Our feline friends have to deal with cat asthma. This condition can be treated with cat inhalers. These are the top four treatments for asthma that the best cat inhaler masks can be used to treat in 2023.

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How can you tell if your cat has bronchial or asthma?

Do not panic if your cat suffers from asthma. It is a common condition in cats. It affects between 1 and 5 percent of cats.
Usually, symptoms of cat asthma are seen in cats between 4 and 5 years of age. Allergies and genes can cause asthma, and some studies suggest that certain breeds, such as Siamese cats, may be predisposed to or more susceptible to it. If your cat has asthma, you need the best treatment for cat inhaler masks.

PetMD states that the following are the general symptoms of cat asthma:

  • A persistent cough
  • After exertion, labored breath
  • Breathing deeply
  • Rapid racing breath
  • Wheezing and coughing
  • Atypical posture: hunched shoulders, extended neck
  • Gagging up foamy mucus
  • Breathing open-mouth
  • Blue gums and lips
  • Overall weakness and lethargy

If you notice any signs in your cat’s eyes, please bring them to the vet.

List of the Best Cat Inhaler Masks

No.PhotoTitle Buy

Analog Heaven Medical Cat Inhaler


AEROKAT Cat Asthma Aerosol Chamber


AeroFlow Cat Inhaler


Pawgreet Cat Inhaler Spacer

The following is the list of the best cat inhaler masks:-

  1. AEROKAT Cat Asthma Aerosol Chamber
  2. Analog Heaven Medical Cat Inhaler
  3. AeroFlow Cat Inhaler
  4. Pawgreet Cat Inhaler Spacer

1. Analog Heaven Medical Cat Inhaler

Analog Heaven Medical Cat Inhaler

Analog Heaven Medical’s Canine and Feline Inhaler features a fantastic aerosol spacer chamber and premium antistatic medical-grade material. It also includes a Medical Veterinary Animal Asthma Aerochamber that contains small, medium, and enormous cat asthma masks. This inhaler can also be used on dogs.

Analog Heaven’s cat asthma inhaler works well for cats and dogs, thanks to the variety of mask sizes. Cat asthma or bronchial asthma is a real problem and Analog Heaven Medical Cat Inhaler is the solution. 

It’s also very effective for dogs and cats suffering from bronchial asthma, allergies, and other breathing problems. Even pets with a chronic cough can use it. Even if your cat has difficulty inhaling asthma medication, the exhalation and low resistance valves will allow them to inhale it.

The Analog Heaven Medical Inhaler is excellent for giving inhaled medication to cats with asthma. It doesn’t cause fear or trauma. It weighs only 5.6 ounces.

The flapper, or flow indicator, is another excellent feature of this cat inhaler. It lets us know if a cat is receiving inhaled asthma medication. Most vets recommend this cat’s asthma inhaler base. It can be used for multiple cats and pets, which reduces the cost of cat asthma inhalers. It is also straightforward to use.

This is not the best item on this list, but it is easily identifiable and highly recommended. Analog Heaven Medical’s cat inhaler is simple and effective thanks to the low-resistance exhalation and inhalation valve. The brand is also very trustworthy in the market.

It’s so reliable and trusted that even though I tried to convince my brother that there was a better, cheaper, more effective, and visually better-looking alternative, he would not give up his Analog Heaven Medical Canine and Feline Inhaler, which he has been using for nearly two years.

2. AEROKAT Cat Asthma Aerosol Chamber

AEROKAT Cat Asthma Aerosol Chamber

AEROKAT Cat Asthma inhaler is our first choice and a personal favorite. Aerokat’s inhaler is easy to use and provides relief for cats. This cat inhaler can be used with any metered dose inhalers or MDI veterinarians prescribe. It was used for cats suffering from allergies, wheezing, or difficulty breathing. It is a cat inhaler with a breathing indicator. 

It can be used to give cat asthma medication by fitting all cat breeds. Aerokat masks are available on two sides: one for cats with smaller chests and the other for cats with larger chests.

Aerokat Inhalers allow your cat to breathe normally and give inhaled medication for asthma. Cats with poor-quality cat asthma inhalers can experience difficulty breathing, which can cause panic attacks and anxiety. It is terrifying to see traumatized cats who fear inhaler masks for cat asthma.

Aerokat’s FLOWVU indicator monitors cat inhalation. The built-in low-resistance valve ensures medication is released only when cats inhale. This allows for the best treatment of cat asthma. It weighs slightly less at 4.8 ounces than the Analog Heaven Medical inhaler. Our experience shows that the Aerokat inhaler works best for anxious and worried fur parents.

