The dogs and cats are both accustomed to routines, but working long hours and busy schedules can make it challenging to maintain a consistent meal schedule. Automated pet feeders offer the right amount of food according to set times, so you do not need to rush back home to feed your pets.

There are a variety of kinds of feeders to suit the needs of your pet’s meals. Smart feeders let you change your pet’s meals remotely and even feed your pet snacks using your smartphone, and some even come with an integrated camera so you can check in on your pet at any time. Some feeders do not use the app but have useful features like keeping chilled food cold and allowing access to the pet’s microchips to identify your pet.

Let’s see some of the best automatic feeders for cats in 2022.

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What Are The Qualities Of The Best Automatic Cat Feeders?

The Best Automatic Cat Feeders Are Smooth And Quiet

Failure and jamming are regular problems with undesigned automatic cat feeders. They can’t take the food you feed their bowls; they fail as they whirr and clank and, ultimately, do not feed your cat.

We looked through reviews of customers to ensure that our feeders operate quietly and reliably with as little disruption as possible.

Great Automatic Cat Feeders Are Compatible With Your Cat’s Favorite Food

Be sure that the feeder can handle the type of food your cat is fond of. Even though top-of-the-line feeders boast compatibility with all shapes and sizes of the food, you could add to them, and you’ll need to look a bit further for a feeder suitable for raw or wet food.

The Best Automatic Cat Feeders Are Secure, Ensuring That Your Cat Can’t Hack The System

A poor-designed automatic feeder can’t compete with an enthusiastic and creative cat’s craving to consume. Relaxed cats can use the less secure feeders. Very hungry people will require a secure system only humans can manipulate.

The Best Automatic Cat Feeders Have A Large Food Capacity

As the most effective fountains have a large water capacity, the most effective automatic feeders feature giant hoppers or compartments that can hold many food items.

This is particularly important if you’re planning to leave your home for a few days and rely on the food bowl to keep your cat fed throughout your absence.

The Best Automatic Cat Feeders Fit Your Budget

There’s an automatic feeder that fits nearly every budget. The simplest gravity-powered feeders will typically be the least expensive option, while automated feeders with high-tech smartphone connectivity are more expensive.


In general, automatic cat feeders vary from just $10 for the basic models to $250 for a top-of-the-line model.

The Best Automatic Cat Feeders Have Reliable Power

Most automatic cat feeders are powered by an outlet powered by electricity and depend on your home’s power. To ensure your pet will continue to eat in the event of power failure, it is essential that your feeder comes with an extra battery. This will ensure that your feeder functions even when your power source isn’t. One of the critical features is anti-jamming technology in automatic feeders.

In contrast, some cat feeders don’t have a power cord and depend on batteries alone. Batteries-dependent models must have a track record of longevity of batteries and dependability.

Although automatic cat feeders come in many styles, five significant kinds are available. Each caters to different requirements and is best suited to the different types of cat owners. We’ll explore the different characteristics of each.

Types of Cat Feeders

1. Gravity-Based Automatic Cat Feeders

The most basic of automatic smart cat feeders, these devices dispense food by relying on gravity’s power.

They’re not timed or adjustable, and you cannot use them to monitor your cat’s behavior from anywhere around the globe. However, for some, they’re a great solution. They’re ideal for those with dry feeders and who need to control their cat’s food consumption while away for the weekend.

The most low-tech option on this list, gravity-based feeders can be the least expensive.

Simple feeders are great for those on a tight budget. However, they’re not the best option for extremely hungry cats. If your cat seems determined to get food from the feeder, These are the simplest feeders for cats to “hack” or tip over.

2. Programmable Upright Automatic Cat Feeders

This feeder type has the same hopper and dispensing system as a gravity-based one. However, it’s also programmable, which means you can determine when it dispenses the kibble and how much goes out with each feeding.

These feeders are great for those who wish to control your cat’s intake of dried food on the prescribed timetable. There are many variations in the quality, and you may have a jammed feeder or make a poor choice of food. If you want to manage your cat’s food intake precisely, you might want to consider the following type of automatic feeder.

