Cat owners love their cats but have less affection for the litter box. It is a tedious, messy, and unpleasant job to clean that litter box. What other options are there?

If you can spare some time and want to clean your cat’s litter box, you could invest in a cat litter training kit. Although it may seem silly and impossible for cats to use the toilet, you can teach your cat how! The fitting toilet training kit will convince your cat that using the toilet is impressive.

There are very few cat toilet training kits on the market. Still, that doesn’t necessarily decide which one to go with is more straightforward–particularly if you’re unsure what will be the easiest to work with. We’ve reviewed six of the most popular kits to see how they work and how successful they are in training. In this article, we have reviewed some of the Best Cat Toilet Training Kits in 2022.

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Can cats be trained to use the toilet?

You can train your cat to use the toilet instead of the litter box. Cats are intelligent and can learn quickly, even though they might initially resist changing their routine. It may take several months to train your cat how to use the toilet. It will take patience and time to teach your cat what to do. However, a good kit for training them will make it easier. Cat toilet training kits are one of the biggest trends.

You can look at the pros and cons to help decide if toilet training your cat is the correct route:

  • Hygiene: litter boxes can be pretty gross. They are not something that people enjoy scooping out. However, it’s more than just the smell and ick factor. Humans can be seriously harmed by cat poop. This is because the parasite toxoplasma Gondii can live in it. The parasite can cause flu-like symptoms or zero symptoms in some people. It can also cause severe complications in pregnant women or those with weak immune systems. Cat toilet training is a great way to avoid contracting this parasite.
  • Cost: After your cat has mastered toilet training, you can eliminate the litter box, litter, mats, and scoops. You’ll save tons of money each year, even if you keep the litter box just in case.
  • Side effects of litter boxes: You no longer have to clean up litter. Side effect: You don’t have to deal with cat urine smells if your cat goes to the bathroom.

Toilet training your cat is not without its cons. This method has its downsides:

  • Age and health: Cat toilet training should be considered based on your cat’s age and health. This is because cats older than 3 months are more likely to have problems with their bladders. This is not the best way to train a cat if they are too old, has difficulty jumping, or seems anxious.
  • Your toilet’s condition: You share a toilet with your cat. This can cause some problems. For starters, ensure the toilet lid is always open and the seat is down. To prevent disease transmission between humans and pets, it is essential to keep the toilet clean. The seat must not have any urine droplets. You will need to flush the toilet for cats.
  • Multi-cat households: Pets who live in multiple homes may not like sharing their bathroom with one another.
  • Safety of the toilet seat: Small paws can make it slippery. Your cat could not use the toilet again if it slipped and fell into it.
  • Behavioral problems: Cats have a natural instinct to cover their poop with something. Sometimes, your pet may not be able to clean up their poop correctly, and this could lead to behavior problems such as peeing in strange places around your home or your pet pooping.

How difficult is it to toilet-train your cat?

We are not going to lie; toilet training your cat is a difficult job. If you are patient and have the time, your pet can be toilet trained in weeks. The amount of traffic to a bathroom can make this more difficult. But the best thing is flushing a toilet is easier than cleaning a litter box. 

You can train your cat with patience and a good training tool. Training your cat should be easy. Remember that it will take your cat at least 2 months to learn how to use the toilet. There may also be some setbacks along the way.

What to Look for in a Cat Toilet Training Kit

Although most cat toilet training kits are similar in design, they won’t all work the exact same way. The following are some things to consider when choosing the fitting training kit.


While most cat toilet training kits involve the same training method, they may have different setups. You may find a pan in some kits that allows you to remove any waste immediately after you begin training. They are usually inserted with one side under the seat and the other over the top. These may be equipped with grips or other elements to increase stability. You should ensure that the type of trainer you buy is the best for cat toilet training and behavioral reconstruction. 

Some kits have adjustable seats so your pet can get used to using the toilet. This kit may require you to use a knife to cut rings and may not allow you to move back steps if necessary.


The size of your cat’s toilet training system is an essential factor to consider. Most kits will fit most round and elongated toilet bowls. However, verifying the dimensions of the toilet bowl and the kit you are purchasing is crucial before making a purchase.

