satellite systems, including GPS as well as Galileo.

Also, it has an Inreach satellite communications system and, similar to Garmin Alpha 100, once your dog leaves the zones of safety set by the owner, you will receive an alert that is an interactive SOS alert. It also has an in-built two-way communication feature in this smart tracker through the worldwide Iridium satellite network.

However, the satellite subscription must be active. Required. As hunting dogs tend to move further away from you while on a hunt, that is why this collar is the best GPS tracker for hunting dogs. 

Garmin Alpha 200i GPS dog collar comes preloaded with TOPO active maps, as well a directly-to-device Birdseye to view satellite photos, as well a built-in three-axis barometric compass and altimeter to help you monitor your dog’s location better. If you own additional Garmin pet trackers with GPS, it is possible to transfer data about your location across compatible Garmin devices as well.


  • Watch up to 20 dogs simultaneously
  • The range of tracking is up to nine miles (no need for cell coverage)
  • Preloaded maps
  • Smart SOS alerts
  • Battery life can last between 20 and 30 hours

4. Garmin Astro 900 Dog Tracking Collar – Best Dog Tracker for Hiking

Best Dog Tracker for Hiking

If you think the Garmin 200i to be too costly and you’d prefer to stick to the Garmin brand, the dog collar is the most suitable in terms of price.

If you’re looking for something sturdy and suitable for your active dog, then the Garmin Astro 900 Dog Tracking Collar is an ideal option. It’s perfect for dogs who hunt and sport. It is capable of tracking 20 dogs. It could be used in conjunction with T9 dog devices to maximize its 5-mile range. Even when your dogs run, Astro 900 can detect the path they’re following. Astro 900 broadcasts the current position that each animal is in every 2.5 seconds.

As with other Garmin collars for tracking, Astro 900 is evidently sturdy enough to withstand the impact of bumps and changes in weather. The device is able to keep up with the pace of your dog’s runs. It also comes loaded with TOPO maps to the northern United States and southern Canada.

The device also comes with a complimentary one-year membership for BirdsEye Satellite Imagery for an improved understanding of the location. It also comes with an internal microSD card slot to store additional maps. Because it has maps, it is the best dog tracker for hiking.

In addition to the fantastic tracking system and sturdy collar, another character in this Garmin Astro 900 that I enjoy is the wide range of options for connectivity. The Astro 900 has the ability to communicate data with a number that is compatible with Garmin devices. Garmin DriveTrack, for instance, can display and receive the dog’s location in its interactive map that includes satellite images or topographic views showing navigational markers to the current location of your dog. Also, a compatible Fenix GPS watch can receive alerts and status updates for your dog to display on your wrist.

Garmin Astro 900 Garmin Astro 900 is a promising product that offers many possibilities for connectivity that dog owners are sure to appreciate. The dog collar is well worth the dollars!


  • Can find up to 20 dogs.
  • 2.6″ colour display
  • 2.5-second update rate
  • GPS with high sensitivity and GLONASS satellite reception

5. Whistle Switch GPS Dog Collar – Best Waterproof GPS DOg Tracker

Best Waterproof GPS DOg Tracker

Whistle Switch was recently launched on August 20, 2021. It was slightly updated to the “Health & GPS+” model in 2022. The improvements were pretty impressive in comparison to the earlier model (Whistle 3 and Whistle GO). With the capabilities that come from WiFi, GPS along with cellular connectivity, Whistle Switch can locate your pet even 3,000 miles from you. You can find out the exact location where your dog was for 24 hours prior.

This GPS collar can also serve as a dog’s activity tracker as well since you can track your dog’s daily activities and rest. Keeping track of your dog’s activity is also helping keep your dog healthy. A healthy dog is a happy dog, isn’t it? I absolutely love the video that shows the way the dogs test the Whistle GPS tracking device for pets: the waterproof feature of this collar makes it the best waterproof GPS dog tracker. 

I’d say that a dog’s GPS collar made by Whistle is the same as the Fi collar. However, Whistle is more expensive, and the subscription cost is also more expensive. Therefore I would choose Fi collar in preference to Whistle but be sure to look for the discounts.


  • Accurate GPS tracking
  • Health monitoring
  • Dog health activity tracking and fitness goals
  • Tele-vet (constant access to vets)
  • Dog alerts dog when it leaves a space

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do GPS dog collars work?
The mobile application, which will be shown on the smartphone if an internet connection is available, receives position coordinates from the GPS tracker in the collar through a satellite link. Some dog collars convey information to the intended recipient via radio waves and GPS.

Are GPS collars safe for dogs?
Because GPS trackers are on the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum, they are totally safe for dogs to use.

Do they have GPS chips for dogs?
It’s crucial to understand that there isn’t now a dog tracker chip that combines a microchip and a GPS tracker in one. There is no technology that combines a GPS tracker and a microchip into one.


We hope that our post was helpful enough and useful to guide you in choosing the most effective dog tracking equipment that is available in 2022.

You must determine what kind of dog collar you want, determine whether it is compatible with your gadget, and be sure that it’s in stock in your region. My preference is the Fi dog collar due to its accuracy with GPS as well as its battery life and cost.
This is my opinion on the best dog training collars with GPS.

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