3. Programmable Dish-Style Automatic Cat Feeders

These feeders function differently from the standard automatic feeder. They come with several compartments for food and, based on the set timeframe, reveal the food hidden in the covered saucers.

Due to their limited number of food compartments, this kind of feeder that is automatic might not be the most suitable option for trips that last longer. They can provide at least six portions before needing to be filled.

These kinds of feeders are only compatible with non-kibble or wet food. It is possible to use these feeders to keep canned food or wet foods for up to 24 hours.

Although they have a smaller capacity, they’re still ideal for those looking to manage their cat’s food intake.

4. Smart Automatic Cat Feeders

The feeders are connected to your phone and allow you to manage your cat’s food from a distance. They also have webcams to view your cat’s behavior through the automatic feeder.

While they may sound appealing in theory, intelligent cat feeders fail. They cost a lot for, basically, webcams as well as the ability to modify your settings when you’re not at home.

If these features sound appealing, an automatic feeder may be a great addition to your collection of gadgets. If you’re only concerned about ensuring your cat is well-fed while you’re away, an ordinary programmable feeder can work just as well.

5. Microchip Automatic Cat Feeders

Instead of dispensing food in a controlled manner, The feeders can help to divide meals among your cats. They also guard your cat’s food against the wrath of a dog.

Although they’re not the best choice for all felines if you’re looking to keep your cat’s food separate due to specific food preferences or gluttony, These feeders are the best alternative. They’re simple to use and typically do their task without a hitch or fuss.

List of the Best Automatic Feeders for Cats in 2022

The following is the list of the best automatic feeders for cats in 2022:

No.PhotoTitle Buy

Overall Best: Feeder-Robot by Whisker Automatic Pet Feeder


Runner Up: Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder


Most Versatile: PetSafe Eatwell 5-Meal Pet Feeder


Best For Dry Cat Food: PetSafe Automatic Feeder


Best For Long Absences: Petlibro Easy Automatic Feeder


Best Smart Feeder: Wopet SmartFeed


Best Microchip Feeder: SureFeed Microchip Feeder

  1. Overall Best: Feeder-Robot by Whisker Automatic Pet Feeder
  2. Runner Up: Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder
  3. Most Versatile: PetSafe Eatwell 5-Meal Pet Feeder
  4. Best For Dry Cat Food: PetSafe Simply Feed Automatic Pet Feeder
  5. Best For Long Absences: Petlibro Easy Feed 6L Automatic Pet Feeder
  6. Best Smart Feeder: Wopet SmartFeed Automatic Pet Feeder
  7. Best Microchip Feeder: SureFeed Microchip Automatic Pet Feeder

1. Overall Best: Feeder-Robot by Whisker Automatic Pet Feeder

Feeder-Robot by Whisker Automatic Pet Feeder

Litter-Robot’s one you’re likely familiar with in the realm of pet technology. We’ve examined the Litter-Robot3 Connect automated, self-cleaning robot that lets you skip the scooping with a comprehensive package.

The Feeder-Robot lets you stop taking measurements and administering your cat’s food, making it easier to establish a steady and predictable feeding schedule for your feline.

This wireless-enabled automatic pet feeder can be a programmable upright pet feeder. It can store 32 cups of semi-moist or dry cat food. It can also dispense portions that range between 1/8 cup and 1 cup. You can set up as many as eight meal times every day using the feeder or the Feeder-Robot app.

If the control of portion size isn’t an issue, it is possible to take the hopper off and make it an automatic feeder. This is the best cat feeder with a timer. 

The Feeder-Robot is different from other models that are programmable for uprights because of its innovative features and well-thought-out design. With its integrated anti-jam system, the Feeder-Robot doesn’t block or block as often as other models and comes with an easy-to-read hopper-level indicator, to tell you when it’s time for refilling the feeder.

The app allows you to control your Feeder Robot (and other Litter-Robot products like Litter-Robot Connect Litter-RobotConnect 3) anywhere. You can alter food schedules, provide immediate feeds or monitor the level of the hopper. The app also gives you insight into your pet’s food habits.

Although the Feeder-Robot offers some unique features, it is at a cost. With nearly $250, this feeder is among the most expensive available. The feeder comes with a stainless-steel and plastic bowl when you purchase it, and it also has a backup battery with a 24-hour battery; however, it’s challenging to determine if the clever features are worth the money.