It is also essential to ensure that your cat can use the training system. It will be more difficult for your cat to transition to the training system if it is too small. If it is too big, they might find it too unstable and discourage you from using it.


There are many options for cat toilet training kits. You should be able to find one that fits your budget. You should check to ensure that the price is justified if you consider a more expensive one. You should also consider that cats won’t use a toilet, no matter how advanced or expensive.


Reviews give us firsthand information about how a product works. You can read reviews about any cat toilet training kit you are considering before you purchase it. Keep in mind, however, that cats sometimes don’t want what we want.

List of the Best Cat Toilet Training Kits in 2022

No.PhotoTitle Buy

FuzzyMilky Cat Training System V2.0 – Best Overall


CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit - Best Value


Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System - Premium Choice


Kitty's Loo Cat Toilet Training Kit


Yagamii Cat Training Kit System


Essential Pet Products Fresh Air Cat Toilet Training System

  1. FuzzyMilky Cat Training System V2.0 – Best Overall
  2. CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit – Best Value
  3. Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System – Premium Choice
  4. Kitty’s Loo Cat Toilet Training Kit
  5. Yagamii Cat Training Kit System
  6. Essential Pet Products Fresh Air Cat Toilet Training System

1. FuzzyMilky Cat Training System V2.0 – Best Overall

FuzzyMilky Cat Training System V2.0

We want your cat to have the best possible experience. The FuzzyMilky 2nd Generation cat toilet training system is our favourite. This product’s 2nd generation has a deeper training tray to prevent litter from getting into the toilet. The deeper pan helps to keep everything neat, and your cat will be less anxious about using the toilet. Toilet training your cat may take a couple of months, but this cat trainer will make the job easier. 

FuzzyMilky is simple to use. To encourage your pet’s use of the litter box, you will first fill the pan with litter. After they feel comfortable, you slowly move the litter from the pan into the ring. Add water to the pan to get your cat used to the idea. Then, remove the entire system!

The system will not interfere with the use of the toilet by people. Switching between pet toilets and human toilets is fast and easy.


  • To prevent litter from leaking into the toilet, install a deeper pan
  • It is simple to use
  • You can easily switch between regular and system toilets


  • After the water has been replaced with litter, it may refuse to be used.
  • It fits most toilet bowls, but some users reported it was not the best.
  • More giant kitties might have difficulty using it.

2. CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit – Best Value

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

Shark Tank fans might recognize our pick for the best cat training kit. To get your cat used to using the toilet, the CitiKitty Cat Training Kit has a multi-ring system. The CitiKitty is placed underneath your toilet seat. After it is set, fill it with flushable litter. Then, gradually, remove the rings. The hole created by removing the rings will grow larger each time you remove it until your cat can use the toilet.

The company suggests that a ring be removed within a week. However, the company stresses that pets should go at their own pace. The process can take weeks to months, according to cat owners who have used it.

The cat toilet training system includes a guide, access to a forum, and catnip for extra stimulation.


  • Low price.
  • The ring system is simple to use.
  • It doesn’t take long to train your cat.


  • Flushable litter is required.
  • Rings can pop out and sometimes don’t work as intended, creating problems.
  • It is easy to track used litter.

3. Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System – Premium Choice

Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System

Litter Kwitter’s premium cat training system is the best! Litter Kwitter has developed the Cat Toilet Training System by Litter Kwitter, an award-winning training system for toilet training. It was created in collaboration with veterinarians and animal behaviorists.

This system is based on the knowledge of experts and works with your cat’s natural instincts. This system uses multiple rings to guide your cat through three stages of behavior modification. It teaches them how to balance on the toilet chair, aim, and use the litter box. According to the company, you can train your pet to use a toilet in as little as 8 weeks by using the training kit. This trainer will make easier cleaning and easier training.

The Litter Kwitter system is compatible with most toilets. It comes with an instruction book and video tutorials online.


  • The system has been awarded the “Best in Class” award.
  • This was developed with cat experts.
  • It takes only 8 weeks to train.


  • It is possible for urine to get between the parts and make things smelly.
  • Many pet owners were stuck in the amber stage.
  • Customer service is lacking.

