Garmin Collars have the highest prices in the industry. Why? Do I need one? As an electrician and experienced dog breeder, my objective was to review the best Garmin dog training collars. Are they worth the cost? They are. Garmin dog collars with GPS tracking and training are the best option.

Garmin collars are more expensive than other brands. There are a few reasons:

  • These collars can be used to track your dog even if your phone is not available. They are best suited for outdoor use.
  • Popular models such as the Alpha 200i, Alpha 100, and Astro can track up to 20 dogs simultaneously with a 9-mile range.
  • Preloaded maps
  • Battery life is long (most models last up to 20 hours).
  • Garmin can track systems are best for dogs that go out in the field with you. You can also check out our list of top GPS dog collars for 2021 to see if it isn’t what you were expecting.

Garmin has been a trusted name in dog GPS tracking and training devices for many years. A Garmin tracker has been involved in many rescues of dogs who have returned safely to their homes. There are many Garmin dog training and shock collars on the market, with various versions and designs. It can be hard to choose the right one for your dog, even though there are many options. We have reviewed the top Garmin dog training collars to help you choose the right one for your dog.

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GPS Collars: Benefits

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 14% of all lost dogs are never found. It is best to search your local area for lost dogs and ensure that your dog has an ID tag.

Imagine if you could track your dog’s movements and know when she goes off. It’s worth the peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about your dog wandering off-leash if you are taking her hiking.

GPS Microchip vs. Standard Microchip, What’s the Difference?

Microchips are usually associated with pets, and you think of them as microchips that have been embedded under the skin. There are many differences between an internal microchip for dogs and a GPS microchip to help you keep track of your dog.

GPS Microchip

An external GPS chip for dogs can be worn on the collar of your dog. The GPS chip transmits a continuous signal through the global satellite system to your dog’s collar. This allows you to view your dog’s exact location at any time. GPS pet trackers may also include message alerts and information about the activity and health of your dog.

Standard Microchip

A standard microchip is a chip that is placed under the skin of your dog. It contains information such as the chip ID, breed, owner details, and other pertinent information. A standard microchip can’t be used to track your dog’s movements at any time. It is only useful if your dog is found and taken to a shelter with a scanner that can read the chip.

List of the Best Garmin Dog training Collars

No.PhotoTitle Buy

Garmin Alpha 200i/T 5


Garmin Alpha 100 Collar


Garmin Astro 430/T5


Garmin Astro 900


Garmin Delta XC Bundle


Garmin PT10 Dog E Collar


Garmin TT15 Mini E Collar


Garmin Astro DC-40

The following is the list of the best Garmin Dog Training Collars:

  1. Garmin Alpha 200i/T 5 Dog Tracking System Collar Bundle
  2. Garmin Alpha 100 Collar For Dog GPS Tracking & Training 
  3. Garmin Astro 430/T5 GPS Dog Tracking System
  4. Garmin Astro 900 Dog Tracking Bundle
  5. Garmin Delta XC Bundle (Collar and Handheld Device)
  6. Garmin PT10 Dog E Collar Device (Pro 70/Pro 550)
  7. Garmin TT15 Mini E Collar
  8. Garmin Astro DC-40 Dog Tracking Collar

1. Garmin Alpha 200i/T 5 Dog Tracking System Collar Bundle

Dog Tracking System Collar Bundle

Garmin 200i, the newest Garmin collar released at the end of 2020, is without a doubt the best Garmin dog e-collar. It combines all of the training and tracking features. Garmin Alpha 200i can be purchased as a standalone device or in a bundle with other products. This could make it the best dog fitness package. This tracking device shows you maps that will show you your dog’s progress and let you know if your dog is meeting his fitness goals.

You are a dog lover who has too many dogs. The device can track up to 20 dogs, so you don’t need too many tracking devices. The device also has a barometric altimeter to determine if your dogs are traveling on steep terrain. This will help you to know the direction of your furry friend’s exercise moves. Hunt Metrics is available on the device.

This allows you to track your furry friend’s safety and health by keeping tabs on their hunting habits and hunt behaviors. You can also use the training buttons to help your dogs get active. This is the best feature. You can group active and inactive dogs together for an easier setup.