It’s also important to note that, while there are many “smart” feeders that double as pet cameras, the Feeder Robot isn’t. It’s also unable to create a video message for the cat’s name at mealtimes after food is served as you could with other models such as that of the WOPET Automatic Feeder.

If you have an automatic Litter-Robot litter box, You might like having control over both the Feeder-Robot and Litter-Robot through the same application. Utilizing the Connect app, the setup process is easy and straightforward. Overall, it’s an incredibly versatile and reliable food source, but it’s not in every cat’s budget.


  • Connects to the WiFi in your home and is controlled by an application.
  • It is designed with anti-jamming technology.
  • Included are a power cord and battery backup for up to all hours of the day.
  • It comes with stainless steel and a plastic bowl.
  • Also, it can be used as a gravity feed by taking the hopper off.
  • Connect app is compatible to connect with other Litter-Robot devices.
  • It comes with a warranty of 18 months.


  • Significantly more expensive than many models.
  • It limits you to dry food items only.
  • There is no “call to meal” function to let the cat know when food is served.

2. Runner Up: Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder

Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder

This feeder that is automatic consists of a rotating dish, which has five compartments. Each includes a portion of food. As with all dish-style feeders, this one has a distinct advantage over traditional upright feeders that have the feeder. It lets you select the exact type of food you’d like your cat to consume.

If the cat is fed raw chicken wings or medication wrapped in cheese or dry kibble, this feeder will distribute the food according to a predetermined timetable. You can pick between 4 different times for feeding. The backup power supply of the automatic feeder is one of the features. 

The feeder will show each meal time on an LCD display. It makes it easy to monitor and modify your cat’s eating schedule. The ability to customize the feed schedule has some limitations, however.

The feeder has five 11.5-ounce food compartments, one of which is only for immediate feeding, meaning that you’ll need to replenish it frequently. It’s probably not the best choice when you have multiple animals, lengthy trips, or those who do not want to measure their cat’s meals. Also, I found the dishes quite deep, which might cause discomfort for particular cats.

This cat feeder is automated and gives you the same experience as other dish-style rotating feeders; however, it offers a few extra functions.

In addition, The Cat Mate food processor can store ice in the compartments that feed. Is a mini ice chest that keeps food chilled and fresh for about 1-2 days, depending on conditions.

While it lacks many features you’ll discover in other feeders with programmable functions and needs frequent refills, it is a fantastic choice for those looking to feed their cat wet food or a range of food types.

This feeder runs on three AAA batteries, but they aren’t included in the purchase.


  • Compatible with any kind of medication or food.
  • Secure and safe – cats aren’t able to access food items under the cover.
  • Cost-effective compared to other feeders.
  • Contains ice packs for fresher food.


  • You’ll have to weigh your food items yourself.
  • Only five compartments are available. This makes it not ideal for long-distance trips.
  • The deep bowls can be intricate for some cats to consume.
  • The feeder’s batteries are its sole supply of power (not included).

3. Most Versatile: PetSafe Eatwell 5-Meal Pet Feeder

PetSafe Eatwell 5-Meal Pet Feeder

Rated as the top auto feeder for small and cat-sized dogs on Wirecutter, This dish-shaped feeder can consistently and efficiently provide meals in the proper portion you choose. It’s not a good option if you spend more than two days away from home. However, it could make your routine more manageable for your cat if it requires exceptional food and treats.

This dish-shaped feeder may limit your options by requiring you to measure the portions of your cat’s food, and it compensates for the lost convenience with controlling. 

Like the earlier model, should your cat follow a specific eating regimen, this feeder allows you to weigh portions of snacks, treats, medication, and meals.

The serving disk is divided into five compartments of 8oz of this automatic pet feeder. Five compartments are reserved to be used for fast eating. You can select specific feeding times for each of the other compartments.

Programming the digital display can take time as the buttons are marked with symbols. It is necessary to study the manual to learn what buttons to press and which ones to press in what order; however, it’s pretty simple once you’ve got the hang of it.

