It’s great to have your pet; however, managing to clean up the cat’s litter isn’t likely to be the most enjoyable aspect of the pet’s life. It’s good to know that purchasing cat litter does not have to be another thing to do. It is possible to locate an excellent cat litter that does not just keep your cat (and the house) tidy and comes to your door whenever you need it. Let’s see the best cat litter subscription in 2023.

We’ve compiled a list of the most effective cat litter subscriptions you could subscribe to so that you don’t have to purchase litter again. These options are suitable for any cat (and owners of cats), So you’ll be able to pick one that suits your budget and lifestyle. A cat litter subscription is a lifesaver for many new pet owners.

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List of the Best Cat Litter Subscription in 2023

The following is the list of the best cat litter subscription in 2023:-

  1. Best Overall: Kitty Poo Club
  2. Best Health Monitoring: PrettyLitter
  3. Best Natural: Skoon Cat Litter
  4. Best for Sustainability: Catalyst Pet
  5. Best Lightweight: Boxiecat
  6. Best for New Cat Owners:

1. Best Overall: Kitty Poo Club

Kitty Poo Club is a cat litter box delivered to your door every month. It’s straightforward to use. It doesn’t require any effort to create it. Each month, you get the litter box in a disposable container filled with cat litter so that you don’t need to transport a bulky container from the shop.

You can choose from silica, clay, diatomite, fine-grain litter, or organic soy, and most boxes cost $20.24 monthly. There are also litter bags that cost around $22.99 monthly. There are also various monthly add-ons, including litter mats, scoops, cat toys, and snacks. This is the best cat litter subscription service available online. 

Kitty Poo Club is our best choice since it simplifies cat ownership. one subscription will provide everything you’ll need from your feline. It’s ideal for small areas where there’s not enough space to store litter boxes.


  • Simple and simple-to-use site
  • The litter boxes are full of litter
  • Easy cancellation policy
  • Five litter choices


  • You have a limited choice for cats with special requirements
  • A bit more expensive than other alternatives

2. Best Health Monitoring: PrettyLitter

Cats don’t know when it’s time to visit the vet. However, PrettyLitter might be able to. The service is the litter each month which changes color depending on the presence of specific urinary components like acid, alkaline, or blood. This allows you to monitor your cat’s health more quickly, so you’ll know when something is incorrect.

PrettyLitter is made of silica gel that is extremely light and very absorbent. But, some cats are picky, and transferring a stubborn cat to Silica Gel litter could require some time. This is also the health monitoring cat litter subscription.

PrettyLitter frequently offers a 30-day trial to determine if it suits your cat. A single cat’s supply is $22 per month, and two cats will cost you $40. The cost increases as you go up depending on the number of cats you own.


  • Monitors the health of your cat so that you can tell when you should call your vet.
  • Flexible enough for households with multiple cats.
  • It is simple to create a 30-day supply that will be delivered right to your doorstep.


  • One litter option is all there is.
  • Cats could take some time to adapt to the Silica Gel litter.

3. Best Natural: Skoon Cat Litter

Skoon Cat Litter is a natural litter made of diatom pebbles. The sponge-like material is ecological and absorbs urine and feces odors without getting clumped up. It is completely biodegradable and free of chemicals, so it’s suitable for even the most sensitive cat.

Every month, you can choose to purchase a feline litter or even a box that has been pre-filled and delivered to your doorstep. If you opt for bagged litter, you can pick Skoon’s original diatom pebbles or fine-grain litter. If you want cat litter that’s completely flushable and compostable this is the one for you. 

Like most new items, Skoon may take some time to get used to your cat. To help, Skoon offers a risk-free trial, so you can claim your money back if it does not work for your cat pet. If your cat is suffering from allergies or other health issues, Skoon is a great alternative that is organic for your cat.


  • Choose from a bag of litter or a pre-filled box.
  • It is hypoallergenic and safe for cats.
  • The non-clumping formula requires no scooping.


  • There is only one litter option available for pre-filled boxes.
  • Supplements for nutrition are the sole addition to your diet.

