Chihuahua, also known as a ‘purse dog,’ is an adorable, small type of dog found in America since the pre-Columbian era. Its height is 5-8 inches, and its weight doesn’t surpass 6 pounds.

The apple-shaped, round head and the bright, full-faced eyes are the hallmarks of this breed. Chihuahuas are highly expressive. Their coats come in a myriad of styles and colours. The fur is either longer or shorter.

Despite its dimension, the Chihuahua can exhibit characteristics resembling a “terrier” temperament. It’s a brilliant and alert dog that quickly understands how to rapidly find its way around humans.

In this regard, you must establish your authority in the Chihuahua from the beginning. Therefore, having a firm but gentle hand is crucial to training it.

Chihuahuas are tiny yet highly energetic dogs that are small but high-energy. They tend to bark extremely loudly and in mono-tones when the excess energy has been released. You’d want to buy the best bark collar for Chihuahua.

If you’re not home for most of the time when your dog’s whining has been annoying neighbours, You can pick from my recommendations for the best collars for barking Chihuahuas to keep your dog peaceful.

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Buying Guide: Things to Think About Before purchasing the Best Bark Collar for Chihuahua

When choosing the best bark collar for Chihuahua, there are many factors to consider. Here are a few of the most important aspects:

The Weight and Size of Your Pet

It is essential to choose the collar for your dog that is a collar appropriate for the dog you are buying it for. An unsuitable collar can cause discomfort or even be unproductive one too big could cause pain, make it difficult to use, or even be a danger to your pet’s safety.

The Dog’s Behavior

While temperament issues aren’t necessarily unique to Chihuahuas, they must be considered for this particular breed

The Range of Settings and the Options

It is essential to buy a suitable collar for your dog with the correct range, based on your environment and situation. For instance, you’ll likely need a collar with a more excellent range than one suitable to use at home when you intend to bring your pet to the park regularly.

Here are a few of the most crucial things to think about when buying the perfect Bark collar to fit your particular Chihuahua canine breed.

List of the Best Bark Collar for Chihuahua In 2023

No.PhotoTitle Buy

SportDOG Brand NoBark Rechargeable Bark Control Collar


SportDOG with No Bark


Nest 9 - Rechargeable Anti Barking Training Collar


Laptom Pack- Smart Dog Bark Collar 5 Adjustable Sensitivity


TBI Pro Anti-Bark Collar- Lightweight Anti-Bark Collar


NBJU- Rechargeable Anti Barking Training Collar


Petsafe Wireless Fence Collar Waterproof Receiver


TUG Rechargeable Collar for Bark


The Spray of Citronella Dog Training Collar with Remote Control


PetSafe Rechargeable Bark Collar Waterproof - No Barking Device

There is a variety of bark collars available on the market at present. Certain are bark collars made of citronella, while others use shocks to prevent bark mode.

Let’s take a look at these possibilities:

  1. SportDOG No Bark
  2. AHHJDL Dog Bark
  3. Nest 9 
  4. Laptom Pack Smart Dog Bark Collar
  5. TBI Pro Anti-Bark Collar for Dogs
  6. NBJU
  7. Petsafe Wireless Fencer
  8. TUG Rechargeable Bark Collar
  9. ZNFSZ Bark Collar for Dogs
  10. The Spray of Citronella Dog Training Collar with Remote Control

1. SportDOG Brand NoBark Rechargeable Bark Control Collar

This collar is a Chihuahua training collar equipped with an adjustable nylon strap. It can be adjusted to fit medium, small, and big dogs up to 6.6 to 120lbs and 6-24 inch neck size. Your little Chihuahua will not have any issues wearing this collar!

It’s a collar for shocks with one to seven levels of sensitivity adjustment and an auto-off security mode when activated seven times within a minute. Sometimes, your Chihuahua pet will require more effective discipline when it’s not been taught for a prolonged duration.

It features a dual training mode: beep+vibration and beep+vibration+shock. In the No-Shock mode, the collar will be activated so long the barking is detected.

If in shock mode, your dog barks in shock mode, the device will take six steps on its own. Then, the device will shut off automatically for two minutes following the completeness of the six steps and then go back to a relaxed state to safeguard your dog.

If the sensitivity is zero, The receiver will go into test mode. It is possible to blow or shout at the sensor microphone located at the rear of your receiver. If the receiver makes a sound, then it is shocking and vibrates. It is a sign that the receiver has been operating smoothly.


  • Intelligent identification chip 
  • Smart test mode, Dual-mode of training
  • An automatic security system
  • Rechargeable
  • IP67 waterproof


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Waterproof
  • The sophisticated bark detection system
  • You can choose to go with shock or no shock mode
  • Protection against auto-off
  • Nylon strap
  • The collar has a reflective strip
  • Simple to use and set up


  • The settings must be reset when the collar is turned off

2. SportDOG with No Bark – Best Bark Collar for Chihuahua

The SportDog bark collar has 10-levels of static stimulation and three programmable modes that include the ability to learn progressive temperament correction and user-defined.