2. Garmin Alpha 100 Collar For Dog GPS Tracking & Training

Dog GPS Tracking & Training

Garmin Alpha 100 collar is the most widely used option for Garmin dog training and tracking systems. Garmin Alpha 100 will amaze you with its capabilities. The Garmin Alpha 100, unlike many other options, is both a training and tracking device. It is one of Garmin’s top models.

The Alpha 100 is designed to be your companion on your dog’s adventures. The combination of Garmin GPS tracking and Tri-Tronics training technology allows you to track where your dogs are at all times.

You can track up to 20 dogs with this simple handheld system! The TT 15 collar can be paired with it to extend the range by 9 miles. You can track your dog’s exact location even if they are far away using the large touchscreen display. TOPO U.S 100K maps from Alpha 100 will ensure you are always aware of your surroundings.

Garmin Alpha 100 collars can be used to create virtual boundaries on your map. This will ensure your dog is safe at all times. You will be notified immediately if your dog crosses the boundary.

Your handheld device is more than a map. A compass screen displays detailed information about your dog’s speed, direction, and distance from you. You can correct any dog using your handheld device, and you won’t have to mislead others. Garmin Alpha 100 is in action!

This is not all! Tri-Tronics technology will allow the Alpha 100 handheld device to correct multiple dogs and recall them. You can choose from traditional or linear progressions, tone, or stimulation types.

You can see the locations of other hunters while hunting. Garmin Alpha 100 tracking collar and training collar can be used to display information not only on the dogs but also on other Alpha handhelds. Impressive right?


  • One GPS tracking and training device.
  • You can track up to 20 dogs.
  • This screen displays the speed of dogs, their direction of travel, and how far they are from you.

3. Garmin Astro 430/T5 GPS Dog Tracking System

GPS Dog Tracking System

The Garmin Astro 430/T5 Bundle can track up to 20 dogs at a given time, just like the TT15 and Alpha 100 Bundles. There are two versions of the collars: a mini and a standard version. The Astro 430 can track up to 9 miles if paired with a GarminT5 collar device or up to 4 with the T5 mini collar. This Garmin collar for dogs is one of the best of its kind. 

Garmin Astro 430’s tracking capabilities are amazing. The location update rate takes 2.5 seconds. This is an extremely useful feature for dogs out on hunts. This collar provides faster tracking of dogs on the move than other dog tracking collars.

The Astro 430’s display allows you to see the current location of your dog and also shows a trail of his travels. You can also view the Dog Track page, which shows a compass that points to your dog’s exact location. Auto zooming the map page can be used to help you keep all your dogs visible.

The Astro 430 Garmin collar has a TOPO U.S 100K preloaded mapping and a free BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription for one year (a savings of $41.99). This makes it possible to track more accurately than ever before! You can now download satellite images to your Astro 430 and then integrate them with your maps. This will display relevant geographical features nearby and show you if your dog has crossed a stream or is close to a highway. This video is from Double U Hunting Supply. For a more thorough review, click here:

I could go on about the features and tracking capabilities of the Astro 430/T5 Bundle and even list my favorite things about it. It’s up to you now to see the greatness of this Garmin product. You can read our complete Garmin Astro430 review right here. You will be amazed!


  • You can track up to 20 dogs simultaneously.
  • Distances up to 9 mi.
  • This is the Garmin Dog Tracking Bundle. This bundle includes the same features as the Alpha 100, TT15/TT15 Mini bundle. The Garmin Astro 430/T5 dog tracking bundle is an upgrade!

4. Garmin Astro 900 Dog Tracking Bundle

Garmin offers a variety of GPS features

Garmin’s GPS collars were also voted the best for tracking hunting dogs. The handheld device, which can be purchased as a standalone or as a bundle, can monitor up to 20 dogs’ fitness records and provide hunting metrics. In this collar, Garmin offers a variety of GPS features.

Garmin fulfilled the description of this device as a tracking device that can be used for sporting dogs. It also highlighted its benefits for dogs’ health and fitness. The device can also be used for long-term tracking, up to 8 miles. This will surely help your dog shed some weight. Do you think your dog enjoys running uphill? Garmin Astro 900 dog tracker has GPS and GLONASS satellite receivers that are more sensitive than GPS. It can also track on slopes and in terrains better than GPS alone.