4. Best for Sustainability: Catalyst Pet

What’s better than taking care of your pet? Making a difference and helping the environment simultaneously. Catalyst Pet is a litter constructed from recycled wood fibers that could otherwise have been trash. The company provides three kinds of litter: Unscented, Healthy Cat Multi-cat.

The Healthy Cat version has the scent of pine, while the Multi-cat option utilizes an oil-based clumping ingredient, allowing you to cleanse your box each week. This is also one of the cheapest cat litter available. 

A monthly subscription is $20 for a single cat. The litter will arrive at your doorstep each month for 30 days. It is also possible to try the litter without a subscription, for $22.99 for a bag.


  • Organic ingredients.
  • Alternatives for single and multi-cat households.
  • Dust-free litter that is low-tracking.


  • Litter isn’t compatible with automatic litter bins.
  • Three litter options are available.

5. Best Lightweight: Boxiecat

Boxiecat is an internet-based cat litter business with premium litter that you can get delivered to your doorstep. Two kinds of litter are available: Boxiecat Lightweight and Boxiecat Premium Clay.

Each litter comes with four varieties of litter: BoxiePro (a probiotic litter that helps to break down bacteria, which stops cats from spreading bacteria to your home after getting out of the litter box), Boxiecat Extra Strong, The Boxiecat Scent-Free litter, the Boxiecat Scent Free Boxiecat Light Scented.

The litter clumps together, and you can take out messes when needed. You can buy bags as a single purchase or subscribe to the delivery times you prefer. Delivery schedules range from daily up to once every fifteen months.

You can also include the Box Pro Litter Extender with your order, which aids in minimizing contamination and helps make it last longer. Prices vary between $19.99 to $30.99, depending on the quantity and kind of litter you pick.


  • Incredibly light
  • Litter that is clumped so that you can easily clean the box when needed
  • All litter choices are 99.9 percent dust-free
  • 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee


  • A bit more expensive option than others
  • There is no trial period for free.

6. Best for New Cat Owners: provides a quarterly subscription to its clumping clay litter, which you can get delivered to your doorstep every three months for just the price of $25 per month for one cat. 

The company also offers an annual cat box subscription that includes food, toys, treats, and more. This is a fantastic gift to the cat-loving new owners in your family or a regular treat to your furry friend. 

This cat litter subscription service is also good for the litter.

There’s no guarantee, however; you can alter or cancel your plan anytime. The cat litter offered by the company is non-toxic and low-dust. It’s also similar to many brands your cat is likely to use. This makes it a good option for cats with a preference that might not like different textures.


  • Cat litter and cat subscription boxes.
  • Subscriptions can be customized for multiple cats.
  • It is all-natural and easy to clump.


  • Only one litter is available
  • No risk-free option

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Pounds of Cat Litter Do You Need Every Month?
The cat litter you’ll need will depend on the cat’s habits and individual. One cat is likely to use between 28-40 pounds of litter per month. A subscription typically provides the litter you require over 30 days.

How Often Should You Change Litter?
How often you change your cat’s litter box depends on the kind of litter you choose to use. Clumps in a litter will only require a change every 2 to 3 weeks, so long as you clean up the clumps daily. Others, like Kitty Poo Club, are designed to be thrown out every 30 days and utilize technology that eliminates odors to prolong the lifespan of the litter.

Is a Cat Litter Subscription More Expensive?
In general, Cat litter subscriptions cost lower than famous litter sold in stores. However, most subscription services provide higher-quality ingredients and the latest cat litter technology so you might be paying a bit more each month for your litter. Many companies offer free delivery and discounts for households with multiple cats.

Are auto litter boxes worth it?
Automatic boxes can help eliminate trash more regularly if you have a severe issue with litter box scents. However, the effectiveness of the box depends on the quality of the litter you use, so be sure to pick a high-performance litter that clumps well and absorbs smells.


Setting up an annual cat litter subscription could make your pet’s life simpler each month. There are many options, but our top choices provide chemical-free litter options and the option of choosing the appropriate litter to suit your pet.

Companies like Boxiecat or PrettyLitter provide unique options if you’re looking for top-quality litter. Companies like Kitty Poo Club sell appropriate litter for every cat pet owner.
This concludes our list of the best cat litter subscription in 2023.

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