When you are in Temperament learning mode, correction is set to start at 0 and gets more severe with each moment the pet is barking within a 30-second duration. With the help of its sophisticated technology, the collar is automatically adjusted to the corrective level that is required to stop barking.

If your dog barks again, the correction will begin at the highest degree of discipline the next time it barks. It can also be used as an anti-bark collar for small dogs.

When you are in Progressive Correction mode, if your dog does not bark the second time in 30 seconds, the correction will change to zero.

In the User-Selected mode, you select the level of correction by hand. Should your dog start barking, this collar can correct it to your selected group.

This SportDog anti-bark collar is designed with sophisticated technology to recognize your dog’s distinctive barking pattern, which blocks any noises from outside. It will ensure maximum consistency in training.

It is equipped with the option of short and long prongs. The LED display displays the level of sensitivity and the battery life status. As a safety feature built into the collar, If the dog is barking more than fifteen times in an hour, the collar will be deactivated for 30 seconds, and then it will re-activate. These things put this collar on the list of the best bark collar for Chihuahuas.


  • It is suitable for dogs that weigh 8 pounds or larger. Neck sizes range from 5 to 22
  • Ten levels of stimulation and three programmable modes
  • Perfect Bark sound and Vibration Sensors. Only the bark of your dog can cause a correction
  • This collar, which is watertight and waterproof, can submerge up to 25 feet
  • Three programmable training modes 
  • Advanced bark correction
  • Anti-false correction technology
  • Waterproof
  • Compact buckle design


  • Advanced technology training methods for teachers
  • Participation of the user in training is minimal
  • Waterproof Up to 10 feet submerged
  • Standard and long contact points
  • Stable and reliable
  • Fantastic ‘false correction


  • Plastic material
  • It was a bit expensive, but it’s the best value for the money

3. Nest 9 – Rechargeable Anti Barking Training Collar

It weighs less than 0.42 pounds and can fit necks that measure up to 25 inches in length.

I love the sleek and slim design of the collar. It comes with a LED display that shows sensitivity levels and the status of the battery. Additionally, it has touch buttons that make it easy to access. The nylon strap is reflective to see it even in dim light. It is equipped with USB charging and provides ten days of battery life on three hours of charge. The IP67 material makes it waterproof. It is the control collar for Chihuahuas.


  • The utterly waterproof dog collar lets your dog move around in the rain, snow, or even water
  • The collar will fit your dog and gives him plenty of space to breathe. It comes with a variety of sensitization levels ranging between 1 and 7
  • This can be fully charged using the supplied USB cable. The fully charged battery will last for up to 10 to 14 days
  • The soft coats of the highest quality are specifically designed to shield the dog’s body from the direct impact of the prongs of a collar. collar, which ensures a perfect and secure
  • Three training options
  • Only activated by vibrations in the throat
  • Lightweight nylon strap
  • Waterproof IP67
  • LED screen
  • Elegant and fashionable look


  • A throat vibration activates it
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish design
  • Reflective strap
  • Fantastic battery life
  • LED screen
  • Affordable


  • A little rainproof
  • A lesser number of security features

4. Laptom Pack- Smart Dog Bark Collar 5 Adjustable Sensitivity

The Laptom smart collar for dogs does not have a shock mode. However, it is still one of the best bark collars for Chihuahuas as it has two modes of vibration: normal vibration and powerful vibration. It can draw dogs’ attention and reduce the frequency of barking without any shock!

It is equipped with a third Gen intelligent dog bark detection chip. It can store more than 1000 barks from dogs. Therefore, you get more precise correction and the ability to prevent false triggers! It’s also voice-activated, so it doesn’t have to be tight around your dog’s neck!

Its lightweight is ideal for smaller dog breeds like the Chihuahua. It comes with three different nylon straps that have reflective strips.


  • Two vibrations
  • Light and sensitive bark correction
  • 3rd generation 
  • Smart triggering technology


  • The brand is well-known and recognized.
  • For two dogs
  • Affordable
  • Test mode for improved user experience
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • More sensible correction


  • If two dogs bark close to each other, it could cause a reaction

5. Dogtra YS600 Rechargeable Waterproof High-Output No Bark Collar

The TBI or anti-bark collar is a collar for Chihuahua. The most appealing collar is that it can be worn by dogs of all sizes, from 7lbs to 120 pounds!

Its trigger sensor is sound-activated and can distinguish between your pet and the other dog’s barking due to the volume of the sound and the vibrations.

Pick between 5 levels of sensitivity and two training modes. Auto-off features protect your dog from being too stimulated.

