The only difference between conventional manual cat doors and automatic cat doors is that the former utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide several benefits that its manual counterparts, which are more traditional, do not have. In this Guide, we will discuss the Best Automatic Cat Doors.

Automatic locking systems and timers can help set boundaries for your cats so that they cannot get out of the house when you do not want them to; electronic cat doors that can only be activated with your cat’s microchip, a magnetic collar, or an RFID which is a perfect feature you can have in case you have cats that you do not want sneaking anywhere outside your house; and many more features.

They are pretty handy for cat owners because of their excellent features, such as electronic cat doors that can only be activated with your Because of the safety and security that these automatic cat doors can provide. 

The features that they come equipped with can help you feel more at ease and free of worries. There are a lot of cat owners who are going to adore such features, and we are very confident that tech-savvy cat owners are also going to adore them.

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Automatic vs. Manual Cat Doors

Automatic cat doors include many distinct advantages that manual cat doors cannot give you. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the many benefits that electronic cat doors have over manual cat doors.

Because some automatic cat doors are motorized, they will not unlock unless they first determine that your cat is in the immediate vicinity. Electronic cat doors like this may read information from radio frequency identification tags (RFIDs), magnetic collars, and microchips if your cat has one. Because of this, the flaps will not open unless it detects your cat’s magnetic collar or RFID tag when it is in the vicinity.

Other types of intelligent cat doors equipped with this technology allow you to control who may and cannot go through the flaps in the door. If you have more than one cat in your home, installing an intelligent door for your cat allows you to select which of your feline companions is allowed to enter and exit the house at any given time. 

This comes in handy if you have a cat you don’t want going for walks outside or getting away from your sight for any reason. This might give you peace of mind that they are safe within your home.

Some electronic cat doors come equipped with automated locking mechanisms that prevent your pet from escaping the house when you are sound asleep in the middle of the night. You have the option of totally locking it up, allowing them to either enter or exit via it, or allowing your cats to pass through it freely.

Other types of automatic cat doors include timers and additional customization options that can be tailored to each pet you own. This is a beneficial feature because it enables you to select a different configuration for each cat. These automatic cat doors, which come equipped with auto locks and timers, can also be of great assistance in preventing other stray animals from gaining access to your home.

Different Varieties of Cat Doors

Three primary types of cat doors are available on the market now.


Electromagnetic doors are the most straightforward of the recently developed technologies. They are opened by the use of a magnet that is attached to the cat’s collar. Any magnet may open the door due to the simplicity of the design. Despite this, it is typically more affordable to replace them.

ID Discs

ID Discs include microchips that are already registered to that particular flap when they are purchased. You will need to install the collar on your cat so the door will open automatically whenever it comes close. However, you will need to purchase replacement discs for this design, even though it is more secure than electromagnetic designs.


The microchip pet doors do not require you to attach additional items to your cat’s collar, making them an appealing option for many folks. Instead, they are opened using the microchip that is already implanted in your cat. These are quickly becoming some of the most popular options available for cat doors on the market today.

List of the Best Automatic Cat Doors

The following is the list of the Best Automatic Cat Doors:

No.PhotoTitle Buy

SureFlap Microchip Cat Door


PetSafe Microchip Cat Door


Ani Mate Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap


Cat Mate Timer Control Cat Flap


Ani Mate Cat Mate Elite “Super Selective” I.D. Disc Cat Flap


Perfect Pet E-Cat Electromagnetic Cat Door

  1. SureFlap Microchip Cat Door: Affordable Best Electronic and Automatic Cat Door
  2. PetSafe Microchip Cat Door – Best Microchip Cat Door
  3. Ani Mate Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap – Best Auto Pet Door
  4. Cat Mate Timer Control Cat Flap (359W) – Best Time-Controlled Cat Door
  5. Ani Mate Cat Mate Elite “Super Selective” I.D. Disc Cat Flap with Timer Control (305W) – Best Ant Mate Cat Door
  6. Perfect Pet E-Cat Electromagnetic Cat Door (PEC) – Best Electromagnetic Cat Door

1. SureFlap Microchip Cat Door: Affordable Best Electronic and Automatic Cat Door

 SureFlap Microchip Cat Door

Your cat has a microchip implanted in its body, and the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door is an automatic door for cats that uses this microchip to open and close. When your cat uses the door to come in or go out, the microchip acts as an identity mark and unlocks the flaps automatically.

This function stops stray animals from breaking into and squatting in your treasured home, can give you peace of mind, and make you feel more secure. This automatic cat door is equipped with a magnet that firmly holds the flap in place, preventing it from moving and opening.