4. Kitty’s Loo Cat Toilet Training Kit

Kitty's Loo Cat Toilet Training Kit

A veterinarian has approved Kitty’s Loo Cat Toilet Training Kit. It starts in the cat’s litter box and moves to the toilet. It can fit most oval and round toilets. Its unique design makes it easier to clean and provides more accessible training.

The company claims its product has a 50% success rate in toilet training than other brands. However, you may need to change the litter as the system uses pellet litter. This Premium cat toilet training kit will make the job easier for you. Kitty’s Loo comes with a detailed training manual and grip pads to help keep the kit in its place.


  • Vets approve
  • For a smooth transition, start in a litter box
  • Training results in higher success rates


  • If the hole is large enough, kitties can play with the toilet water.
  • Pellet litter is better
  • Reported problems with product stability

5. Yagamii Cat Training Kit System

Yagamii Cat Training Kit System

The Yagamii Cat Training Kit System has a smooth, non-toxic surface that is safe for cats. Multiple rings can be used for each step. This product has one problem. Your cat may need to go back a step. This is why the company does not provide an extra ring.

The rings must be cut. They don’t pop out. It is easy to remove the rings from the tray. The Yagamii Cat Training Kit System will fit most toilets. It claims that you can train your pet within three to seven weeks. This makes it one of the best cat toilet training kits available on the market.


  • Made from environmentally-friendly plastic
  • Claims that you can train a cat in 3-7 weeks
  • Toilets very stable


  • You will need to remove rings
  • Cat owners complained that the product was too small.
  • If the cat has to go backtrack, only one additional ring is available.

6. Essential Pet Products Fresh Air Cat Toile Training System

Essential Pet Products Fresh Air Cat Toile Training System

The Essential Pet Products Fresh Air Cat Toilet Training System is designed to fit any standard or extended toilet bowl. It can be used for cats of all sizes. The system works the same way as the previous one by gradually adjusting your pet’s ability to use a toilet using ever-widening rings. 

You must cut along the grooves on the training pan to take your cat to the next level. The system’s innovative design makes it possible to save money on litter. This Toilet Training System is one of the best in the market. 

Essential Pet Products Fresh Air Cat Toilet Training System has a sturdy construction for added stability.


  • All cats, all sizes.
  • Conserves litter.


  • Rings are too cut, so you can’t go back one step.
  • If you are not careful, rings can cause a cut on your hands.
  • It does not include clear-cut instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it worth it to train the cat to use the toilet?
Although it is conceivable, teaching your cat to flush the toilet is not advised. Some cats find toilet flushing entertaining and will do it even if they haven’t used it. Additionally, it figuratively flushes your cat’s medical records down the toilet.

Is it cruel to teach a cat to use the toilet?
Even after being toilet trained, cats will continue to play out this innate activity by pawing the area around them, but being unable to bury their waste may add to their discomfort, resulting in accidents or other stress-related issues.

What is the best age to toilet train a cat?
Before potty training, we advise waiting until the cat is at least three months old and housebroken.

What is the best way to toilet train a cat?
1. As soon as they come, show them the boxes by placing the cat inside and allowing them to explore and smell them.
2. After meals and when it wakes up from naps, put your cat in one of the boxes.
3. Whenever you see them utilizing it, reward them.
4. Don’t chastise or penalize for mistakes.

Why do cat owners need Cat Toilet training?
The hands-off strategy. To reduce the handling of feline excrement, owners frequently desire to potty train their cats. The goal is to reduce the likelihood of coming in touch with and developing a zoonotic illness, a disease that may spread from animals to people.

Can Cats Be Trained To Use The Toilet?
Cat toilet training is not an arduous process. It simply needs a little time, persistence, and the appropriate equipment. We’ve detailed 7 simple methods for toilet training your cat. Your cat’s behavior will be changed during the potty training process so that it will gently use the toilet for you (and ideally neatly!).


The 2nd Generation FuzzyMilky is our favourite overall best cat toilet training kit in 2022. Its clean design makes it easier to use and helps with any anxiety your cat may have.

CitiKitty is the best choice, including a ring system and access to videos and forums. The Litter Kwitter is our top choice for a premium cat-toilet training kit because animal experts created it.

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