A further unique highlight is the 480mAH power Li-ion battery, which provides 14 days of instruction with a charge of just one hour.


  • is suitable for dogs of any size
  • A microchip that can detect barks with advanced accuracy
  • Shock protection mode
  • 14-day battery life
  • One hour of charging


  • Lightweight
  • Nylon strap
  • Ideal for dogs of all sizes
  • Shock or no shock mode
  • The LED screen that displays modes and battery indicator
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Affordable


  • The Collar receiver is significant for small dogs

6. NBJU- Rechargeable Anti Barking Training Collar

This is a second collar that’s great for dogs with small breeds. It’s also among the most effective bark collars designed for Dachshunds.

This collar allows you to change between seven levels of vibration and shock. The modes are activated when you hear your dog barking. If other dogs are barking around yours, it won’t trigger due to their noise.

The style is elegant and slim. It comes with an LED screen that shows the battery’s status and sensitivity levels. The nylon strap has reflective properties to see it even in the darkness. The material is light, ideal for Chihuahuas.

It’s super-fast charging and provides the battery with 12 hours of life on only 30 minutes of charge!

A unique feature can be found in the fact that this LED display comes with touch buttons that provide quick access. The collar can be turned off using the power button and quickly change the sensitivity level without taking off the collar.


  • Bark collars for medium to small-large dogs with seven different sensitivity levels
  • Three basic training methods of beep, vibration, and shock. 64 training options
  • Protection function. Two silicone sleeves can shield the dog’s skin from electric shocks
  • IP7 water-proof bark collar that can be used indoors as well as outdoors
  • Charge within 30 minutes
  • More sensitive to barking and light
  • Touch-operating
  • Auto-off safety mode IP67 
  • Waterproof


  • Elegant and chic design
  • Nylon reflective strap
  • Small and lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • It comes with a prong-length option


  • Lower intensity and less shock

7. Petsafe Wireless Fence Collar Waterproof Receiver- Waterproof Collars for Chihuahua

This PetSafe Wireless pet fence receiver comes with a beep-only mode for training and five correction levels. The waterproof receiver is compatible with the PetSafe Wireless Containment System (PIF-300 system and the IF-100 transmitter) and the Stay+Play Wireless Fence (PIF00-12917).

If you own multiple dogs, you’ll need to purchase another collar for each pet. You can, however, train all dogs you want to with only one receiver! It’s pretty incredible!

This water-resistant collar is one of the best bark collars for Chihuahua, which can be submerged for up to five feet. It’s lightweight and weighs only 2.5 o.z. It protects against false signals. It will warn you of false signals. The collar will emit an alert tone and vibrate before correcting. It will stop after 20 minutes to avoid over-correcting your dog.

It is battery-replaceable and includes a 6 Volt Battery. PetSafe gives a one-year guarantee to guarantee the durability and quality of this product.


  • This PetSafe Wireless Fence Collar should be used with dogs that weigh between 8 and 10 pounds. It is suitable for neck sizes of 6-28 inches
  • Compatible with PetSafe Wireless Containment System (PIF-300 system, the IF-100 transmitter) and Stay+Play Wireless Fence (PIF00-12917)
  • Five levels of adjustable correction. Tone-only mode warns your pet by sound
  • 6-Volt battery included ( RFA-67D). 2 additional batteries are included in this package
  • The lightweight 2.5-ounce receiver with just 2 1/4W x 5/8 D 1 H
  •  Battery indicator Low (light flashes every 4 to 5 secs


  • Works with the majority of wireless fence brands
  • Adjustable to various neck sizes
  • Levels of static correction that can be adjusted for dogs with smaller breeds
  • Simple to make use of
  • One receiver can be used for the use of a variety of collars


  • It is available only in red color
  • Do not recommend dogs smaller than 8 pounds

8. TUG Rechargeable Collar for Bark – Unique Easy Touch Interface

The rechargeable TUG bark collar is offered in black. It’s an elegant and fashionable design that features an elastic nylon strap. The strap can be adjusted 6”-22 inches to fit the neck of your little Chihuahua!

It’s also extremely light, while the collar’s box is thin.

It features an intelligent sensor and an algorithm that incorporates TUG. The collar is activated only by vibration and sound of your pet’s vocal cords and noise within the range of frequency that barks. It stops barking from unpredictable dogs by using two safe training modes: beep, shock, or vibration.

It is possible to control seven levels of shock or select to disable it. It comes with a giant LED display with simple-to-use buttons that allow you to control the levels of sensitivity and change modes. The screen displays the battery’s life. The device shuts off after seven times.

It’s IP67 waterproof. Don’t worry about your dog getting lost in the pond or losing his collar in the water dish. Clean the collar with a dry, clean cloth, and you’re good to go!