  • It makes use of RFID to read the microchip in your cat.
  • Because it is compatible with microchip numbers containing nine (Avid Secure), ten (FDXA), and fifteen (FDXB) digits, you will not have any difficulty using the microchip that was already implanted in your cat.
  • It has a large door for giant cats. 
  • Lock that is programmable and allows you to set curfew periods for your cats, allowing you to manage when they are allowed to go outside.
  • The height of the aperture is 6 11/16 inches, and the width is 7 inches, making it significantly larger than standard cat doors.
  • Easy one-button programming so that with just the touch of a button, the SureFLap Microchip cat door can already learn and identify which cat is which. This feature allows for quick and accurate identification of your feline friends.
  • Utilizes four C batteries, each of which has a lifespan of over a year (not included).
  • The low battery indicator flashes a red light to tell you that the battery’s life is getting short and that you should replace it soon.
  • Can become proficient in up to 32 different breeds of cats.

2. PetSafe Microchip Cat Door – Best Microchip Cat Door

PetSafe Microchip Cat Door

The PetSafe Microchip Cat Door performs the same duties as the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door; however, the PetSafe Microchip Cat Door can learn more cats than the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door. While SureFlap can operate with up to 32 cats at a time, PetSafe allows you to work with up to 40 cats simultaneously. 

This is an excellent product for cat owners who run catteries, average cat owners who have a large number of cats, or both, as it will assist them in maintaining the health and well-being of their feline in a safe and secure environment.


  • Compatible with microchips having 9, 10, and 15 digits, allowing you to use the microchip already implanted in your cat with no further effort.
  • Requires four AA batteries, which can last up to a year if the product is used moderately by a maximum of two cats.
  • The use of a quota system.
  • This microchip cat door has a low-battery indicator to tell you when those four AA batteries need to be changed. A flap with a draught excluder means that this automatic cat door is insulation-friendly, with the flap being more resistant to draughts than other flaps on similar products.
  • Integrated locking system with four distinct modes: locked, partially locked, selective entrance and exit, and free entry and exit.

3. Ani Mate Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap – Best Auto Pet Door

Ani Mate Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap

The Ani Mate Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap is a dependable, battery-assisted, magnetically-operated cat flap in three sizes to fit small, medium, and large cats. The door is operated magnetically. 

It is a cat door that only opens in one direction, preventing unwanted cats or other strays from entering your home but allowing your cats to leave the house and go outside. The dimensions are 7 5/8 inches wide by 9 12 inches tall, and the cut-out dimensions are 6 5/8 inches wide by 8 5/8 inches tall (WxH).


  • Equipped with a four-way locking system that enables you to use this automatic cat door without collar tags, the system allows for entry only, exit only, completely locked, or open freely operation.
  • Designed with a brush strip that helps reduce both the amount of quiet motion and the amount of energy lost.
  • When you make a purchase, you will receive two magnets for cat collars.
  • Because it requires batteries, you should have a backup supply in case the ones come running out; the batteries are helpful for the flap function that allows it to lock and release itself.

4. Cat Mate Timer Control Cat Flap (359W) – Best Time-Controlled Cat Door

Cat Mate Timer Control Cat Flap (359W)

The Cat Mate Timer Control Cat Flap (359W) is the latest product to be introduced under the Cat Mate brand manufactured by PetMate. It has a side panel that contains buttons labeled set and adjusts, which can be used to configure the LCD time control screen quickly. 

It comes with a five-way locking pet rotary system that enables you to effortlessly turn and switch to any setting you like anytime you feel the need to do so. Some cats prefer this automatic cat door because it has a rigid transparent polymer flap, which allows them to see what is going on outside or inside.

This allows them to be prepared for whatever is out there before venturing in and out of your house. Some cats prefer this quality because it allows them to see what is happening outside or inside.


  • You can set a time using the programmable LCD time control panel to lock the flaps during potentially hazardous hours to prevent them from stepping a paw out of your house during times like the middle of the night when you are already asleep or during rush hour when there is a lot of foot traffic.
  • Includes a five-way rotary locking system that gives you complete control over the number of times your cats enter or exit your home through the cat door. You can set the system so that it allows only entry or only exit, prevents all passage, allows free use of the cat door, or has a timed exit lock.
  • It runs on two AA batteries, which are not supplied, although they have a lifespan of up to two years.
  • Featuring self-lining up to 2 inches thick, which makes it ideal for a wide variety of doors, walls, and panels.
  • The silent auction feature reduces the risk of causing a commotion that could wake you up if you are already asleep and also prevents the possibility of frightening other cats who live in your home.
  • The durable transparent flap is created from polymer materials.
  • Protected from the elements and draughts, with a rainproof seal and a guarantee good for three years.