It comes with a Birdseye Satellite Imagery subscription for one year. This will give you better tracking of your dog’s movements. With the 2.5-second update rate, this device will not let you down. Similar to the Garmin dog trainer, it also features Hunt Metrics. This allows you to analyze your dogs’ speed, personal record, distance travelled, and time away. You can then review and improve your training. For easy reference, the Topo maps and compass cursors in different colors indicate each dog’s distance from you.

5. Garmin Delta XC Bundle (Collar and Handheld Device)

Collar and Handheld Device

The Garmin Delta XC Bundle powered by Tri-Tronics technology was our top choice for its build, durability, design, and comfort. The goal of the Garmin Delta XC Bundle is to give dog owners more control and simplify training their dogs. We were able to test it. This makes the list of the best Garmin dog training e-collar. 

The 3-button handheld controller features an easy-to-read LCD screen that displays false-correction prevention. The Garmin Delta collar is simple and effective. It requires only one hand to operate the three buttons for stimulation, tone, and vibration. The side buttons allow you to easily switch between different training settings and dogs.

Garmin Delta XC collar, on the other hand, is a compact and rugged device with contact points that allows for better training. Two pairs of contact points are included in the package, one long and one short. They can be interchanged to suit all breeds and lengths of dogs. The Delta XC collar, like all Garmin dog trackers, is IPX7 waterproof and works well in rain, snow, splashes, and even while showering.

This video is from Garmin and shows the main features of most Garmin collars. This video is about the Delta XC model.

Although the Garmin Delta XC Bundle is not designed for tracking, it can be used for training. The collar’s vibration and stimulation modes can be used to train your dog to stay in one spot. The collar can be used to correct undesirable behaviors and teach your dog new skills.

This Garmin dog tracking system allows you to train up to three dogs with one device. You can purchase additional Delta XC or Delta XC Sport collars. The Delta XC Sports collar comes with an optional “BarkLimiter” and can be upgraded to an even more luxurious version. This collar is an Amazon’s Choice and has 4.1 stars. You can be confident in its quality. This Garmin collar is also on our list of best Fitbit devices for dogs.


  • Tri-Tronics technology powers the system.
  • LCD display.
  • When it came down to picking the best Garmin dog tracking system, this combination of Garmin e collars and handheld devices was a clear choice.

6. Garmin PT10 Dog E Collar Device (Pro 70/Pro 550)

Dog E Collar Device

The Garmin PT10 Dog Device is the top choice when it comes to Garmin training collars. Despite the fact that it is more expensive, the PT10 Dog Device is trusted by dog owners, trainers, and experts. It is ideal for owners of multiple dogs, as you can train up to six dogs with it! This collar makes the list of the best Garmin Dog Training Collars. 

Garmin PT10 Dog collar is compatible with the Garmin PRO 70 and PRO 550 handhelds. You can add additional Garmin collars to your pack with a handheld. The PRO 70 handheld can be used to train six dogs, three dogs with one PRO 550 handheld, and three dogs with one Sport PRO handheld. You can also use the PT10 collar to train three dogs. This collar is ideal for dog trainers who want to start their own business.

The Garmin PT10 Dog Device is a multi-purpose training collar that can be used as a GPS tracker and bark collar. The dog device activates the “BarkLimiter,” which is built into it. The “BarkLimiter,” which is activated by the dog device, has an “AutoRise” technology that adjusts the barking correction level to stop barking.

Garmin PT10 Dog E collar durability is also important. You can see that the product is made from high-quality materials. This collar is designed to withstand all kinds of abuse, including bumps, drops, and wet and sloppy training. The PT10 can also be used to hunt with your dog.

Garmin PT10 collar can also withstand water up to 1 ATM, which means it can withstand 10 meters underwater. The battery can be recharged and is long-lasting. The device has a battery indicator that tells you when it is time to charge.

Garmin’s collar model includes two contact points, so your dog can be comfortable no matter the length of the coat. The stainless steel contact points are both removable and washable. They provide reliable performance in wet conditions and better quality. The Garmin PT10 Dog GPS Collared is a great investment!


  • You can train up to six dogs.
  • Bark collar with BarkLimiter feature.

7. Garmin TT15 Mini E Collar

Garmin TT15 Mini E Collar

Our next Garmin collar recommendation is for your dog! Garmin TT15 Mini Dog Device is designed specifically for smaller breeds but functions exactly the same way as the TT15 collar. This Garmin GPS collar for dogs measures only 9.5 inches in circumference.