Aerokat’s FLOWVU indicator is a revolutionary tool that will give you peace of mind. You can see if your cat inhales the medication when the flap moves. The mist of medicine may not always be visible, but if it does and you are worried, this budget-friendly cat inhaler will provide you with Aerokat’s FLOW-VU indicator.

Aerokat Chamber is a line of inhalers for people with multiple cats or pets. The Aerokat Chamber has four models: the AeroDawg small, large, and AeroHippus large for larger animals, as well as the AeroDawg medium for smaller dogs.

3. AeroFlow Cat Inhaler

AeroFlow Cat Inhaler

The AeroFlow Cat Inhaler, which was primarily designed for asthma patients in cars, is next on the list. This cat asthma inhaler has a feline aerosol chamber with a breathing indicator. It is also compatible with a veterinarian-approved metered-dose inhaler, perfect for giving a cat inhaled asthma medication or aerosol medication for our cat’s asthma attacks.

This cat asthma attack treatment is an excellent option for cat asthma treatment. The medication is consistent, and you can see the transparent flow indicator to monitor how much your cat receives. This ensures consistency in medication dosage.

Although we mentioned at the beginning that we would now be looking at prices, it is worth noting that the AeroFlow Cat Inhaler, while being more affordable than others on the market, is still very effective in treating cat asthma.

AeroFlow is a cat asthma inhaler with low-resistance exhalation and inhalation valves. It also includes an indicator to determine if your cat is still receiving the medication she needs.

AeroFlow comes with two different sizes of masks so that you can treat cat asthma. It is of high quality, medical grade, and easy to maintain. It is the same weight and dimensions as the Aerokat Chamber.

AeroFlow Cat Inhaler is one of our favorite models. It worked well and was one of our first to try. We think it is the best on this list due to its sentimental value. The same cat’s asthma inhaler made us forget the need for asthma shots for our furbabies. When we first discovered that our cats had asthma, we used to give them shots from the vet. We didn’t know about inhalers until she suggested them.

My partner and I decided to try it. We were then introduced to the AeroFlow Cat Inhaler. Over the years, we have tried many different models and are still trying to find the best.

4. Pawgreet Cat Inhaler Spacer

Pawgreet Cat Inhaler Spacer

The Pawgreet Cat Spacer is last but not least. This cat’s asthma inhaler cost a bit higher than the others because it had a feline aerosol chamber.

This spacer is for asthma inhalers and can be used to treat asthma and breathing problems in cats. The Pawgreet Cat inhaler is specifically designed to administer medication.

The Pawgreet Cat inhaler is a handy tool that can be used to treat asthma in cats. It is made from anti-static, BPA-free plastic that is safe for your cat and your dishwasher. It has a metered-dose delivery system for asthma medication, just like all other cat asthma inhalers.

Although it does not include a flow indicator, no product is perfect. It is only a travel asthma inhaler that we carry for emergencies. This is one of the most-liked cat inhaler masks. It is the most affordable list but comes with heavy shipping at nearly 10 ounces.

You must not remove the “white disc” from the Pawgreet Cat Inhaler if you buy it. This is often mistaken for packaging, as we did. This is not packaging. It’s a low-pressure inhalation device. It acts like an o-ring, which keeps the pressure in the chamber and prevents medicine from leaking back into it if your cat exhales.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What inhalers are used for asthma in cats?
The most popular inhalation bronchodilator is albuterol/salbutamol (Ventolin®), whereas the most popular inhaled corticosteroid is fluticasone propionate (Flovent®). Some veterinary professionals will advise using fluticasone and salmeterol together.

What is the best treatment for asthma in cats?
Veterinarians typically prescribe corticosteroids to treat feline asthma, which lower lung inflammation, along with or without bronchodilators to open up the airways. These two kinds of medications are both ingested, inhaled, and injected.

Can I give my cat my asthma inhaler?
Veterinarians typically prescribe corticosteroids to treat feline asthma, which lower lung inflammation, along with or without bronchodilators to open up the airways. These two kinds of medications are both ingested, inhaled, and injected.

How long will my cat live with asthma?
Asthma is a chronic ailment. Thus, there is no “treatment” for it. However, if they receive the proper care and have well-managed asthma, cats with asthma may have expected active lives.


Here are four of the best cat inhaler masks for 2022. They will keep your cat’s wheezing away and help with difficult breathing.

These are the top four inhalers, but they all work equally well, are economical, and are effective for cat asthma. We have all used them at one time. However, I think the AEROKAT Cat Asthma Chamber is the best bag by a small margin.

The rest are just as good. I prefer the four. The AEROKAT Cat Asthma Chamber is the only one that my family of asthmatic cats uses. It has been our standard for several years.

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