The automatic cat feeder appears similar to a food-dispensing Roomba vacuum cleaner. Since it’s so low-slung, excited cat owners will not flip it over. Also, cats cannot get into the dispenser to open the food dispenser by themselves, unlike standing dispensers. It’s an excellent choice for food-driven cats who are inclined to fight and beg for food.

Although this feeder is extremely safe once you’ve shut it down, you aren’t able to monitor the feeding schedule once it’s been set up as it is using Cat Mate C500. Cat Mate C500. The food compartments aren’t as big and also, which allows for more cats to consume their food.

The feeder runs on the four batteries D, but they’re omitted. If you’d like to connect it to an outlet on the wall but cannot do so. The device doesn’t come with a power cord, and there’s no power cord available for purchase.


  • Compatible with any kind of medication or food.
  • You can choose precisely how much you’d like to offer your cat.
  • Cheaper than other feeders.
  • Pet-proofing virtually keeps even the most ferocious cats from food storage.
  • The product comes with a 12-month warranty.


  • Plastic bowls aren’t as clean as ceramic or stainless steel bowls.
  • With only five compartments, This isn’t the ideal option for long-distance trips.
  • Rely solely on batteries and aren’t included with your purchase.
  • You can’t see the feeding schedule after the lid is closed securely.

4. Best For Dry Cat Food: PetSafe Simply Feed Automatic Pet Feeder

PetSafe Simply Feed Automatic Pet Feeder

This model is equipped with a 24-cup hopper, and an effortless operation is among the easiest feeders available.

Because of its conveyor design, it’s a trustworthy choice that’s not likely to block or jam in the presence of wet cat food, dry or semi-moist. Some reviewers say the feeder is noisy; however, most reviews say that the feeder is silent and quiet. My cats initially were a bit hesitant about the device initially, and although they eventually adapted to feeding from it, they found the sound a bit intimidating. This Automatic Cat Feeder has a simple design and an easily programmable system.

The feeder is sturdy and, once full of pet food, is very difficult for cats to scratch over. Cats with a high level of motivation, however, could be able to climb inside the chute and get the food.

The PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed is highly customizable and allows you to customize your cat’s feeding routine. You can choose your own two-day scheduled feeding schedule, with twelve different times for feeding. If you need to feed your cat immediately, you’ll be able to make it happen by using the”immediate feed” “immediate feed” function.

If your cat is inclined to gobble up food and eat it up, you’ll enjoy the slow feed feature that gradually disperses food over 15 minutes.

The sizes of meals vary from 1/8 of a cup (two spoons) to four cups of food served at a time. It is possible to keep all meals similar in size or alter the portion sizes for each portion. The bowl is more significant than needed to provide a suitable portion for a cat of average size.

The feeder runs on batteries that are not included and will ensure that the unit is running for around one year. If you’d instead connect it to an electrical electricity cable, it’s possible to get an additional cable for just $13.


  • The dishwasher-safe bowl comes with a clean stainless-steel bowl.
  • The model has a slow feed option for cats who consume their food in a gulp.
  • It can store as much as 24 cups of food with a capacity of 5 cups for a bowl.
  • Sturdy and solid design, not susceptible to jamming, as do some feeders.
  • It comes with a 12-month guarantee.


  • It limits you to dry food items only.
  • Bowl could be a bit too big for cats.
  • Cats can get into the chute and grab the food by themselves.

5. Best For Long Absences: Petlibro Easy Feed 6L Automatic Pet Feeder

Petlibro Easy Feed 6L Automatic Pet Feeder

If your cat consumes dry food, an upright feeder with programmable functions is one of the most effective ways to ensure they receive the proper amount of food every time, regardless of what.

This simple feeder made by Petlibro is packed with various features and an adorable design, making it among the most flexible and popular options available. It holds 6 liters or between 21 to 25.4 cups of cat food. It can be customized to fit the program you’ve chosen.

With six feeding times and ultra-adjustable portions that range from 2.5 teaspoons to more than 3 cups, you’ll be in a position to customize your cat’s diet and provide them precisely the quantity of cat food that they require at the time they require it. Alongside scheduled feedings, the instant feed feature allows you to dispense a specific portion at just two presses.