The TT15 mini dog collar is lighter than the standard TT15, weighing in at 7.5 oz. The only thing that makes the mini version different from the standard TT15 dog collar is its size. Garmin TT15 Mini’s range is 9 miles. This is enough to track your dog!

Garmin TT15 collars are top-mounted GPS and GLONASS trackers. It has a high signal reception and uses 18 levels of continuous stimulation to ensure your dog’s best performance. You can also pair the Alpha 100 with a vibe command or audible tone.

The Garmin TT15 mini E collar is durable enough to withstand any outdoor conditions. The collar is water-resistant up to 10 meters, making it an ideal companion for hunting and training adventures.

The TT15 Mini’s battery life can last for 16-30 hours. The collar sleep mode function allows you to conserve battery life. You can get replacement straps in multiple colors if you have to replace the collar.

The Garmin TT15 Mini dog track collar is a smart investment! This collar is the best choice if you want to make sure your dog’s safety at all times.


  • Designed for small dogs.
  • The battery can last between 16 and 30 hours.

8. Garmin Astro DC-40 Dog Tracking Collar

Garmin Astro DC-40 Dog Tracking Collar

Another Garmin collar that is capable of tracking dogs is the Garmin Astro DC-40. Garmin Astro DC-40 dog tracker collar combines a VHF antenna and a GPS receiver to create an all-in-one tracking system. To ensure your dog’s safety, it can be used with the Astro 320 or Astro 220 handhelds.

Garmin Astro DC-40 E-Collar comes in an orange polyurethane one-inch collar that fits most e-collar receivers. You won’t have to use two collars for your dog. You can change the collar to match your dog’s favorite collar. Garmin’s collar fits most dogs and is very comfortable.

This Garmin dog GPS model can track your dog’s location and has a collar lock that requires 4-digit PIN numbers. It helps protect your dog’s safety by preventing others from viewing your furry friend’s location when he is out hunting or wandering.

Garmin Astro DC-40 collar can pinpoint your dog’s exact location and update the map every five seconds for faster tracking. You can also set up a virtual fence to virtually confine your dog. You will receive an immediate notification if your dog approaches the virtual fence. You can then stop your dog from getting into danger or becoming lost.

The paired handheld collar can also tell you your dog’s current location, distance to you, and destination. This collar allows you to find your dog’s favorite spots and locations to help prevent him from becoming lost or becoming dangerous.

The Astro DC-40’s long-lasting battery life is also noteworthy. The device’s LED indicator flashes to indicate when it is fully charged. You can also increase the battery life by changing the position transmit rate of your unit from 5 seconds to 10, 30, and 120.


  • One collar can house both a VHF antenna and a GPS receiver.
  • It has a lock.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Garmin make a dog shock collar?
Garmin, in fact, produces many training collars. The Delta Smart isn’t the only dog behavior gadget introduced by the firm, which also manufactures Bark Limiters, as several who defended the brand on Facebook pointed out. It’s hardly the first time something like this has erupted. However, Garmin collars are expensive as compared to other brands.

On a Garmin Tri Tronics, how do you switch on the light?
To turn on the light, press the top training key. To turn off the light, press the bottom training key.
To turn on LED lights with the Pro Trashbreaker and Pro 70, follow these steps:
·    Choose a collar for your dog.
·    Turn the intensity slider all the way down to L.
·    To begin, press the training key.

What is the name of the most recent Garmin tracking collar?
The new-generation Garmin GPS and GLONASS tracking system for sports dogs is the Astro® 430. It has a range of up to 9 miles and can track up to 20 dogs.

What is the procedure for programming my Garmin dog collar?
With the collar off, press and hold the Power button on the collar for about 5 seconds, or until it produces two beeps, then release. When the status LED flashes green, the collar is ready to be linked.
·    Collars That Go Together
·    List of dogs that you can touch.
·    Select Add Dog from the drop-down menu.
·    Yes, please touch me.
·    Follow the instructions on the screen:
·    Fill in the dog’s name.


Garmin collars for dogs are among the most expensive. Garmin is the most trusted and respected brand in GPS location and dog training. Are they worth the investment?

They are absolutely worth it. We recommend Garmin collar models if you have the budget and desire to purchase a high-quality GPS collar or training collar for your dog. This concludes the list of the best Garmin Dog Training Collars.

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