5. Ani Mate Cat Mate Elite “Super Selective” I.D. Disc Cat Flap with Timer Control (305W)- Best Ant Mate Cat Door

Ani Mate Cat Mate Elite

The Ani Mate Mate Mate Elite ID Disc Cat Flap with Timer Control includes an LCD control panel. This panel informs you of the time of the door’s most recent use and indicates which of the door’s four-way options is now operational. 

The “set” and “4-way” buttons can be found on the left-hand side of the screen, while the “timer” and “plus sign” buttons can be found on the right-hand side of the screen, respectively.

Using radio frequency identification (RFID) collar tags, this automatic cat door helps prevent stray animals from entering your home while allowing your cat unrestricted access to go in and out of the house whenever they please.


  • It also includes a four-way locking mechanism that may be configured to allow only entry from the outside, the only exit from the inside, free passage both ways, or locked all the way through.
  • The brush-sealed flap is utterly impervious to the elements and draughts.
  • guarantee from the manufacturer for three years.
  • Control of every access and exit on an individual basis.
  • Includes a timer control feature that enables you to restrict or loosen the access for your cats, enabling you to keep your cats secure inside your home while you are out at work or school at night.
  • It utilizes a one-of-a-kind door-locking mechanism (RFID), which not only permits entry for your pets but also discourages other animals from entering.
  • Functions with four AA batteries, which, depending on how often they are used, can last anywhere from three to nine months (batteries not included).
  • The LCD notifies you of your cat’s location and the time and date of the door’s most recent use and provides additional information regarding their entry and exit. This function is exclusive to this cat door, enabling you to see if your cat is inside or outside your home. This allows you to feel more at rest in situations where your cats become silent or go into hiding.
  • Includes an indication of the remaining battery life.

6. Perfect Pet E-Cat Electromagnetic Cat Door (PEC) – Best Electromagnetic Cat Door

Perfect Pet E-Cat Electromagnetic Cat Door

The Perfect Pet E-Cat Electromagnetic Cat Door is an entire electronic entry system from Ideal Products. It is regarded as one of the company’s best products due to its ease of use, comprehensive functions, and affordable pricing.

The flap opening for the cat door measures 7 inches by 9 inches (L x H), while the cutout size of the cat for the cat door measures 7-3/8 inches by 11-1/4 inches. Between two to twenty-five pounds is the ideal weight range to aim for.


  • Durable translucent flap manufactured from unbreakable Lexan polycarbonate material.
  • It contains magnetic collars that activate the flaps for limited access, allowing only your cats to enter and exit the door, which helps prevent unwelcome and harmful animals. Flaps may be activated by magnetic collars (magnetic collars included upon purchase).
  • Uses one nine-volt battery (not included).
  • Ideal for cats weighing up to 12 pounds; however, some cat owners claim it can hold cats weighing up to 25 pounds as well. Ideal for cats weighing up to 12 pounds.
  • Warranty with a time limit of one year.
  • It also includes a rotary locking system with four different locking modes: in and out option, entry only option, exit only option, and neither entry nor exit option.
  • Self-adjustment capabilities for the frame.
  • The purchase comes with the electronic sensor collar already supplied.
  • Mounting screws are included, and the frame may easily be attached to any standard door.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do automatic cat doors work?
To let your pet in or out, the door will only open after it has positively identified your pet. Electronic pet doors can be opened through microchips or via collar-mounted sensors.

How Much Do Automatic Cat Doors Cost?
The average price of a pet door, including labor, is between $100 and $500. Size, design, and placement options all affect the final cost. While some in-wall installations are simple enough for a do-it-yourselfer, more active jobs are better left to the experts.

Can You Put a Cat Door In Your Window?
A cat door can be installed in a window. The panel that contains the pet door may be adjusted in width or height to perfectly fit the dimensions of your window, making it an excellent choice as a cat door for the window.

How to stop other cats from using your pet’s door?
Methods for warding off stray cats.
Close and lock the door at night to keep the cat inside.
Get dinner out of the way or store away for the evening.
Do not feed or pet any cats that live in your vicinity.
Put in a pet door that opens and closes automatically for the cat.


Because so many reviews are available online, choosing from the seemingly unlimited number of possibilities can be challenging.

We hope that providing you with a list of the best automatic cat doors has, at the very least, assist you in shortening the number of products from which you can choose as prospective winners.

We did a lot of research, and the results showed that the Cat Mate Elite cat flap is the most effective door for cats overall. On the other hand, if you want to cut costs, the Cat Mate Microchip cat door is the one that will provide you with the best value for your money.

You can’t go wrong with any of these options, and in the end, your cat will be thrilled about the independence it has gained.

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