The voice recording function lets you speak to your cat for each meal. The combination of indicator lights and an LCD display provide an overview of the condition of the feeder. Make use of the LCD screen that is easy to read to modify your cat’s feed schedule, check the power of the battery, and determine when the feeder is empty. This automatic cat feeder is a digital cat feeder with a timer.

Its sleek body, quiet operation, and gently-sloping bowl make it an excellent choice for cats. Of all the feeders we reviewed, this is the one where the cats we tested were most at ease.

The feeder is a somewhat secure design, with an enclosed lid, but it’s not immune to attacks. Cats with a high level of motivation may be able to put their paws through the chute to retrieve the kibble or shake it loose by knocking it over. If your pet is inclined to steal food, feeding a feeder with an internal food conveyor — like the pet safe Simply Feed in the next section of this list — will provide more security.

Utilize Coupon code XALLABOUTCATS at checkout to receive 20 percent off this feeder or any other item in the Petlibro store.


  • Flexible eating with ultra-adjustable meal sizes and six meal times.
  • Uses the power cord included and Backup batteries (not included).
  • Large food hoppers should last a cat for at least three weeks.
  • Indicator lights that are useful and LCD screens make it simple to track.
  • Priced competitively.


  • The anti-overflow mechanism keeps large meals from being able to dispense completely.
  • Doesn’t come with an option to slow-feed cats that eat fast.

6. Best Smart Feeder: Wopet SmartFeed Automatic Pet Feeder

Wopet SmartFeed Automatic Pet Feeder

Like the previous models, it’s an upright feeder for dried cat food. This WOPET SmartFeed comes with all the fundamental characteristics of a superb food dispenser, with a few additional features. If you’re looking for the best control over the food dispenser, think about this smart feeder by WOPET.

With the simple LCD display, this dispenser can be programmed for up to 4 automated customized meals daily. With the portion size control wheel in the dispenser, users can decide to serve between 2 teaspoons and 4.5 cups of food per portion. You can also program specific portions for every meal.

The feeder is equipped with the ability to record voice, which allows users to create an automatic audio message to notify their cat at every food intake. It also functions as a pet camera, which means you can monitor your cat while away from home.

The feeder connects to the local WiFi connection to link to your Android and iOS device. Once the feeder is connected via your mobile device, it becomes an active pet watcher with remote functions. You can monitor your cat from a distance using the wide-angle camera and converse with him through the microphone on your phone. This Automatic Cat Feeder is Easy to clean and sanitize. 

Many reviewers have said that this feeder was simple to set up. Many said they had installed it without reading the instruction manual. My experience was different, however. I discovered it to be among the most challenging feeders to install.

Instructions are in broken English and could be somewhat challenging to follow. I had to try several methods to understand the intent of the instructions to communicate, and, ultimately, it took time to get everything working. Regarding scheduling, however, the WOPET application was much more straightforward to utilize than the interface that relies on buttons for some other apps.

It appears to be able to meet all its essential functions, functioning continuously and effectively. It has an integrated power supply system that comprises an adapter for power and backup power. This provides peace of mind if an outage in power won’t force you to rely on short battery life.

The bowl of this clever feeder was much smaller than the others, which I thought could make it more cat-friendly. The drawback to this is that the cat food was likely to bounce around on some of the edges just a bit.

Overall, this feeder can combine all the essential features of a quality cat feeder, with the convenience and enjoyment of a sophisticated system.


  • An enormous capacity food container, which can hold 20 twenty cups of dry food.
  • It’s very simple to set up and program.
  • Small portions controlled by size help avoid eating too much.
  • It also has a recording feature for voice it helps alert your cat every mealtime.
  • This auto feeder is reliable and consistent.


  • It is suitable for dry cat food.
  • One of the most costly cat food dispensers that you can purchase.

7. Best Microchip Feeder: SureFeed Microchip Automatic Pet Feeder

SureFeed Microchip Automatic Pet Feeder

Instead of distributing portions of food under an established schedule, this feeder’s primary goal is to ensure that only particular cats have the right to access the food. When your pet is following a particular diet or cannot start eating without another cat jumping into it to steal the food, This feeder could assist in making sure they have what they need.