  • Does not trigger falsely from dogs nearby and interprets unpredictability in barking dog problems. Safe and humane learning modes, including vibration, beeping, and secure shock functions
  • The buttons that are easy to touch on the front of the device let you adjust it during wear
  • A large LED screen in front of the device displays modes and battery levels
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating permits collar use indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Flexible Strap Sizes from 6-22 inches to fit the majority sizes of dogs
  • Intelligent sensor
  • User-friendly interface
  • Large LED screen 
  • Waterproof IP67 with Auto-off safety
  • Nylon reflective strap


  • Touch buttons make it easy to use a user interface
  • Small and light
  • Excellent battery life
  • Intelligent sensors are activated by vibration and sound
  • You can select the no-shock mode
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Adjustable strap that fits tiny necks


  • Stay alert
  • It is only available in one color

9. The Spray of Citronella Dog Training Collar with Remote Control

The WWVVPET company has a selection of Citronella spray bark collars. Each comes with a remote control that spans between 500 and 2600 feet.

This model has a sound and spray mode, but only. It’s very compact and light, making it ideal to fit in with your Chihuahua. The beep mode is available in two levels, and there’s no shock mode. This makes it more secure than a humane device.

The remote can control two collars simultaneously to facilitate two dogs for training. This device comes with IPX5 waterproof material. It can be charged with any USB cable, and it will give you 12 days of battery lifespan!


  • As opposed to shock collars with electric shocks, our spray collar for dogs emits an explosion of citronella to stop barking noises and other undesirable behavior when you push the remote button. Including citronella spray
  • 2 Training Modes and Remote Control – Two Training modes to meet your requirements: Citronella Spray + Beep Sound (2 levels)
  • The IPX5 minor waterproof design is intended to be suitable for light rain or exposure to wet grass
  • Appropriate for dogs eight pounds
  • Over two modes of training without shock
  • IPX5 waterproof
  • Wireless range of up to 500 feet


  • Adjustable strap can fit 6-inch neck sizes
  • No vibration or shock mode
  • It is safer for tiny dogs
  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor training
  • Rainproof
  • Long-lasting battery
  • 300-400 sprays capacity


  • It is only available in one colour
  • Not waterproof

10. PetSafe Rechargeable Bark Collar Waterproof – Best Bark Collar for Chihuahua

This is another collar I have reviewed in my article on the best bark collars suitable for Dachshunds‘. It’s small and light so that Chihuahuas can use it.

The bark collar comes with two modes for training. It features a vibration and beep mode with vibration only and a beat with shock.

It utilizes the Smart Correction technology in which the first bark is followed by a three-second beep and a 5-sec vibration, followed by a second one that is followed with the same 1.5-sec mild shock.

The static levels are adjustable from 1 to 5. The system uses a unique bark detection technology that goes off upon sound and the vibration of your dog’s throat.

You can choose to turn off the shock mode and continue to operate with vibration and beep if you aren’t a fan of the shock function. The auto-off protection feature is excellent as well.

It’s IPX7 waterproof, so you don’t have to be concerned about swimming your dog in it.

ZNFSZ collar ZNFSZ collar is composed of rubber and plastic, making it cheaper in terms of cost.


  • Five sensitivity levels
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Automatic protection mode 
  • The reflective strap has an LED screen


  • Protection from auto-off
  • Submersible
  • 12-day battery life that lasts for a long time
  • Reflective strip on the collar


  • Not very long-lasting
  • False correction is not enough

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are bark collars safe for Chihuahuas?
The most static energy an e-collar could emit is just 0.0003 J. It’s similar to typical training and stimulation devices that humans utilize. The shocks don’t cause harm to them.

How can you get your Chihuahua from barking?
Despite its size, its size isn’t too big. Chihuahua prefers to believe it’s the boss and often barks to achieve what it needs. Be sure that this energetic dog gets enough exercise, isn’t dull enough, and has been socialized since the age of a puppy. Learn commands with the bark collar to aid in training in obedience training.

What is the ideal collar for your dog to deter barking?
If you have a small dog and are unsure about using shock or vibration modes on the neck of your dog small size, you might be searching for a collar with spray or beep modes. They are more secure and suitable for dogs that weigh 8 pounds or less.

Are there collars with shocks for Chihuahuas?
Shock collars with adjustable neck straps to accommodate neck sizes smaller than 8 inches. They’re also lightweight and appropriate for Chihuahua’s tiny body.


If you have a small dog like the Chihuahua, I’d recommend this Citronella Spray Dog Training Collar with Remote Control made by WWVVPET. It has two levels of beeps and sprays modes. It’s compact yet light. It has 500 feet of range, so it’s excellent for outdoor use. The remote is waterproof and IPX5 rated.

Above, you have the list of the best bark collar for Chihuahuas. All you need to do is figure out what bark collar would be the best for your dog, and next, you can check the list above to make a better decision.

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