Its SureFeed microchip feeder is compatible with the microchip of your cat’s current or the RFID tag for your collar.

If the feeder spots one of the up to 32 pairs of chips or collars, the receptacle for feeding will be opened, giving your cat an access point to food. After your cat leaves the detection area, the receptacle is shut and seals the food until the next time they’re ready to eat.

According to customer reviews, the programming process is simple and quick, and you’ll be able to feed in only a few minutes. I concurred with these reviews; I found the set-up process extremely easy. This Automatic Cat Feeder Holds both dry and wet cat food. 

Since it’s an additional-security food bowl, it can be used with all the food items you’d place in a standard cat bowl. As opposed to a traditional bowl, this one keeps food fresher for longer. Be aware that it does not come with an ice pack similar to the Cat Mate C500.

The feeder runs with batteries that aren’t included, and installing it using an electrical cord is impossible. If the power goes out, the device can keep all the programs.


  • Ideally, more aggressive cats can capture cat food.
  • Ideal for separating special diets.
  • Cats are remembered after the loss of power.
  • Food stays fresher in the sealed compartment.
  • Compatible with dry and wet food items.
  • Both mats and bowls are simple to take off and wash.
  • The colors are available in various colors.
  • The product comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • Food thieves who are highly motivated may be able to consume food out of the bowl’s sides after the lid has been raised.
  • The product doesn’t come with the batteries you need, and there’s also no power cord alternative.

Are Automatic Cat Feeders A Good Idea?

Automated cat feeders offer an easy method of ensuring that your cat is fed and healthy when you’re at home or on the move. However, they’re not the ideal option for every family. Here are some advantages of automated feeders and the top cat feeder, along with the reasons to purchase one.

An Automatic Feeder Ensures That Your Cat Receives Portioned Meals When You’re Not Home

For trips that are short and lengthy days, an automated cat feeder can provide portion control, as well as the mealtime management your cat requires. In contrast to an ice cream container full of cat food, an automatic food dispenser ensures that your cat will not gorge on their way through or gain weight while you’re away.

If you feed your cat wet food, a refrigerated dish is among the most effective methods to feed cats fresh food or wet even when you’re away.

In addition, automatic feeders can be an efficient way of providing numerous small meals throughout the day. Since cats are natural predators, they in natural environments could consume six meals daily. This eating routine can keep them active and your cat content while preventing hunger and boredom cravings leading to overeating and weight gain.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Auto feeders: Are they worth it?
There is no denying that automatic feeders may significantly simplify your life. Scheduling meals and establishing portions gives you great peace of mind that your pet will be fed on time and stay healthy. There are many additional benefits, such as the absence of morning wake-up calls.

What is the most effective approach to feeding several cats?
Close the doors between them while eating and feed them in separate rooms. Keep other cats outside until it’s their turn to be fed, and feed the cats in the same room at different times. Feed cats in the same space, but segregate it when mealtimes come around. Feed the cats in various amounts.

What to consider when buying an automatic cat feeder?
Purchase a Wi-Fi auto feeder or make sure the pet feeder has an excellent digital timer.
Verify that You Can Feed Your Cat Small Portions With The Feeder.
Verify that the feeder will function with the type of pellet your cat eats.

How to train your cat to use an automatic pet feeder?
To help him become acquainted with the feeder, remove a few pieces of kibble from it and place them directly next to it. This may take many days to complete. They feel more at ease after watching the other cat consume food from it. Put a few bits of bacon or something you know he can’t resist in the bowl.


If you feed wild cats outside, you’re probably aware that cat food appeals to more than wild animals – skunks, raccoons, dogs from the neighborhood, and other animals that live nearby are fond of feeding on cat foods.

An automatic feeder distributes portions of cat food that are large enough for a cat and then segregate the rest, ensuring that your cats outside have the nutrition they require.

If your cat tends to take in their food and then throw it out later, you’re aware that eating fast can be an issue. Specific automatic feeders are made to cater to cats that do this by reducing your cat’s eating rate and aiding them in properly absorbing their meals.

In this article, we have discussed some of the best automatic feeders for cats in 2022.

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